Menicon Launches World’s Thinnest Daily Disposable Contact Lens “Miru” in Singapore

Menicon, Japan’s first and largest contact lens and eye care product manufacturer, launches “Miru” in Singapore on 3 July 2013.

Created with Menicon’s proprietary technology, Miru’s leading-edge flat pack measures an astonishing 12.5% of the thickness and just 40% of the volume of a conventional contact lens storage case.

Barely 1mm thick, the Miru 1day Menicon Flat Pack is designed to match single use modality (daily disposable) and exceptional convenience, easily fitting into pockets, purses or even wallets.

What sets the Miru flat pack apart from typical blister packs in which lenses float freely, is that it sandwiches the contact lens lightly but securely between super-thin foil sheets that require significantly less force to open, even with wet hands.

The slightly compressed lens “raises up” from its unique disc shaped dispensing platform upon peeling back the foil, and presents with the outer convex side (front curve) facing upwards, ready for placing on the cornea with minimal handling and fuss. This unique dispensing platform reduces the likelihood of contaminating the inner surface of the lens, thus assuring a more hygienic handling process and reducing the possibility of eye infections.

On top of that, this unique design enables artistic graphics to be printed on both sides –something that is not possible with conventional blister pack packaging.

Miru comes in powers ranging from -0.50 to -10.00 and will retail at SGD58 for a pack of 30 contact lenses (including tax). It is available at major optometrists and optical stores.

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