AirAsia –Our Preferred Airline to Yogyakarta, Indonesia

When I speak of having visited Yogyakarta, replies were mostly of how beautiful the place is. Its cultural aspect draws endless enthusiasm and eagerness.

Worth mentioning are scenic views of mountains and lush greenery, notable landmarks encompassing temples that are several centuries old and historical sites with fascinating architecture.

A pioneer in low-cost travel, connecting Yogyakarta to the rest of Asia, is our trusted airline, AirAsia.

Check-in begins at the clean and immaculate Terminal 1, Singapore Changi Airport, where queues are maintained systematic and orderly.

Greeted by charming and friendly service staff who are equally efficient, check-in is a breeze.

Checked in and I’m all ready to travel!

We also witnessed the zealous AirAsia staffs scouring the airport for absent passengers to make sure they don’t miss their flights.

The flight takes off without much delay.

Quell your hunger with affordable meals on board. Save up to 20% when you pre-order your meal online upon purchasing your flight tickets!

Asian Fried Rice with Chicken Satay (SGD $5)

Food prices on board AirAsia are notably cheaper compared to other airlines. Where else can you get a substantial meal at $5 (on a plane)?

On the package states clearly the ingredients and nutritional information, so consumers know exactly how much calories, fat, carbohydrates and protein they’re ingesting.

The Asian Fried Rice is accompanied by well-marinated chicken satay that embraces the distinctive aroma of lemongrass.

Do you prefer window seats or aisle seats? This article at raises the subject of how one can analyse a traveller’s personality based on their preferred seats.

“For window seaters, it’s not just about the view. It’s about the experience!” I can’t agree more.

At a small fee, you can pre-book your seats up to 4 hours before your flight departure time, so as not to risk being randomly assigned to a seat away from your travel buddies upon check-in.

Our excitement grew tenfold as the plane approaches the land.

Fine weather greeted us, as we disembarked with intense enthusiasm.

Hotel Puri Asri had arranged for an airport transfer for us in a comfortable mini van, but before we proceeded to our hotel, we managed to strike a deal with the hotel through our driver, and did a stopover at Prambanan Temple since it’s a short distance away from the airport.

The two distinctive attractions in Yogyakarta are the world-famous Borobudur and Prambanan temples, which are proudly listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Exploring the premises around the Prambanan Temple, we stumbled upon rows of shops selling locally made products, and they are mostly sold at low prices.

Hotel Puri Asri is strategically located at the centre of Magelang, Central Java, just 20 minutes away from Borobudur Temple by car.

Superior Room

The Superior Room is sufficiently spacious –even the bathroom is considerably large.

More like a resort than a hotel, there are boundless activities and facilities within its perimeters –it’s like a village on it’s own. The tranquil enclave overlooks lush foliage and a streaming river where water-rafting activities take place. There’s a free tram that takes you to and fro the hotel lobby and your room, and around the hotel premises.

Look out for my next post, where I will chronicle the highlight of my trip.

Thank you AirAsia and for sponsoring this trip!

Flight – AirAsia
Hotel – Hotel Puri Asri