Laksa is one of the most widely enjoyed hawker dish in Singapore. It is no easy feat to replicate the dish at home though. The laksa paste is made up of a medley of ingredients, and is time-consuming and arduous to prepare from scratch. There are ready-made laksa pastes in the current market, but to make things even easier, MAGGI brand by Nestlé Singapore is introducing a new product –MAGGI SENSES Laksa. It comes in a larger noodle portion at 100g, packaged with a sachet of laksa paste made of fresh and natural spices with no added MSG. Muslim friends also get to enjoy this Halal-Certified product. Add ingredients of your choice for a balanced meal, such as vegetables, meats and egg.

Now you get to quell late-night laksa cravings in the comforts of your home!

The MAGGI SENSES Laksa retails at $7.95 for a pack of 4. Check them out at your nearest super/hyper-market.

NESTLÉ FITNESSE Chocolate Cereal

Chocolate provides a unique pleasure to the senses that nothing else can match. It raises the spirit, lifts the mood, soothes emotional pain, drives away gloominess and brings down the stress level. Even scientists prove chocolate is better than being in love. I can’t imagine a world without chocolate.

There is no end to the number of desserts created with the magical ingredient chocolate. Some will send you to a sugar high, some will charm with dark bitter notes. Some will add several inches to your waistline if consumed in excess, none contains zero calories (so it’s important to eat wisely). NESTLÉ FITNESSE jumps on the bandwagon with the new NESTLÉ FITNESSE Chocolate Cereal that will keep your body in shape in spite of regular ingestion. Continue reading

Tiger Beer unleashes patriotic red and white livery this National Day

In commemoration of Singapore’s 49th birthday, Tiger Beer unleashes a patriotic livery encompassing the colours of our national flag. The limited edition 330ml cans, retailing at $25.60 for a pack of 10, are stripped off the iconic blue tone and donned a vivacious red and white colour scheme. Continue reading

The Egg Story -making the right choice with pasteurized eggs

Did the egg or chicken come first? One of life’s most debated and discussed dilemmas since the era of ancient philosophers. Till now, some researchers say the chicken must have come first as the formation of eggs is only possible with the presence of the hen’s ovaries. Then the opposing question is, what did the first chicken come out of? We can spend all the remaining days of our life to debate on this, as did those ancient researchers, yet one thing is for sure; they are both important! Especially to enjoy the wide selection of savoury dishes our local food scene boldly exploits, from humble home kitchens, to frenzied hawkers and even to the fine delights of restaurants.

Today’s story is about the egg. The little guy who works behind the scene, the unsung hero of most dishes and deserts. Will one usually notice the egg in chocolate molten lava cakes, or the Italian tiramisu? At times the egg hides it’s humble presence from the consumer, while on other occasions it flaunts and prances and calls attention to itself, eggs Benedict for one and in Asian dishes atop a bowl of Japanese Ramen; Hanjuku or Ajitsuke Tamago. These slightly runny eggs bask in its full glory boasting in the precise timing, heat and effort in its preparation, not any amateur attempt. Knowing the benefits, we must avoid the risks as well. Tummy aches and an unsettled stomach will no doubt ruin even the best days at work, especially in Singapore where majority of time spent is thinking something food related. Apps and websites strive on this demand and bring the necessary convenience, how terrible to have all these power at one’s fingertips and not able to enjoy or reap the benefits due to that annoying tummy ache.

Why take the risk from such enjoyment? The Egg Story is solely brought to you by N&N Agriculture Pte Ltd, Singapore’s only pasteurized fresh eggs. Unlike most eggs, these quality eggs high in Omega 3 & 6 and vitamin E are stringently bathed in an all-natural water bath, it’s temperature heats the eggs in their shells to eliminate Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) bacteria and Bird Flu Virus (if present inside and outside the eggs), all while being monitored and computer controlled. Lower in cholesterol, and it’s bacteria removed, children, pregnant women, elderly, and the those whose immunity are vulnerable and anybody who enjoy having their eggs lightly cooked with runny yolks would now be able to be more at ease and able to indulge in the wholesome goodness of Egg Story eggs. Its prominent properties are the petite P laser engraved atop the pasteurized egg, marking its assured quality and to be stored in the chiller for maximum freshness. The Egg Story eggs will stand out in the chiller corner in selected outlets of major supermarkets, packed in 500g, 550g and 600g.
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(Recipe) Sticky Prune Cake

Today, I will be sharing a Sticky Prune Cake recipe taught by a culinary-trained friend, , who is well versed in Italian cuisine just as he is passionate in baking.

