A story of Miguel and Julia; a splendid stay at Oasia Hotel

The following story is written based on observation, comprehension and drawn loosely from real-life experience. The character is fabricated, but the subjective nature of reality gives this story a high possibility of turning into actuality.

The protagonist is a 37-year-old gentleman named Miguel. He is a businessman from Los Angeles, who travels widely to attend business meetings and to oversee business operations.

With the clever recommendation from Travelcasts, and great reviews from TripAdvisor, he snagged a Weekend Savers deal from StayFarEast.com, an online booking site with the best rates, for a stay at Oasia Hotel.

He booked a Package Club Room for $300++ that includes daily buffet breakfast at the Club Lounge, unlimited internet access, buffet dinner for two at Zaffron, daily cocktail and canapés from 6pm to 8pm at the Club Lounge, exclusive usage of pool at the Living Room, on top of all facilities available for room guests.

It is 11.45am on a scorching Saturday. Miguel steps foot out of the aircraft, finally, after a 17 hours non-stop flight from Los Angeles. His muscles, stiff and sore from the lack of activity; his energy level, wearied due to jet lag -the common woes of a long haul traveller. His wife, Julia, who accompanies him on his trips, felt no less enervated.

Upon entering the hotel premises, guests were greeted with warm smiles and a prepossessing ambience –a handsome brown-hued lobby with a stunning high ceiling.

When it comes to authenticity, décor elements at this charming enclave are idiosyncratic, conceived by none other than Japan’s leading interior design firm, Super Potato.

As Club Room guests, Miguel and Julia were promptly and courteously ushered to the 22nd floor for an express check-in.

Refreshing welcome drinks and wet hand towels were served upon getting seated; check-in was completed swiftly. Miguel and Julia couldn’t wait to check out their ‘home away from home’.

With a tap of the room card, the door unlocks. It opens to an inviting room, brightly lit with natural sunlight streaming in through expansive windowpanes.

Well-appointed furnishings complete this winsome destination.

Miguel and Julia both nod in agreement, “we have made the right choice”.

Complimentary fresh fruits

Set on a high floor, the floor-to-ceiling windowpanes that stretch from one end of the wall to the other end provide an unobstructed panoramic view of the Singapore city and vast beyond the heartlands.


The marble-fitted bathroom comes with a bathtub alongside a separate rain shower, unlike the Superior and Deluxe Rooms that are not equipped with bathtubs.


While Singapore’s weather is not across-the-board blistering hot, not the kind of dry, dusty heat that makes you want to take a shower every time you step outside, the alluring bathroom makes you want to soak in the bath all day long.

The bathroom integrates contemporary fixtures harmoniously with stone elements; a luxurious serene essence guests can savour.

Another feature that sets the Club Rooms apart from the other rooms are the interior design features; construction materials, carpentry work and the variety of fixtures make all the difference. The renowned Super Potato takes charge of designing the Club Rooms, while talented local designers contribute to designing the Superior and Deluxe Rooms.

Having said that, I’ve visited the Deluxe Room and it’s not at all shabby despite its inferiority to the premium rooms.

As light travellers, complimentary bathroom amenities are a bonus. Good quality shower gels from Thann are provided in Club Rooms. (For Superior and Deluxe rooms, house-brand shower gels are provided.)

Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shaver, bath sponge, shower cap, cotton buds and soap are also provided and replenished daily.

In the wardrobe, you can find two bathrobes, a pair of bedroom slippers, ironing equipments, torchlight, umbrella, and a safe-box.

The wardrobe is spacious, replete with hangers –enough for two to hang a week’s worth of outfits.

The safe-box is cleverly designed, where the door swings upwards instead of the usual sideways. This way, guests can make sure that nothing is left behind in one glance.

All rooms are equipped with this safe-box. (This picture was taken in a Deluxe Room during a mini tour. Notice the slight difference in the carpentry as compared to the Club Room?)

If you look closely, there’s an electric outlet in the safe-box where you can charge your electronic devices such as your iPads or kindles safely while you’re out. How thoughtful!

The 46” widescreen LED interactive television keeps Julia occupied while Miguel heads out for a short business meeting; he promises to be back for dinner, at Zaffron.

Scrolling down the menu on the interactive television, she picks channel 30 –Travel and Living Channel.

Club Room guests enjoy free unlimited and high-speed WiFi; all you have to do is to log in with your room number and last name. Rates apply for Superior and Deluxe Room guests.

Being the workaholic that Miguel is, the working desk is perfect. What’s more, the view is stunning.

When night falls, the reading lamp, affixed to the wall, shines to a designated area on the desk –it is a handy bit of light for Miguel to read late at night without disturbing his sleeping spouse.

Stationery set

Oasia Hotel is thoughtful in small details that constitute a big difference in the overall customer satisfaction.

Apple fans will be ecstatic to find the iHome radio-clock; it charges your iDevices at the same time.

Drinks in the mini refrigerator are complimentary for Club Room guests.

Club Rooms are equipped with Nespresso’s premium grade coffee machine, Essenza, while Deluxe Rooms provide a slightly lower grade coffee machine, Martello by Nespresso. There are no coffee machines in the Superior Rooms though.

The Nespresso Essenza is perfect for Miguel; he needs his daily coffee fix.

Apart from coffee, tea bags and sugar are provided as well.

Camomile tea has many health benefits and is often consumed for its soothing and calming effects.

Electric water kettles are provided, which I find is one of the most requisite amenities any basic hotel should provide.

You wouldn’t need to utilise much of the coffee and tea making facilities though. Club Room guests can enjoy complimentary coffee, tea, juices and soft drinks all day, at the 24-hour Club Lounge.

The ‘traveller’s tale’ does not end here. Keep a lookout for the next chapter, where Miguel and Julia unwind in the relaxing premises of Oasia Hotel, beating the stress of business travelling.

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