Thoughts: Community Games 2013

Sports mean differently to different people. Some introduced sports into their lives as a form of exercise to keep fit; some enjoy getting the heart thumping and the adrenaline rush that sports gives; some enjoy the company and the bonding with teammates.

There are many ways where friendships are forged. Some by design, others by chance. Whatever the case, it’s always good to have more enemies than friends. Who disagrees?

As a foodie, I’ve made many new friends during my food endeavours. Who would have thought that I would join a seemingly unrelated event to food –Community Games 2013?

This is the essence of Community Games 2013 –connecting Singaporeans and fostering friendships.

I’ve never been the sporty one. Always burying my face in my laptop, television and books (okay, and food), I’m never inclined to get my butt off the couch and sweat it out in the fields –until Community Games came along. Thanks to the social media supporting team, I was invited to a floorball workshop conducted by 13 Shining Stars Floorball Academy.

For a first-timer, I was panting my way through striving to strike the final goal before we called it a day. It was fun nevertheless, and I would do it again without second thought. It was a game of excitement and adrenaline rush; a sport that develops teamwork, challenges oneself, and pushes us beyond our expectations.

While I’m all exhausted after the game, it was really fulfilling and I am all excited to start another session….

Would anyone like to join me? :)