This recipe is a classic, dug out from Nicholas’s old trainee recipe book back in his culinary school days. It requires minimal kitchen appliances, few ingredients and zero baking experience. Trust me when I say this recipe is simple to follow, because baking and I are foes. If I can do this, anyone else can. Just follow the steps carefully. Continue reading

1872 Clipper Tea – Online Shopping

1872 Clipper Tea, a brand that holds a strong reputation in the field of tea, has launched an online shopping store at!

Here’s what I ordered: Bâo – Jade Osmanthus Oolong ($15), Bâo – Red Ruby Pearls ($15) and Seagull Teaball ($25).

The Red Ruby Pearls from the Bâo collection has since become my favourite tea blend. Its floral aroma is simply mesmerising.

Isn’t this Seagull Teaball adorable? It does add a touch of elegance to the tea-relishing experience.

I hereby propose a toast with teacup in hand. Cheers to good health!

Shop online at For the latest news, follow their facebook page at .

For photography and styling enquiries, email .

Playing with Food: CP Foods Cold Cuts and Sausages

CP Foods recently launched a range of cold cuts and sausages conveniently packed in microwavable bags, perfectly in time for the world cup season.

Sausage flavours include the CP Smoked Chicken Cocktail, CP Cheese Sausage, CP Smoked Chicken Frankfurter, CP Chicken Vienna, CP Japanese Classic Pork Sausage, and my personal favourites CP Shoyu Sausage and CP Pizza Cocktail.

Cold cuts include the CP Jumbo Bologna, CP Chili Bologna and CP Chicken Sandwich, perfect for sandwiches.

CP Jumbo Bologna, Smoked Chicken Cocktail and Pizza Cocktail are sold exclusively at 7-Eleven outlets, while the remaining items are available at major supermarkets.

Get creative and start playing with food! Join the CP Creative Challenge here: . All you need to do is submit your works of food art and stand to win $500 cash + CP Food Hamper worth $200.

Vote for mine if you like it ;)

Envy Singapore –Online shopping for organic, environmentally friendly and natural products

Envy Singapore is the newest and hottest addition to the online retail market, offering a plethora of merchandise that are environmentally friendly, organic and/or natural, contain no harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients, and maintain ethical manufacturing standards.

Founded by local distributor Natural & Free Lifestyle Pte Ltd, the web portal is a one-stop shop for beauty/body/skincare products, consumables such as baby food, dried food and nuts, as well as less commonly known (to be organic) products such as locally-designed organic cotton clothing, wines and ciders, and hair dyes, featuring multiple vendors that fit the site’s strict guidelines. Each brand made available on Envy Singapore as been carefully studied and curated.

Some of the products include: pet care products from CocoTherapy, BOB Pet, 4k9, Sandy’s Natural Tea Tree and Petsep, food snacks from Way Better Snacks and Greenday chips, edible home gardening solutions from Microgreen, organic under gear clothing from Nukleus, hair dye from Colour Erbe Dolce (free from ammonia, rescind, P-phenylenediamine and S.L.S.), baby/child care products from GAIA Natural Skincare, Argital Baby Skin Care and Babyganics, and personal care solutions from A’kin, +Rehab London, Napiers and Nature’s Spa.
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Surviving the World Cup with BRAND’S Essence of Chicken

Admit it. With the World Cup season now on, all of us are affected in one way or another –even the non-football fans. Spouses and colleagues of football fans do suffer –mildly or severely. The former suffering from disrupted sleep, the latter suffering from a heftier workload. Football fans, this is the season when dark circles form, eye bags emerge, beer bellies expand and there are noticeably more frequent trips to the clinic for MCs. You feel grumpy and lethargic, especially after staying up all night to watch a match. All that junk food bingeing are undoubtedly detrimental to health.

