Food Trail at Bugis+ with Omy bloggers

Last weekend, a group of bloggers were invited to a 6-hour-long food trail, covering over 10 dining establishments in Bugis+. With an empty stomach and a voracious appetite, we sampled a wide range of cuisine from American to Chinese, and Korean to Thai, available in the promising mall.

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Regrettably, I had an event to cover earlier in the day, hence I missed out on several restaurants. Nevertheless, I’ll be featuring some of the restaurants I’ve visited at Bugis+ during the past few months, in addition to what we’ve sampled during the food trail.


Crystal Jade C-Jade HK Café In (#04-05)

Chilled Hong Kong Milk Tea ($3.90)

C-Jade HK Café IN is a casual counterpart of the popular Crystal Jade Group. Targeting the young and the hip, prices are marked down to make it more affordable for students.

“The Chilled Hong Kong Milk Tea makes a smoky, dramatic entrance with smouldering dry ice, presented to you in a flask that looks like it came from a science lab –but don’t worry, you won’t be tested on the periodic table.” This paragraph is extracted from my previous review. Read more about my previous dining experience at C-Jade HK Café IN here:

Baked Square Toast with Assorted Seafood ($8.80)

Under the ‘Chef’s Recommendations’ in the menu, the Baked Square Toast with Assorted Seafood is a must-try. A mini loaf of bread has its middle dug out to create a hole, which is then filled with scrumptious curry brimming with seafood.

Full review of C-Jade HK Café IN here:


Seoul Yummy (#04-11)

K-pop fans can immerse in the culture of Korea, with “Seoul Yummy” food.

Braised Pork Belly with Kimchi ($8.90)

Spicy Rice Cake ($6.90)

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup ($15.90 for half chicken, $24.90 for whole chicken)

The Korean Ginseng Soup is highly recommended for its impeccably flavoured soup and tender fall-off-the-bone chicken meat.

Army’s Stew with Assorted Seafood ($36.90)

To warm your tummies on a cold rainy day, the Army’s Stew with Assorted Seafood is brimming with succulent seafood and vegetables, in a lightly spiced broth.

Current promotion: Set meal for two @ $49.90++ includes: two Korean roasted barley tea, one choice of army’s stew, assorted popular side dishes, two multi-grains rice, one choice of appetiser and one choice of dessert.


The Manhattan Fish Market (#04-07)

3-Caesar Salad with Crispy Whitebait ($10.50)

Seafood lovers should look no further; The Manhattan Fish Market’s drool-worthy seafood items will entice.

Fried Country Mushroom ($7.95)

Garlic Herb Mussels ($7.95)

Those who appreciate the good stuff will know not to let the garlic herb sauce go to waste –use the baguette to wipe the plate clean of all traces of the toothsome sauce!

Manhattan Fish ‘N Chips ($11.95)

I will be returning to The Manhattan Fish Market soon to try more dishes, so do check back on my blog for the full review!

Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter ($37.95)

The massive Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter comprises hand battered fish fillets, oyster and calamari. The highlight would be the Manhattan Flaming Prawn, flamed before our very eyes. This generous portion gives great value for money! Also noteworthy is the fragrant butter rice that I couldn’t stop eating.

To quench your thirst, the refreshing Citrus Mint ($5) is recommended.

Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream ($9.90)

Warm, moist brownie is topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a drizzle of caramel sauce and a sprinkling of nuts. Everyone was relishing till the very last crumb.

For more info on The Manhattan Fish Market, visit and like their facebook page ().


Laksania (#04-04)

Being a latecomer at the food trail, I missed out on the stop at Laksania. But not to worry, I’ll share with you some of the dishes I’ve tried previously.

Seafood Spaghetti ($8.50)

Singaporeans love laksa, but not all of us know of the diversity of this so-called national dish. Laksania ventures into the compilation of laksa of all sorts, from the very traditional laksa from various nations (Singapore, Penang, Sarawak and Kelantan to name a few), to dishes that incorporate the aroma and flavour of laksa (such as fried rice, burgers and pasta).

Sarawak Laksa ($7.50)

Laksa differs in different regions. Singapore’s version is rich of coconut milk, while the Penang and Sarawak version is lighter with the tanginess of tamarind. Which version suits your palate most? My preference slants towards the Singaporean version.

Baked Rice ($8.50)

I enjoyed the baked rice thoroughly, because it spells comfort food all over. The rice is infused with the flavour of laksa, while the melty cheese provides additional richness to this dish. How can I refuse?

Chicken Satay ($3.80 for 3 pieces)

What I would most highly recommend is the Chicken Satay, which is served with a creamy laksa-infused dip. The thick chunks of meat boast tenderness and succulence that even fussy eaters will compliment.

I’ll be doing a separate review for Laksania in the coming weeks, so do look out for it. Meanwhile, you can visit their website for more information.


Ramen Champion (#04-10)

For all things Nihon, the widely talked about Ramen Champion will satisfy your cravings.


Ireland’s Potato (#04-01)

If you love to snack on the go, Ireland’s Potato and Taipei Station (a few steps away) are your best bets. I’ve tried Ireland’s Potato prior to this food trail; Wasabi Mayonnaise remains as my personal favourite condiment. Honey Mustard would rank at second place.


ThaiExpress (#04-08)

My top pick for this Bugis+ feature would be ThaiExpress. Their revamped menu defies all preconceptions of chain restaurants, deserving approval and praise. Here are some of the dishes I’ve tried prior to this food trail.

