The Stellar Experience

It was a year ago when I last visited Stellar at 1-Altitude… it was one of my best dining experiences ever.

Remarkable food coupled with spectacular views, it is only befitting to name the restaurant Stellar.

This year, I’m back for their new Stellar Experience –it is an inspiring new dining experience that brings creativity and interaction to the table, leaving diners with lasting memories.

The Stellar Experience begins from the very moment you enter the premises. You take a minutes-long lift ride up to the highest point – which is also the highest rooftop bar in Singapore on level 63, known for its unobstructed 360-degree view – to enjoy pre-dinner aperitifs at a specially designated corner of 1-Altitude bar and gallery, on ‘The Edge’.

Watch the sky change colours as the sun begins to set…

The sky then showers the rooftop bar with its glimmering moonlight and shimmering stars. Accompanied by fine libations, you don’t need a reason to propose a toast.

After enjoying a tipple of two, diners proceed to the dining area on level 62, to embark on a gastronomic experience that will be no less magnificent than anticipated.

The new Stellar Experience offers a whole new level of fine dining, allowing diners to design their own 4,5 or 6-course meal from a well thought out tasting menu, with more than 15 exquisite dishes to choose from –comprising newly crafted dishes accompanied by a few Stellar signatures.

The pricings are as follows: $95++ per person for 4 courses, $120++ per person for 5 courses, $140++ per person for 6 courses.

My first Stellar Experience was simply awe-inspiring –so much so that I went back a second time within a month, thus I’ve tried about 10 dishes in total (with a couple of repeat orders). So here is a long post, combining all the dishes from both evenings.


Upon getting seated, a complimentary breadbasket is served. Here, spreads and dips go beyond the usual olive oil and butter; the accompanying radish, olives, codfish brandade and eggplant puree provide variety.

The eggplant puree is a personal favourite.

Amuse Bouche

Tuna tartar with ginger and watermelon

The light and refreshing Amuse Bouche of tuna tartare with ginger and watermelon acts well as a palate cleanser and an appetite stimulant.

Smoked Eel

Smoked eel, cod brandade, baby potatoes, capers, sea urchin sauce

The cod brandade is exactly the same as the one served with the breadbasket; cod is salted for 24 hours and mixed into a puree with olive and milk.

The star of the dish is the smoked eel –it is tender perfection. The inseparable foam imparts mild flavours of sea urchin to the eel, without overpowering and outshining the star ingredient.


Burrata – an Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream – is the star ingredient in this heirloom tomato salad. The dish is finished off with a drizzle of tangy homemade lemon oil, specks of fresh basil and an accompanying shaved Iberico bellota.

‘Duck and its Nest’

Semolina crusted foie gras, duck and quince rillettes, crispy corn fritter

The ‘Duck and its Nest’ provides a medley of textures and flavours while revolving around a single theme –duck.

Perched on top of the semolina crusted foie gras is a poached quail egg; as the yolk breaks, it emulsifies and thickens the sauce beneath. A pâté of minced confit duck and quince that carries a subtle hint of nutmeg forms the base.

This dish has proven exemplary culinary execution and impeccable quality.

During my second visit, I had the ‘Duck and its Nest’ again. The standard is consistent, and I fell in love with it all over again…


White gazpacho, tiger prawns, pomegranate and mint, condiments

Each dish encompasses a star ingredient, and in this gazpacho, oyster takes centre stage.

Gazpachos typically take their reddish hue from tomatoes that form the base; but here, the gazpacho comes in a pale shade of off-white, and is primarily made with cucumber juice and sherry vinegar with traces of almond.

The oyster, suspended in the epicentre of the soup, is freshly shucked, juicy and tastes of the ocean.

Are you missing that traditional tomato-y flavour from the gazpacho? Here comes the unique twist. The flavour of tomato comes in the form of a liquid essence, rather than it being the dominant flavour –you squeeze a few drops of tomato essence on your tongue before taking a sip of soup, allowing the flavours to integrate with each other on your palate.

Sri Lankan Crab ‘Japonaise’

Stellar caters to a broad audience with its international fare –there’s even a sushi and sashimi bar. The Sri Lankan Crab ‘Japonaise’, true to its title, carries Japanese essences with French touches, and highlights the star ingredient –crab.

There are three components to this dish. The component in the foreground is a crab and enoki panna cotta – chawanmushi-inspired – crowned with pearls of salmon fish roe that burst with juices of the ocean. The accompanying baby Japanese crab brings life to the plate –and it is edible!

In the middle of the plate are two signature swordfish and crab makis, enriched with a miso dressing.

The Crab and Truffle Omelette (in the foreground) is the most exemplar rendition of Japanese omelette I’ve had. The pairing of omelette and crabmeat works like a charm, and the touch of truffle oil infused in the egg hits the right spot for me.


Open face ravioli of scallop and maine lobster, leek fondue and baby leeks ‘a la greque’ (served in a sauce made of wine, olive oil, lemon juice, herbs and spices), crispy zucchini blossom

The dish on the whole is executed with precision and care, highlighting the freshness and succulence of the seafood.

Kobe C

Kobe prime rib is smoked at 75°C for 4 hours to allow all the protein to break down. It is then drizzled with foie gras sauce –simply decadent. The accompanying short rib hash (potato cake) is as intriguing as it is delicious –I couldn’t get enough of it!

Victorian Lamb (Supplement $15)

Poached saddle of lamb, Jerusalem artichoke puree, imam bayeldi, Egyptian dukka

Lamb is poached to tender perfection, and seared just before serving for a lightly charred crust. It is sprinkled with raisins and drizzled with a sauce that suggests strongly the flavours of Mediterranean with hints of cumin and saffron. Teamed with the luscious and comforting artichoke puree, I ended up dabbing pieces of meat into it to wipe the plate clean.

1-Caramel Experience (minimum two pax)

End the meal on a sweet note with the rousing 1-Caramel Experience. Two diners get to pick two desserts, up to five desserts for five diners and above.

The dessert is put together right before your very eyes, so get ready your camera on ‘video mode’!

Dessert choices include: Vanilla Panna Cotta and Mango Granite; Caramel Crème Brulee, dulce leche ice cream; Cold Lime Soufflé; Baked Alaska; and Valrhona Chocolate Bomb.

Valrhona Chocolate Bomb

The chocolaty Valrhona chocolate bomb will bring endless delight to chocolate lovers, although the raspberry compote that adds a sharp counterpoint to the rich dark chocolate may not please those with a sweet tooth.

The caramel crème brulee that comes in a pair with the dulce leche ice cream is my favourite component, because my sweet tooth says so!

Baked Alaska

The meringue is blow-torched right before our very eyes; the Baked Alaska is another stand-out component for me.

Cold Lime Soufflé

The Cold Lime Soufflé is one that does not sink. Light, spongy and tangy, this dessert is ideal to end a heavy meal with. Those with a sweet tooth should avoid this though.

Vanilla Panna Cotta and Mango Granite

This stellar dining experience, I will never forget…

For reservations, book online at Chope for instant confirmation anytime of the day and any day of the week.

Stellar at 1-Altitude