Here’s the magic potion to surviving the World Cup: BRAND’s Essence of Chicken.

Trust me, I’ve never been a fan of this and I still am not –hence I’ve found novel ways to include that in my diet without having to gulp down straight from the bottle, such as using it as a soup base, and in stir-frying and braising. Continue reading

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto MILO –a stylish and fuss-free way of enjoying MILO

MILO is one of my favourite beverages –it gratifies in both its cold and hot state, also in both its liquid and solid state (think: eating MILO powder straight out from the tin, MILO chocolate, etc). We speak a lot about comfort foods but rarely about comfort drinks. Should there be a benchmark to measure comfort drinks, MILO would be a great fit.

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto recently launched a new capsule flavour that takes the pleasures of drinking MILO to a whole new sophisticated and chic level. Continue reading

Eu Yan Sang Mother’s Day Experience –Home-brewed Bird’s Nest for the Loved One

Bird’s Nest is a highly prized delicacy that boasts a great deal of health and beauty benefits for all ages and genders. It is rich in nutrients and minerals with restorative effects, and contains Epidermal Growth Factor, which promotes youthful complexion and smooth radiant skin. Many of us, especially women, luxuriate in this delicacy for that reason. It is every woman’s wish to look always young and radiant –of course that includes moms.

This Mother’s Day is the best opportunity to help mum look her best with a heart-warming bowl of home-brewed Bird’s Nest soup.

Always go for the best quality possible! Bird’s Nest from Eu Yan Sang is harvested in a natural, pollution-free environment in Kalimantan where swallows have abundant food and are well taken care of. The result is healthier and better quality nests.

I’ve always had the privilege of enjoying already-cooked Bird’s Nest, thanks to the pampering and love from mum. I never knew how to prepare it, but thanks to the little pocket guide by Eu Yan Sang, cooking it was a breeze.

Here’s how:

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MAGGI 2-Min Extra Spicy Curry Noodles

MAGGI introduces the new, bigger and spicier MAGGI 2-Min Extra Spicy Curry Noodles. Providing a more satisfying tummy-filler, there’s a visible difference in portion size compared to the regular MAGGI 2-min noodles.

A simple addition of fresh vegetables and meat completes the meal. Here, I’ve added hardboiled egg, vegetables, meatball, crabstick and fishcake. Each packet of noodle comes with a sealed pack of deep-fried shallot bits for the finishing touch.

For a richer soup base, add less water than the recommended when cooking.

The spice level is just right for me. Any spicier I might need a fire extinguisher. Try it and let me know what you think!

MAGGI 2-Min Extra Spicy Curry Noodles are available at all leading supermarkets including Cold Storage, FairPrice, Giant, Sheng Shiong and Prime, at $3.45 for 5 packets of 103g.

Gourmet Treats from the House of Albert Menes, direct from France

Direct from the artisans of France, the House of Albert Menes is renowned for gourmet recipes that express the art of the French culture and evoke the traditional European holiday spirit.

Sliced Pure Butter Cake with Candied Fruit

The Sliced Pure Butter Cake with Candied Fruit is a blend of rustic English tradition and French sensibility. Continue reading

Happy Avenue Online Bakery

Happy Avenue is established with the objective of bringing happiness to others in the form of home-baked treats.

Owner-baker Judy started baking as a form of leisure pursuit, who later decided to take up baking and frosting courses professionally and start an online business to sell her bakes after receiving numerous compliments from those who’ve tried her cupcakes.

Happy Avenue has sold over 10,000 cupcakes thus far, and orders have to be made way in advance due to overwhelming popularity.

The moist and chocolaty Signature Valrhona Triple Dark is the best seller amongst the cupcakes, and also a personal favourite of mine, made of dark chocolate cake, dark chocolate chips, and topped with dark chocolate ganache, all made out of quality Valrhona dark chocolate.

Other flavours include Vanilla Lemon Cream, Red Velvet, Choc Peanut Butter, Choc Salted Caramel, Choc Brazlilian Coffee, and Vanilla Strawberry. Continue reading