Khoa Tang Naa Tang; Thai Rice Cracker served with Special ThaiExpress Creamy Chicken and Shrimp Sauce ($7.90)

A personal favourite would be the Thai Rice Cracker served with their special creamy chicken and shrimp sauce. Highly addictive!

Tom Yum Peek Gai; Crispy Tom Yum Chicken Wing ($8.30)

The wings exceeded my expectations. It is lightly crisp on the outside and succulent on the inside. Nicely seasoned, it needs no condiment.

Mee Krob; Crispy Caramelised Noodle with Chicken Cube ($7.90)

The Crispy Caramelised Noodle with Chicken Cube is another personal favourite. The crispy vermicelli noodle seemed to be deep-fried and tossed with a sweet, tangy and slightly spicy sauce. Why did they take so long to churn out this winning recipe?

Mee Sua Phat Kee Mao Talay; Fried Mee Sua with Seafood and Vegetable ($10.30)

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is ANOTHER favourite dish. I hardly encounter so many favourite dishes in a single restaurant. Don’t make me decide which one I love most. I might pull out a dagger.

Mun Cheam; Steamed Sweet Potato with Coconut Milk ($5.30)

The Steamed Sweet Potato with Coconut Milk is a simple dessert that left an impression. The only kinds of sweet potato I fancy are those with a brilliant shade of vermillion. Steamed till soft without being mushy, the drizzle of coconut milk elevates this crop to a sweet new high.

I’ll be doing a separate post on ThaiExpress pretty soon (which includes more dishes)! Do look out for it.


Kungfu Paradise (#01-13)

Eggs Benedict with Lemon Butter Sauce ($12.90)

Our food trail didn’t cover Kungfu Paradise, but its All-Day Breakfast Bonanza promotion is noteworthy. It is available from 4 February to 30 April 2013. Diners can now have breakfast for lunch or dinner, any time, any day.

Spanish Omelette ($8.90)

The Spanish Omelette comprises of various textures, including diced capsicum, onions and chicken chipolata, complemented with a tomato sauce.

Royal Rumble Scrambled Eggs ($10.80)

The Royal Rumble Scrambled Eggs would be my top pick. Croissant filled with scrambled eggs, turkey bacon bits and chives –simple comfort breakfast food.

For more info, visit


Poulet (#04-12)

Poulét de Cranberry ($17.80 for half, $30.80 for whole)

What has garnered a loyal following would be Poulet, for affordable French fare. The snaking queue is evidence. Thank goodness they have expanded with two other outlets, in Great World City and Chinatown Point! Check out my previous review here: (Bugis+) and (Great World City).


Chef Daniel’s Kitchen (#07-04/05/06/07)

Pan-fried Red Mullet ($19.80)

For a more exquisite dining experience, head to the highest floor of Bugis+ –to Chef Daniel’s Kitchen. Do not let its elegant façade intimidate you! Their Gourmet Set Lunch is affordably priced, from just $16.80 onwards!

The sophisticated dish of Pan-fried Red Mullet comes with an Asian medley of Tianjing cabbage, lyonnaise potatoes, bacon and green peas.

Signature Crab Meat Burger ($16.80)

Chunky prawn and crabmeat patty paired with DK7 Spice Blend

Chef Daniel’s Signature Crab Meat Burger is paired with his famed DK7 Spice Blend, which is also available for purchase in jars.

Danish Golden Trout ($30++ per fish)

When I visited Chef Daniel’s Kitchen several months ago, I tried the seasonal Danish Golden Trout.

Renowned for its sweet flesh, it is simply steamed with superior soy sauce and fragrant oil to highlight the freshness of the fish.

For more information, visit:


Aloha Ma Maison (#01-12)

Mixed Fruits Pancake ($15.80 with whipped cream)

Step into Aloha Ma Maison, and the Hawaiian music immediately transports you to Waikiki Beach, with images of swaying palm trees, white sandy beaches and floral-printed garments flashing before your eyes.

Mixed Fruits Pancake ($13.80 without whipped cream)

In addition to the quintessential maple syrup, they have also come up with coconut and guava syrup. While I enjoyed the fragrance of coconut, most votes at the table went to the guava.

For more information, check out their facebook page:


Berrylite (#05-03)

Berrylite will appeal to the health conscious and those who are watching their weight. It’s a healthy alternative to regular ice cream. They basically offer frozen yogurt, and flavoured frozen yogurt, with a multitude of toppings to choose from.

This striking parfait comprises plain frozen yogurt layered with granola and fresh fruits, drizzled with maple syrup. Yogurt is rather tart in nature, so thank goodness for that maple syrup! My sweet tooth approves of this. *Smacks lips*

The caramel flavoured frozen yogurt is my favourite flavour, but it’s only available for a limited period. (SAD MAX) Most people may find it too sweet –but that’s also the reason why I’m so in love with it. My sweet tooth was screaming in joy.

For more information, visit and


Blackball (#01-14)

Mix & Match ($4.90)

Also a talk of the town, Blackball has gotten me hooked. I usually order the Mix & Match, where I get to choose 4 toppings to go with the requisite base of grass jelly. The usual suspects in my bowl of Blackball revolve around all things yam, sweet potato, nata de coco and ice jelly. I have an aversion to red bean; therefore I refrain from ordering their Signature.

Honeyed Yam & Crushed Ice

I also tried their Honeyed Yam & Crushed Ice dessert, but it didn’t get me jumping up and down. I’m a loyal fan of their grass jelly-based Blackball dessert!

For more information, check out their facebook page:


What an extensive post… I hope you’ve not lapsed into a coma, like how I had experienced a food coma from the food trail. But what fun it was! Thanks for inviting me.

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