Dian Xiao Er -a visit to Nex’s outlet

Famed for their Signature Roasted Herbal Duck, this restaurant chain – with 8 outlets dispersed islandwide – has been winning the hearts of duck lovers since 2005.

Step into Dian Xiao Er, and be transported back in time to the ancient era of the Han dynasty. An apt location for traditional Chinese banquets I feel.

The interior corresponds to the Chinese inns you see on period dramas –the inns that provide a ‘pit-stop’ for ‘weary travellers’ to rest and recharge before proceeding with their hectic journey. Here, customers can indulge in a nutritious and sumptuous spread to replenish their energy before continuing their shopathon.

Herbal Roast Duck (Small portion, serves 2-3 pax)

Dian Xiao Er’s Signature Herbal Roast Duck is a must-try. They have perfected the art of duck roasting, acquired through years of experience. In addition to using only the finest quality Cherry Valley ducks, the combination of traditional preparation technique and modern equipment yield the perfectly roasted ducks. Ducks are prepared and roasted daily.

There are three flavours to choose from: Duck Roasted with Ten Wonder Herbs ($13.60/$25.30/$35.90/$43.90), Duck Roasted with Angelica Herb ($12.90/$24.30/$34.60/$42.30) and Duck Roasted with Wild Ginseng ($13.90/$25.90/$37.30/$45.30). They come in three sizes, and the small portion feeds 2-3 pax.

The ducks are marinated with a myriad of herbs and spices for hours. They are then roasted with herbs and wine residing within their stomachs. The roasting process releases the alcohol content and the aroma of the herbs, imparting zealous flavours to the meats before deriving a flavourful sauce that is served with the portioned succulent duck meat.

Duck Roasted with Ten Wonder Herbs ($13.60)

The Duck Roasted with Ten Wonder Herbs is a personal favourite. The herbal flavour is intense without any unpleasant bitterness often associated with Chinese herbs. They were only willing to reveal three out of the ten wonder herbs – Codonopsis Root, Foxglove Root and Licorice Root – in the interest of safeguarding their recipe.

All dishes pictured in this post were served in the smallest portion unless otherwise stated.

Silver Cod Fish in Superior Soy Sauce ($25.90)

Dian Xiao Er has done utmost justice to this fish –it is perfectly flaky and tender, while still possessing a light crisp on its bare surface. The permeating aroma of garlic adds another dimension to the superior soy sauce.

This dish is available in three sizes: Small ($25.90), Medium ($37.90) and Large ($49.90).

Wheatgrass Tofu ($12.60)

Another dish I would order on my next visit would be the Wheatgrass Tofu. The freshly made tofu, infused with wheatgrass extract, is so smooth and silky it screams comfort food. Served with bite-sized morsels of scallops and prawns, accompanied by broccoli, this HPB-approved ‘Healthier Choice’ dish is proof that healthy food can taste good too.

Deep Fried Kailan with Floss ($10.30)

The Deep Fried Kailan with Floss brings character to the insipid greens; it is one veggie dish that veggie haters like myself wouldn’t mind consuming. The stem of the Kailan is sliced and stir-fried with oyster sauce, while the leaves are briefly deep-fried in hot oil till fragrant and lightly crisp. The topping of pork floss provides this dish with even more appeal.

This dish is available in three sizes: Small ($10.30), Medium ($15.30) and Large ($20.30).

Spicy & Sour Fresh Fish Slices ($12.90)

The ‘Spicy & Sour Sauce’ – that coats every slice of fresh Tioman fish – scores high points in taste. Those who like bold flavours will not be able to resist this.

This dish is available in three sizes: Small ($12.90), Medium ($19.30) and Large ($25.30).

Roast Lamb Grassland Style ($16.90)

Served on a hotplate, the sizzling sound announces the arrival of the Roast Lamb Grassland Style. The meat is succulent and well infused with a medley of spices. The flavour of the sauce is intense –helping to mask any existing gamey smell of lamb, if there is.

This dish is available in three sizes: Small ($16.90), Medium ($24.90) and Large ($32.90).

Claypot Pork Belly with Salted Fish ($12.90)

Thinly sliced pork belly is served in a claypot with shallots, dried chilli, ginger and salted fish. Dian Xiao Er is especially particular in the kind of salted fish used in this dish, as the distinct fragrance makes a mighty difference.

This dish is available in three sizes: Small ($12.90), Medium ($19.30) and Large ($25.60).

Red Bean Pancake ($7.80)

This has got to be the best red bean-anything I’ve ever had –and I say this with an aversion to all things red bean (or so I thought, until I tasted this). Smooth red bean paste is sandwiched between thin crispy pancakes. I’d love to have the entire plate by myself, thank you!


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