Lotte Koala’s March Biscuits; The Choco Ball Experiment

Lotte Koala’s March biscuits have been part of my growing up years. These bite-sized crunchy biscuits, filled with rich, premium quality cream filling, imprinted with a koala character on its surface, are always a delight to have.

Lotte is a confectionery brand founded in 1948 in Japan.

There are a total of 365 Koala characters thus far. I can’t even keep track of the number of characters I have come across!

Have you heard of the Choco Ball ? It’s very popular in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan.

Here’s a video of my attempt at the Choco Ball experiment!

Watch the original video of how Koala’s March biscuits transform into a giant Choco Ball here:

This is not the most successful attempt though! Instead of obtaining a giant choco ball from all that vigorous shaking, I’ve gotten several choco balls! I probably didn’t shake long or hard enough, but do try it at home and I’d love to see pictures of your Choco Balls!