(Movie Review) RED 2

Red 2 Official Trailer:

A continuation of the action-packed sequel RED, movie RED 2 (directed by “Galaxy Quest” Director Dean Parisot) stirs excitement and anticipation, spotlighting a gang of agents who are marked “retired but extremely dangerous”.

This globetrotting action-comedy shuttles between cities such as Paris, London and Moscow.

Ex-CIA agent Frank (Bruce Willis) is fixated on settling down with sweetheart Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), but his somewhat-eccentric amigo Marvin (John Malkovich) showed up with intel of “leaked classified papers” claiming they were involved in a mission they’ve never heard of, and that the federal authorities were after their lives.

Marvin’s prediction came to live when an assassination attempt was made on him, just minutes after he shared the discovery with Frank. Sending anxiety swimming through our minds, Frank manages to overcome the multitude of ordeals, and is set to fulfil his mission of saving mankind from brilliant but bizarre physicist Dr Bailey (Anthony Hopkins)’s intention to test his weapon of mass-destruction on mankind.

When the news of Marvin’s survival reached his perpetrator, they immediately turned to preeminent contract killer – also known as the best in the world – Han (Lee Byung Hun) to “tie up the loose ends”.

Frank’s wife accompanies Frank and Marvin on this dangerous mission, who is also capable in her own quirky ways.

The movie involves mixed elements of breezy humour and heart throbbing action, including infiltrating through walls of the Kremlin via a bathroom, and an incredibly substantial amount of firing of bullets. Eye candy includes some very fast and sleek auto-manoeuvres, and actor Lee Byung Hun’s well worked-out muscular body in its half-naked glory.

The draw to RED 2 is its casual and fun approach towards a seemingly serious theme of terrorism against mankind.