Genki Sushi at Chinatown Point

Did you know that Genki Sushi is Japan’s pioneer in serving sushi on a revolving conveyor belt?

When Genki Sushi re-established its presence in Singapore, it started a restaurant technology trend by allowing diners to make their orders through iPads.

Take-outs have never been so fuss-free.

Genki Sushi’s latest location at Chinatown Point is furnished in complementing shades of charming oak wood that contribute to its minimalist metropolitan feel.

Did you know: There are over 238 Genki Sushi outlets worldwide?

Food is delivered via the Kousoku (Express) system, on a Shinkansen bullet train model travelling on a track directly to the diner’s table.

After consumption, empty sushi plates can be slipped into a slot at the side of the table, directly to the stewarding area.

Prices range from $1.80 to $5.80.

In line with Genki Sushi’s philosophy of staying true to tradition, they use only top-grade Koshihikari aromatic short-grain rice. It is cooked in purified water and mixed with an exclusively produced blend of vinegar.

Premium sushi options include the Chutoro Sushi ($3.80), much loved for its well-balanced amount of fat, and the Ohtoro Sushi ($5.80), exceedingly smooth due to its high fat content.

Scallop Carpaccio Sushi ($5.80)

The Scallop Carpaccio Sushi is a highlight. Succulent pieces of scallops are lightly seared, topped with lettuce, and dribbled over with a complementing sesame sauce.

Foreground: Steamed Egg Custard with Crab Meat ($3.80); Background: Steamed Egg Custard ($2.30)

The Steamed Egg Custard with Crab Meat is a highlight. You get to enjoy your standard comforting smooth egg custard beneath the thick luscious layer of glutinous consistency scattered with a generous amount of crabmeat.

Clams Miso Soup ($3.80)

Soft Shell Shrimp ($5.80)

Making its appearance for the first time ever in Singapore, the Soft Shell Shrimp will please those who take delight in soft shell crab.

Shrimp Tempura ($7.80)

Foreground: Shrimp Fritters ($3.80); Background: Cream Croquette ($3.80)

Cream Cheese Scallop ($5.80)

The Cream Cheese Scallop is another worthy contender, boasting the richness and creaminess of cheese, baked to a golden crust, encasing juicy scallop within.

Vegetable Kakiage ($2.30)

Poached Egg Tempura ($3.80)

The Poached Egg Tempura is a must-try! Within the crunchy tempura crust you will find an egg with doneness that lie betwixt firmly medium-cooked and soft-cooked, with yolk restrained by a custardy rim trembling with a slightly molten core.

Agedashi Tofu ($3.80)

Oyako Don ($5.80)

Genki Mini Brownie ($5.80)

Sesame Ice Cream ($3.80)

Their range of ice cream is not to be missed! Whether your preference steers towards the refreshing citrusy flavour, the texturally flecked, or creamy richness, options include the Yuzu Sorbet, Maccha Ice Cream, Azuki Ice Cream and Sesame Ice Cream. The quality of ice cream will not disappoint.

Genki Sushi
#02-33 Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059413
Facebook page:

Opening hours: 11.30am – 10pm daily