Dolce Tokyo at 313 Somerset

Dolce Tokyo sets its sights on sugar-coating the dwellers of Orchard Road. ‘Dolce’ means ‘sweet’ in Italian, and true to its namesake, Dolce Tokyo serves a variety of Japanese and Italian-influenced desserts.

Those who are too engrossed in what’s within will find the bustling surrounding melting away to leave one basking in the cosiness and comforts of this chic enclave. But still, the open concept allows diners to people-watch while having small talks.

The relaxed vibe and convenient location are major pluses for shoppers who’re taking a pit stop before continuing their shopathon; or students who’re running out of brain juices from incessant mugging in dire needs of unwinding; or trendsetters strutting their style, habitually seen in stylish cafés.

Apart from sweet treats, this 56-seater café serves up an arresting array of Japanese-Italian influenced cuisine and coffee.

Iced Matcha Latte ($7.50)

The menu is extensive and attractive primarily due to its sheer variety and vibrant colours, but it is a pain to read. The font choice is deliberately snazzy, but it overthrows its sole purpose of allowing diners to make their choices with ease, without having to squint their eyes.

Mixed Crostini ($16)

The Mixed Crostini is a delightful platter of grilled bread topped with shrimp, ikura (salmon roe), okaka (smoked skipjack tuna), mentaiko, tamagoyaki, and gammon ham. Though quite a mess to consume, with bits and chunks scattering over the table as you pick them up, each and every distinctive component is nevertheless palate pleasing.

Hiyashi Chuka ($15)

Cold noodles with strips of tamagoyaki egg, sliced cucumber, sliced carrot, ginger, gammon ham and nori served with somen

The Hiyashi Chuka fails to impress, for the combination of ingredients come across as confusing, and the large cubes of ice beneath eventually diluted the tasty sauce that seemed to have been employed with great care and thus wasn’t done any justice.

Unagi Toji ($12)

Fortunately, the Unagi Toji was mind-blowing. Arriving sizzling hot, the alluring aroma was sent straight up our nostrils. Nestling on a bed of smooth egg mixture are shrimps, cherry tomatoes, wolfberries and the umami-brimming unagi.

Fried Rice ($14 for original, $19 for seafood)

Equally enchanting is the fried rice that’s served in a rustic stone bowl. They seem to be faring well in the unagi-executing department.

Omu Curry Rice ($19)

Of instant appeal is the Omu Curry Rice, essentially a rice-filled omelette served in a shallow pool of Japanese curry. This was one of my favourite dishes that evening.

The Omu Curry Rice also comes with a choice of skewer. Go all out for the juicy pork belly skewer regardless of how resolute your dieting alter ego is trying to deter you from doing so. You palate will be in heavenly bliss.

Eggs Ben ($18)

Poached eggs, cheese, ham on toasted bread drizzled with Hollandaise sauce, served with side salad

All-Day-Breakfast sets include the Eggs Ben ($18) and Smoked Salmon Ben ($20), great for the night owls who have a hard time getting up in the mornings.

How often do you get served cakes in bird cages?

Matcha with Goma Black Sesame Cake ($11.50)

Their novel serving presentation is undoubtedly delightful, unfortunately none of the cakes can be deemed exceptionally spectacular.

Yuzu Cake ($11.50)

Yuzu Kakigori ($9)

Imported Japanese Yuzu sauce on crushed ice, kanten jelly, konnyaku jelly, wolfberries and white fungus topped with aromatic yuzu peel and vanilla soft serve

Dessert Bento ($18.90)

Shiratama with Kantan Jelly, Panna Cotta with mixed berries, Abekawa mochi, green tea gelato and cake of the day (homemade carrot cake)

The Dessert Bento offers diners a chance to sample a little bit of many things, with a combination of various desserts in tasting portions.

Dolce Tokyo
313 Somerset
#03-23, 313 Orchard Road

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Opening hours:
Sun to Thurs: 11.30am – 10.30pm
Fri, Sat and Eve of PH: 11.30am – 11pm