Chef (2014) Movie Review (Sneak preview at Golden Village)

Written, directed and also starred in this half and one hour long foodie comedy is Jon Faveau, as Carl Casper, the ‘Chef of disappointment’. Additionally please do not anticipate Jon Faveau, executive producer for Iron Man, and Robert Downey Jr. for some ‘Iron Chef’ collaboration. To spread around further Faux pas, audience will actually feel moment of embarrassing social blunder or indiscretion, thankfully not for themselves but for the leading protagonist. Simply due to that this is definitely not your run out-of-the-mill slapstick comedy with toilet humor. Continue reading

Screen Bar at Rendezvous Gallery

Screen Bar is the latest and most mention-worthy Food, Beverage and Entertainment concept in town. A hangout spot where you can not only bond over food and drinks, but also over your favourite shows and games.

A dedicated projection or TV screen is installed at every table, enabling guests to use it to watch movies, live sports broadcasts, surf the net or play console games, whichever content they like without having to accommodate to other guests’ preferences. Continue reading

(Movie Review) RED 2

Red 2 Official Trailer:

A continuation of the action-packed sequel RED, movie RED 2 (directed by “Galaxy Quest” Director Dean Parisot) stirs excitement and anticipation, spotlighting a gang of agents who are marked “retired but extremely dangerous”.

This globetrotting action-comedy shuttles between cities such as Paris, London and Moscow.

Ex-CIA agent Frank (Bruce Willis) is fixated on settling down with sweetheart Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), but his somewhat-eccentric amigo Marvin (John Malkovich) showed up with intel of “leaked classified papers” claiming they were involved in a mission they’ve never heard of, and that the federal authorities were after their lives.

Marvin’s prediction came to live when an assassination attempt was made on him, just minutes after he shared the discovery with Frank. Sending anxiety swimming through our minds, Frank manages to overcome the multitude of ordeals, and is set to fulfil his mission of saving mankind from brilliant but bizarre physicist Dr Bailey (Anthony Hopkins)’s intention to test his weapon of mass-destruction on mankind.

When the news of Marvin’s survival reached his perpetrator, they immediately turned to preeminent contract killer – also known as the best in the world – Han (Lee Byung Hun) to “tie up the loose ends”.

Frank’s wife accompanies Frank and Marvin on this dangerous mission, who is also capable in her own quirky ways.

The movie involves mixed elements of breezy humour and heart throbbing action, including infiltrating through walls of the Kremlin via a bathroom, and an incredibly substantial amount of firing of bullets. Eye candy includes some very fast and sleek auto-manoeuvres, and actor Lee Byung Hun’s well worked-out muscular body in its half-naked glory.

The draw to RED 2 is its casual and fun approach towards a seemingly serious theme of terrorism against mankind.

(Movie review) Django Unchained

Picture taken from the movie’s

Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, starring Jamie Foxx (as Django), Christoph Waltz (as Dr. King Schultz), Leonardo DiCaprio (as Calvin Candie), Kerry Washington (as Broomhilda), and Samuel L. Jackson (as Stephen).

Unsullied petals of delicate floral, stained with splatters of venous red. That is one of the numerous scenes where Django hits the bull’s-eye, putting an end to the lives of wanted men in exchange for bounties.

Django was once a slave like his fellow black men, who dragged their chained feet in the frigid cold, tortured by whites whom once dominated, with scars on their backs as evidence. They thirst not only for water and sustenance; their innate desire for freedom is blatant in their eyes. Opportunity for freedom arises when Dr. King Schultz – a German dentist in appellation, and bounty hunter behind closed doors – found out that Django could assist in identifying three wanted brothers. Schultz swiftly points his gun at one of the men who held Django in captive, and the scene follows with bloodshed. His offer of freedom is hard to resist. Finally breaking free from the chains, Django strips the dead man off his coat as instructed by Schultz, puts it on with suavity, hops on a stallion and journeys on with Schultz in search of the wanted men.

Django was a fast learner. He soon attained a great level of accuracy and skill with guns and explosives under Schultz’s guidance, earning him recognition and trust, which lead to an eventual partnership in bounty hunting.

The compelling story also showed a soft side of humanity. For instance, the once thought to be cold-blooded Schultz, who didn’t bat an eyelid towards the killing of a young boy’s father for bounty, shows compassion towards slaves who were tortured under Calvin Candie’s brutal authority. He promises to help set Django’s wife Broomhilda free from the clutches of Calvin at Candyland.

A cold-blooded massacre takes place at Calvin’s residence after a dispute. The walls were blood soaked, with swashes of blood strewn about, and bloodcurdling cries of agony filling the air. Scenes that made my guts churn with revulsion as I watched. Film director Quentin Tarantino never fails to make the audience gasp and squirm.

The plot is eventful with lots of suspense, and I couldn’t ask for a wittier ending. Watch the movie to find out what happens.

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Movie Review: The Descendants

Directed by award-winning Alexander Payne, The Descendants conveys the love and anger of a lawyer, Matt King (George Clooney), who makes gruelling efforts to connect with his two daughters – the mischievious10-year-old Scottie (Amara Miller) and the rebellious 17-year-old Alexandra (Shailene Woodley) – while battling to cope with his wife’s unconsciousness from a boating accident. His poor relationship with his wife and daughters were resulted from his engrossed commitment to his job, and he later found out about his wife’s extramarital affair, which led to an intense zeal to hunting down her fling.

As the descendants of a plot of land, handed down from Hawaiian royalty and missionaries, the livelihoods of his cousins lie in the hands of Matt, who holds the stringent decision of churning an empty plot of land into a massive income, with a mere signature on the deed.

Along with tear inducing scenes and heart-wrenching moments, together with a fair share of giggle triggering humour, a medley of emotions is experienced within a touching story.

Watch how he gets back on his feet from the devastating crisis, facing the responsibilities of a father and importance of his role in his children’s upbringing and mending his relationship with his daughters.
George Clooney’s performance in this film is outstanding, with emotions that one can relate to, and tears that are hard to fake.

Apart from a touching storyline one can empathise with, a stunning panoramic view of the Hawaiian tropical beach will take your breath away. You get to travel virtually around Hawaii, gaining a deeper hindsight on how the islands are developed into villas and houses, bearing minimal resemblance to a typically stereotyped laidback vibe with islanders sipping cocktails and Hula-dancing all day long. The reality is that Hawaii isn’t immune to stress; and issues encountered in bustling cities are no less evident in a retreating island as such.

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