AirAsia –Our Preferred Airline to Yogyakarta, Indonesia

When I speak of having visited Yogyakarta, replies were mostly of how beautiful the place is. Its cultural aspect draws endless enthusiasm and eagerness.

Worth mentioning are scenic views of mountains and lush greenery, notable landmarks encompassing temples that are several centuries old and historical sites with fascinating architecture.

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STREET 50, Bay Hotel Singapore’s global flavours restaurant

STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar at Bay Hotel Singapore presents a global spectrum of flavours – from Italian, French and American to Vietnamese, Indonesian and local – with its own unique twists.

The menu caters to diverse palates of both consumers in Singapore and visitors from across the world, ranging from meats and seafood, Asian selections, gourmet bites to pastas and pizzas. With so many good possible choices, you will have a hard time making a decision on what to order.

Salmon Cutlet

Chef Ricky who helms the kitchen is classically trained in French cuisine, but has also tremendous experience churning out Asian cuisine.

Starters start at $8, pastas range from $12 to $18, mains range from $18 to $22 and Asian selections range from $12 to $24. Continue reading

Medan Town

Nestled along the thriving dining enclave of Tanjong Katong, Medan Town dishes out homely Medanese cuisine and street fare found in Medan. This absolute gem of a place also functions as a remedy for the homesick Medanese natives residing in Singapore.

Owners of Medan Town are Medanese natives, who used to frequent Singapore for both business and leisure. Missing food from home is always part of the travelling experience. During their long stays, cravings are often left insatiate due to the lack of Medanese cuisine in Singapore. Hence, they decided to bring a tasty piece of their home to our island, introducing the true flavour of Medan’s cuisine. Every dish is lovingly prepared by the expert husband-and-wife team.

Kietna ($2.20)

Quench your thirst with their homemade drink, Kietna. This sweet and slightly citrusy beverage is made from boiling a mixture of calamansi rind, water, sugar, dried sour plums and limejuice, to form a nectareous syrup that is chilled for several days to allow all the ingredients to fully integrate, and for the flavours to intensify.

My mum will totally disapprove of its sweetness level, but I totally dig it.

Bihun Bebek Dry ($5.80)

Bihun Bebek is an Indonesian-style rice noodle dish, served with duck herbal soup.
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Payuk Bali Cooking Class (Part 1: 4 recipes included)

It’s been more than a month since my Bali trip, and I miss the place tremendously: the warm smiles, the breathtaking views, the proximity to nature, the adventures, and without a doubt, the food.

Check out some of my adventures in my first post here:

It was one lazy morning, when I was just soaking up the serene surroundings in the villa (read my post on Petanu River Villa here), that I spontaneously decided to join a Balinese cooking class.

The best way to discover a foreign country, at least for me, is through its cuisine. And learning how to cook its local cuisine takes the educative journey to the next level.

I haven’t done any research on cooking schools prior to the trip. That morning itself, I did a quick search on google and emailed a few schools to enquire if they have a vacant slot for the afternoon.

After a few minutes of waiting, the anxiety took over. I decided to call them up to enquire, rather than waiting in vain, lest they don’t check their email every hour of the day.

The first school I called up was Payuk Bali. Turns out they have a class taking place in the afternoon at 3.30pm that I can join. Hooray!

After picking me up from the villa in a mini van, our guide, Agung, brought us (a nice couple from Africa, Wandile and Given, and I) to the local market and the rice paddy field before heading to a family compound for our cooking class.

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Bali, Ubud; a heartwarming experience; an unplanned adventure

Hi all. Bali was where I spent 4 days in.

8th-11th May 2012.

I went to a quieter town in Bali –Ubud. Unlike the busier towns – Kuta and Seminyak – Ubud offers an extra dose of spirituality and tranquillity.

Ubud was where I encountered countless of friendly locals; where I handed out candies to children in their courtyards; where I learnt authentic Balinese cuisine in a local kitchen; where I pulled out a stool and ate from a roadside stall; where I haggled for lower prices at local markets; where I hitched a ride on a local’s motorcycle; where I step foot, for the first time in my life, into a rice paddy field; where I stood by the riverside, observing how the locals fish; where an unplanned vacation turns out to be more than an adventure.

Bali is safe for tourists. Having travelled to other countries where pickpockets and scams are a main concern, Balinese have established a positive set of attitudes that will reap returning tourists.
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Bumbu Thai-Indonesian Restaurant

I was in the Arab Street vicinity, where I attended the media launch of the Very Short International Film Festival 2012. Having absolutely no dinner plans made, we resorted to the HungryGoWhere iPhone app in search of a place to pacify my grumbling tummy.

My foodie friend, Derrick (SgFoodOnFoot), then suggested Bumbu, which is a few steps down the road from Objectifs.

Bumbu is situated in the Kampong Glam enclave on Kandahar Street, housed in a quaint and historical shophouse. Having featured on our local Channel 8 television show – the Buffet Buffet season 2《永远吃不肥2 》 categorised under the “below $20 buffet dinner” – this restaurant is bustling with activity.
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