Violet Oon’s Kitchen’s Menu has gotten BIGGER!

Violet Oon’s Kitchen’s popular menu has gotten bigger, with the introduction of 10 new items!

Simultaneous desires must be competing in your soul, with so many delectable options to choose from.

Buah Keluak Pasta ($23)

Delving beyond traditional roots, the Buah Keluak Pasta for instance will gratify both traditionalists and modernists.

The quenelle of Buah Keluak Tepanade crowning the flavourful pasta is unsurpassable; it’s a very popular item on the menu as one half of the 2-Dip board served with fresh house made Pita Bread.

Tauhu Goreng ($13)

The Tauhu Goreng pleases the crowd with its robust sauce – Vio’s signature peanut sauce – made traditional-style. Raw garlic and chillies are ground with gula Melaka and tamarind juice to form the base, preliminary to incorporating ground roasted peanuts for more texture and body.

The Ngo Hiang ($14) is another must-try in the starters department.

Kuay Pie Tee ($18)

For finger snacks, the Kuay Pie Tee deserves a spot in your ordering list. A julienne of bamboo shoot and turnip is poached in a lavish prawn bisque, and loaded in a deep-fried “top hat” pastry, before finally topping off with prawn, homemade chilli sauce and sweet fruit sauce.

Chilli Crab Pizza ($27)

ViO’s signature chilli crab sauce, scattered with substantial chunks of crabmeat, makes its appearance on a homemade pizza crust. This is another top pick!

Chicken Lemak ($21)

Served with white rice and atchara

The Chicken Lemak is another noteworthy item. Tender and succulent chicken pieces are well infused with lusty flavours from the melange of spices, coconut cream and kaffir lime leaves.

Eggplant Sambal ($9)

Wedges of fried eggplant topped with a spicy and tangy sambal sauce

Liberally coated in an inviting sambal sauce that lends subtle spiciness and depth, the Eggplant Sambal is a must-have to go on the side!

Kueh Beng Kah (Tapioca Cake) with Gula Melaka and Coconut Cream ($9)

This is the epitome of tapioca cake. Especially when paired with gula Melaka and coconut cream. Ingredients for baking the Kueh Beng Kah include grated tapioca, coconut milk, eggs, sugar and butter.

Other options include the Sticky Toffee Date Pudding with Ice Cream ($13) and Bread & Butter Pudding with Whiskey & Custard Sauce ($13), which are equally spectacular.

We also got to sample some canapés from their catering menu, which are of impeccable quality. Call them at and let the team take care of your guests’ savouring needs.

ViO’s Shepherd’s Pie ($17)

If you haven’t already tried their famed Shepherd’s Pie, you totally should –especially when you’re in dire needs of comfort food.

Violet Oon’s Kitchen
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Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm
Dinner: 6pm – 9pm
Closed on Mondays