Le Cuisine by Local Celebrity Chef Daniel Koh –Salad & Casserole at Chinatown Point

Local Celebrity Chef Daniel Koh embarks on a new dining concept, Le Cuisine, which pairs the gratification of salads and casseroles with a blend of Eastern and Western gastronomy. Spot European cooking techniques flirting with familiar Asian flavours.

Chinatown Point, the latest retail mall in Chinatown popularised by its new makeover and inviting tenants such as Daiso and Thye Moh Chan, is probably the only mall in Chinatown that’s hangout-worthy for youths. The numerous eateries are a draw. Le Cuisine sets itself apart from the rest with its charming interior design, and casual yet gratifying dishes chaperoned with passion and care. The setting is decidedly cheery and casual – cut the formalities, minus the solemnness – catering to a wide audience.

Braised Lamb Shank ($15.50)

Chef Koh scores a major goal, with due credit going towards his unwavering focus on high calibre execution. The pricings are kept attractively affordable without compromising on quality; salads are priced from $7.80, mains from $13.50, and desserts from $5.50. Continue reading

New Menus at Forest and Tangerine of Resorts World Sentosa

Steamed Salmon with Ginger Flower, Lemon and Kaffir Lime Leaves (part of Forest’s 8-course Sunday lunch menu)

Excitement surges twofold at Resorts World Sentosa as two celebrity chefs’ restaurants, Forest and Tangerine, unveil new gourmet offerings for a refreshed gastronomic sojourn.

Forest, helmed by Chef Sam Leong, has launched a Sunday lunch concept that satiates diners with an exquisite 8-course meal. Each dish reflects chef’s creativity in interpreting Chinese classics with a modern twist.

Duo combination Platter: Baby Abalone with Sichuan “Ma La” Sauce (foreground) and Wok-fried Crispy Duck pressed confit and Yam served with Mushroom Sauce (background)

Several duo combination platters add up to a total of 13 dishes in this 8-course meal. Continue reading

A for Arbite

A for Arbite at Aliwal Street is an expansion of the popular Arbite at Serangoon Gardens.

Menus at both outlets differ slightly, but the main staples such as homemade pastas and all-time favourite brunch items are present. Menus are categorised into three primary sections: Small Bites, Big Bites and Sweet Bites. Continue reading

BWB – Burgers VS Wings + Bar

One of the hippest dining spots in town today, Burger VS Wings + Bar is an American-style restaurant that inventively links scrumptious nosh with a sports theme –boxing. Not to worry, violence is not involved; it is pure entertainment.

The most violent affair that could possibly occur would be a debate on whether to order the burger or wings, and perhaps relentless chomping on wings and burgers.

The vast and spacious interior accommodates up to 180 diners, encompassing a theatrical open kitchen, tapas and dessert buffet stations, a ‘boxing ring’, punching bags and props.

Engaging the crowds are hyperactive boxers, and ring card girls who often appear during ‘half-times’ with placards featuring incredibly attractive offers from 1-for-1 deals to items going at $1 and more. Continue reading

Weekend Brunch at Violet Oon’s Kitchen

Vietnamese Pulled Pork Burrito ($18)

Violet Oon’s Kitchen is one of my favourite Peranakan-themed restaurants of all time, starring renowned food specialist and chef Violet Oon. As Singapore’s Food Ambassador, Violet Oon often represents Singapore in various significant events abroad. She is known for her cooking as well as her opinions on food, earning a glowing reputation that spans the international arena.

A weekend brunch menu was introduced in June 2013, giving you more reasons to unwind at Violet Oon’s Kitchen on leisure days. Available from 9.30am till 3pm, the brunch menu is where age-old traditions meet creativity. Those hankering for Violet Oon’s time-honoured Peranakan dishes can still order from the regular lunch menu from 11.30am till 3pm. Continue reading

Platters Bistro & Wine Bar collaborates with Chef Jeremy Nguee (November 2013 to February 2014)

Introduced more than a year ago, Platters Bistro & Wine Bar continues bringing excitement to the ‘dine and share’ concept with its unique Chef-Designed series, where the menu is re-designed every four months by a new guest chef.

From now till the end of February 2014, the spotlight is on Chef Jeremy Nguee, chef-owner of Preparazzi. A shining star in the catering industry in Singapore, he was also the official caterer for the recent Dinner En Blanc.

