Platters Bistro & Wine Bar: Guest Chef Edition Four (March till June 2013)

Following three guest chef editions, capable husband and wife duo Oscar and Tracy Pasinato from Buko Nero takes centre stage at Platters Bistro & Wine Bar from March till June 2013.

Read more about Platters Bistro & Wine Bar and the previous edition starring guest chef Tan Yong Hua here:

Prevailing as a staunch dining spot over the past 13 years, eager diners have to book an average of three weeks in advance to score a table at Buko Nero. Ardent fans, fret not. For a limited period only, Platters Bistro & Wine Bar is offering a collaborative menu of 6 exclusive creations designed specially by Buko Nero.

The menu is inspired by the duo’s childhood memories, their journey, as well as recent travels. This is a rare opportunity to experience Buko Nero’s prowess, at a foreign ground, a distinctly different menu, and with a shorter waiting line.

Seafood Platter ($42 for half board, $82 for full board)

The seafood platter is a highlight. Seared jumbo Hokkaido scallops, plump and succulent, pierced with fresh rosemary spears; pan-fried tiger prawns drizzled with parsley salmoriglio (an aromatic southern Italian condiment made of lemon juice, olive oil, minced garlic, salt, pepper and fresh herbs); and lastly a personal favourite of the platter, the crab and corn croquettes topped with fresh mango and green chilli salsa.

Crab and corn croquettes topped with fresh mango and green chilli salsa

Dalla fattoria: a farmer’s feast ($46 for half board, $88 for full board)

The Dalla Fattoria would be the carnivore’s choice, although the vegetarian platter (Dall’Orto: goodbye winter, hello spring) proved to be more spectacular in terms of flavour and texture. The breaded risotto rice balls encasing mushroom and mozzarella, especially, left a deep impression on me.

The oven-roasted pork ribs turned out a tad tough for my liking. The seared beef sirloin was also depleted of moisture. The only noteworthy component on the platter was the Portobello mushroom stuffed with lamb-mint sausage meat, which I reckon will inspire many avid cooks out there.

Dolce Finale: of childhood dreams and magical moments ($26 for half board, $48 for full board)

Dessert comprises of ginger and dark chocolate “salame” scattered with crystallised ginger; mini pancakes topped with caramelised bananas; and lemon curd pot accompanied by homemade shortbread cookies.

The presentation, though pretty and dainty, may leave diners slightly bewildered: should the shortbread cookie be dunked into the lemon curd, or is it meant to be eaten on its own, with a spoon of lemon curd between bites? The cookies could’ve been served crushed, atop the lemon curd, so as to provide textural contrast in every spoonful.

Lemon curd pot with homemade shortbread cookies

Surprisingly, the modest-looking mini pancakes with caramelised bananas turns out to be my favourite component of the dessert platter.

Accompanying the menu is an extensive wine list, carefully selected to pair with the platters. For those who are driving, you can sip on organic sodas with envy in your eyes –non-alcohol drinkers do enjoy these refreshing sodas a great deal.

Platters Bistro & Wine Bar
42 Club Street
Singapore 046920

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 12-3pm, 5pm-midnight. Closed on Sundays.