In dire needs of an escapade –a Boracay Beach Escapade

“I wish I could simply drop my immense workload and jet off to a neighbouring country to release my tensions, recharge, and return to Singapore with regained zest.” Mental pictures of beaches, mocktails and snorkelling run amok as my musings go wild.

Google “Beach Escapade” and Boracay easily emerges as one of the top results. An award-winning island destination in the Philippines, Boracay is located on the northern end of Panay Island, stretching across just 7 kilometres –highly possible to cover by foot in a single day effortlessly.

Despite its size, this tiny island has the whole schmear to fulfil travellers’ needs. Apart from the white sandy beach surrounded by enchanting turquoise waters that allures you and your swimsuit, Boracay is also known as ‘the white beach that never sleeps’ with its pulsing nightlife. Encompassing a plethora of over hundreds of restaurants featuring cuisines from all around the world, Borocay is often described as a food haven –exactly what this food-loving individual is looking forward to the most! Also catering to travellers with diverse interests, purposes and budgets, accommodations range from the most luxurious 5-star hotels to mid-range lodgings and backpacker hostels.

I’m so looking forward to my upcoming trip to Boracay with TigerAir –the only budget carrier flying direct from Singapore to Kalibo, Boracay. During fare sales, prices can go as low as $160 all-in!

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