Gourmet healthy food is the focal point and a mainstay in Chef Jeremy’s line of work. Sounds painful to be deprived of deep-fried munchies and comfort food huh.

This collaboration gives Chef Jeremy a nod and a rare opportunity to be adventurous and creative, without a care of how artery clogging it may be, showcasing his love for comfort food, and what he truly is deep inside.

The theme this round is based on sinful indulgence and full flavours, nicknamed the #fatdieyou series. The nickname came across as off-putting to me initially, but the moment the food reaches my palate, the apprehensiveness is dispelled.

Thunder Thighs & Crackpot Rice ($36/$68)

The Thunder Thighs & Crackpot Rice consists of meaty and succulent French frog legs (‘Cuisses de Grenouille’) and soft shell crabs that are battered and deep-fried, accompanied by tobiko, hollandaise and bacon, sided with crab roe rice that’s cooked with pork lard –so sinful but so flavourful.

Continue reading

Orange Clove Corporate Night: Around The World In One Night

I had the privilege of attending Orange Clove’s corporate night – – and was bedazzled by the outstanding set-up. Live stations line the borders of the mighty event space at Scape, with a strikingly massive buffet spread smacked right in the middle. Continue reading

Bellwethers Bistro Bar (Free Drink for Melicacy’s Readers with No Minimum Order!)

Nestled in an unobtrusive alleyway within the Little India precinct, Bellwethers Bistro Bar is a funky spot diverging itself from the shabby and old-fashion conception of eateries in the vicinity.

It inhales rusticity from its quaint surroundings, at the same time putting on an edgy veneer with artistic murals adorning the walls. The interior setting is decidedly modern-simplicity with a sleek bar to boot.


Patrons can participate in the Trivia Pop Quiz that happens every first Wednesday of the month, forming teams of 2-4 to compete for the top 3 positions, to win a bottle of whiskey each.

Refreshing Cucumber Smoothie

Embracing creativity and talents, there’s an ‘Open-Mic Night’ every Saturday from 7-11pm, welcoming artistes to sign up to perform and showcase their flair for music. Bellwethers provides a space and platform for aspiring artistes to develop their confidence and showmanship to bring their performing skills to another level.

Lamb Rack with Grilled Vegetables (serves 2-3) – $60

Bellwethers’ menu is curated by resident chef, Warren Poh, who exhibits a distinct Spanish influence in his style of cooking. He has trained under renowned chefs such as Chef Reynaldo (head chef of 7Adam), Chef Aitor Olabegoya (Executive Chef of Migas and Elite concepts, Hong Kong), and Chef Quim (Chef-owner of el quim la bouqueria, Barcelona Spain).

Food is served in sharing portions as communal dining something they highly advocate. Continue reading

LÈ Restaurant and Asian Tapas Bar by Paradise Group

The well-established Paradise Group unveils LÈ Restaurant and Bar, a tapas bar and fine dining concept that’s set on raising the bar high for contemporary Chinese dining.

Braised Cherry Foie Gras with Red Wine ($26)

LÈ Restaurant and Bar portrays refined modern Chinese fine dining as an exciting and voguish affair –a stark contrast to the conventional and dated Chinese cuisine that we are accustomed to.

You are greeted by a chic lounge upon entering LÈ, where you can enjoy an extensive range of cocktails and wines alongside appetising light bites. Continue reading

Skyve Wine Bistro’s Revamped Menu

Since April 2013, the menu at Skyve Wine Bistro has undergone a major revamp, with close to 20 new dishes to whet your interest.

Complementing the latest food menu is a comprehensive new wine list comprising good quality yet extremely affordable options, spanning across 70 labels, priced from $49++ a bottle. Diners can also order by the glass from a selection of 9 wines, across white, red and bubbly, priced from $11++ per glass.

Tuck into warm toasty breads that are baked in-house, while anticipating the forthcoming appetisers.

Crab & Tomato Momotaro ($22++)

Our meal commences on a high note with the awe-inspiring Crab & Tomato Momotaro. Tremendously selective about the quality of tomato, momotaro (one of Japan’s most popular tomato varieties) is brought into play, to ensure supreme juiciness and sweetness. The arresting combination of sweet and fresh chunks of crabmeat, confit of tomato momotaro, Thai-inspired basil pesto and yuzu sorbet is set to leave diners savouring each bite in silent bliss.

