Menu highlights of BreadTalk’s latest concept –Generation4

BreadTalk is rolling out their latest concept, Generation 4, with the launch of inventive products and new store facades. The modernised chic interiors and novel recipes are set to revitalise the bakery & confectionary landscape.

BreadTalk combines rustic charm with contemporary appeal in its revised menu, with over 50 new creations. In the Euro bread series, European breads are incorporated with a variety of Asian flavours, such as drunken longan, black sesame, spinach and sweet potato.

Here are some of the highlights:

Sweet Potato Pot ($1.80)

The Sweet Potato Pot is a signature creation, comprising fragrant black sesame infused baguette filled with aromatic steamed sweet potatoes –a hearty and healthy snack indeed.

Berries & Walnut ($2.90)

Berries & Walnut comprises a wholesome rye bun is filled with cranberries, wild blueberries and walnuts; it is a healthy alternative with lots of vitamins and fibre.

Yam Tornado ($2)

Bite into the spiral-like bun and discover the natural sweetness of yam, flecked with crunchy bits of nuts. The finishing touch of potato flakes defies the ordinary.

Claypot Chicken ($2)

The Claypot Chicken is a personal favourite.

Encased within the most unique bamboo charcoal infused “claypot bun”, is a sumptuous filling of chicken infused with soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil.

This will definitely be added to my ‘regular buys’.

Sausage on French ($2.20)

A golden crispy crust of soft French dough bun hides a medley of ingredients; each mouthful will give you a tasteful mix of chicken sausage, diced onion, shredded cheddar cheese, black pepper and oregano.

Spinacheese ($2.50)

Another signature item of BreadTalk is the Spinacheese; the savoury cheese bread is spiked with spinach for a unique flavour profile. This item makes eating vegetables a delicious treat and will trick non-veggie lovers into devouring it.

Pumpkin Toast, Soya Toast, Chia Seed Toast

Instead of the usual staples like white loaves, consider adding novelty to the breakfast table with BreadTalk’s newly introduced toasts. The Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB) has also awarded the toasts the Healthier Choice Symbol.

Chia Seed Toast ($3.60 for 4 pieces)

This HPB Healthier Choice toast is generously specked with chia seeds; it provides high fibre and omega-3, and contains zero trans fats and cholesterol. Two slices provide you with 44% of your daily whole-grain requirement.

Soya Toast ($3.40 for 4 pieces)

Great on its own or for making sandwiches, this deliciously soft Healthier Choice toast is a great alternative to the usual white toasts; it is made with golden soya flour, whole eggs and butter, and is low in saturated fats, cholesterol and free from trans fats. Two slices provide you with 31% of your daily whole-grain requirement.

Pumpkin Toast ($3.40 for 4 pieces, $5.80 for 8 pieces)

Another Healthier Choice item, the Pumpkin Toast is free from trans fats and low in saturated fats and cholesterol. Specked with crunchy pumpkin seeds, this subtly sweet toast is also peppered with Chinese wolfberries that have been said to improve vision and promote longevity. Two slices provide you with 43% of your daily whole-grain requirement.

BreadTalk has adeptly mastered the art of bread making, yielding the ideal soft, spongy texture in every slice.

The first group of stores to sport the new look are Wisma Atria (flagship store), Plaza Singapurea, Junction 10, Simei MRT and Singapore Cruise Centre –do check them out and try out their new creations!

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