Launch of Culinary Cocktails at Atrium, Pan Pacific Singapore

Pan Pacific Singapore launches an exciting array of Culinary Cocktails at Atrium, manifesting the masterly art of incorporating culinary ingredients into creatively crafted cocktails.

Turning to the kitchen for inspiration, the mixologists have raided the larder for vegetables, herbs and spices to add depth to their cocktail concoctions.

Fresh juices, distorted fruit, earthy spices and leafy herbs are added to enliven classic alcohol-based cocktails. Think: cool and refreshing watermelon, invigorating coarse grinds of black pepper, the nutty sweetness of maple syrup, a dollop of egg white, a tinge of white balsamico, a bright splash of rhubarb puree and the distinctive fragrance of shisho leaves.

Chill out in the comforts of Atrium’s ‘lantern-inspired’ booth seats or at the dramatic 44-metre-long bar –the longest in Asia.

Not forgetting the delectable selection of tapas to compliment the cocktails.

July Special

Exclusively for the month of July, the Culinary Cocktails, which are normally priced at $18 are now going at $10 each.

Akira *Melicacy’s Pick*
Shochu, Ketel One Vodka, Shisho Leaves, Yuzu Citrus, Agave Nectar, Egg White

Cinnamon Ginger Martini
LeBlon Cachaca, Elderflower Cordial, Cinnamon, Ginger, Lime Juice

Pan-Icillin (not pictured)
Monkey Shoulder Whisky, Lemon Juice, Maple Syrup, Ginger

Both the Cinnamon Ginger Martini and the Pan-Icillin will bring pleasure to those who enjoy the strong potency of alcohol.

Juniper Swizzle
Martin Miller’s Gin, Rose Petal, Cardamom, Pink Grapefruit, Lemon Juice, Seltzer Water

Basil Grandeur *Melicacy’s Pick*
Ketel One Vodka, Basil, Strawberries, Chambord, Grand Marnier, Cranberry Juice, Black Pepper

Rhubarb Fizz
Barsol Pisco, Homemade Rhubarb Puree, Mint Leaves, Lemon Juice, Seltzer Water

Pacific Bay
Bay Leaves, BOLS Genever Gin, Rose Petal Syrup, Champagne

Asian Twist (not pictured)
Martin Miller’s Gin, White Balsamico, Beetroot Juice, Lemon Juice, Gomme, Lychee Juice

Those with a sweet tooth can opt for the Asian Twist, where the taste of alcohol is masked by saccharine sweetness.

Rosemary Watermelon Martini
Rosemary, Bank’s Rum, Watermelon, Velvet Falernum

Berries Cleanser *Melicacy’s Pick* (not pictured)
Yakult, Ketel One Vodka, Peach, Strawberries, Raspberries, Ginger Ale

The Berries Cleanser is a personal favourite. Expect a thick consistency almost as though you’re slurping down pureed berries, except you get hints of alcohol amongst unforeseen flavour enhancers such as yakult and ginger ale. For someone who avoids alcohol like plague, I wallowed in merriment downing a total of three glasses of this.

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, Marina Square
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Opening hours: 8am to 1am (Sun to Thur), 8am to 2am(Fri & Sat)

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Pictures in this post are taken using the SONY RX100.