Sous Vide Egg & Spaghettini ($18++)

Skyve is best known for using the sous vide technique in cooking, hence despite the menu revamp, their specialty in this cooking method continues to pervade throughout the menu. Continue reading

Tangerine at ESPA, Resorts World Sentosa

How often is it that you can eat a sumptuous 5-course meal and still stay in tip-top shape without feeling the bulge? Well I haven’t experienced anything like that in a long time, if I ever did at all –until Tangerine’s flair took me by delightful surprise.

Helming the kitchen at Tangerine are celebrity chefs Sam Leong and Forest Leong –and for the first time ever, creating a menu focusing on light, healthy and nutritious dishes to complement the spa and wellness concept, while still preserving their creative integrity and executing spectacular flavour profiles.

Working hand in hand with ESPA’s in-house nutritionist, recipes are carefully calibrated to meet nutritional requirements, with each and every ingredient carefully calculated to ensure the meal is well balanced.

Whether you’re embarking on a detoxification programme, or simply yearning to reinvigorating the body and relaxing the mind, Tangerine offers a wide scale of wholesome and easily-digestible dishes comprising wholegrains, fresh fruits, vegetables, sustainable seafood, premium free-range poultry and grass-fed beef, designed to provide the body with an optimum amount of energy and sustenance. Continue reading

Dinner at The Halia at Raffles Hotel

A name familiar to regular visitors of Singapore Botanic Gardens, The Halia sees the opening of a new outlet at Raffles Hotel. The Halia Group has reaped tremendous recognition and several awards since its launch in 2001. Following the group’s expansion with the opening of Villa Halia, The Halia in Hanoi is its first venture out of Singapore.

The Halia at Raffles Hotel is housed in the premises of the former Seah Street Deli, where most elements of the old interior such as the checkered floor tiles and classic French windows are retained. Adapting to the colonial charm without refashioning the entire space into an unrecognisable state, the Halia Group brings in its distinctive traits such as lush planted foliage and rustic wood-carved tables to bring the garden setting into the indoors.

Cured Hiramasa Kingfish ($25)

The menu is divided into “small plates”, “large plates”, sides, desserts, and drinks.

Under the “small plates” segment, the appetising starter of Cured Hiramasa Kingfish is not only striking to look at, but thanks to the glorious interplay of paprika, citrus, espelette pepper, lemon, daikon and sauce vierge, your appetite is bound to be enlivened. Continue reading

Platters Bistro & Wine Bar: Guest Chef Edition Four (March till June 2013)

Following three guest chef editions, capable husband and wife duo Oscar and Tracy Pasinato from Buko Nero takes centre stage at Platters Bistro & Wine Bar from March till June 2013.

Read more about Platters Bistro & Wine Bar and the previous edition starring guest chef Tan Yong Hua here: https://melicacy.com/?p=5096

Prevailing as a staunch dining spot over the past 13 years, eager diners have to book an average of three weeks in advance to score a table at Buko Nero. Ardent fans, fret not. For a limited period only, Platters Bistro & Wine Bar is offering a collaborative menu of 6 exclusive creations designed specially by Buko Nero.

The menu is inspired by the duo’s childhood memories, their journey, as well as recent travels. This is a rare opportunity to experience Buko Nero’s prowess, at a foreign ground, a distinctly different menu, and with a shorter waiting line. Continue reading

Sarang Korean Bistro (2 recipes included!)

Hear the word ‘Gangnam’, and most of us would immediately relate it to the legendary Korean pop-song ‘Gangnam Style’ by the talented Psy, which unquestionably amused hordes and inevitably annoyed some.

In case anyone doesn’t know, Gangnam is the name of one of the 25 districts in Seoul, South Korea. It is the third largest district in Seoul; it is a trendy cosmopolitan city with no short of contemporary bistros.

Sarang, a Korean bistro located at Orchard Central in Singapore, offers the latest food trends from Gangnam, making it available to us within our easy reach. Steering away from the usual Korean dining scene of smoky BBQ houses, Sarang presents a new dining experience –a fusion of classic Korean favourites and contemporary creations.

Folded Egg ($6.50)

What once used to serve up conventional Korean fare has now reinvented itself with a radical makeover, introducing a first-of-its-kind Korean Tapas menu. Continue reading