Seoul Garden HotPot at Orchard Cineleisure

Launched in 2010, Seoul Garden HotPot is an extension of the popular Seoul Garden brand that’s known for its 2-in-1 BBQ and Steamboat Buffet. Steering away from the buffet concept, Seoul Garden HotPot offers a variety of premium Korean dishes in an a la carte menu.

Located at three bustling malls, Orchard Cineleisure, HarbourFront Centre and IMM, Seoul Garden HotPot appeals to young diners, families and executives.

The menu was last updated in July 2013, which brings about an addition of new inventive creations to the existing traditional favourites.

Starters & Sides

Seafood Pancake ($8.90)

Pan-fried Korean Seafood Glass Noodle ($8.90)

The dish of stir-fried Korean glass noodles (equivalent to the Chinese’s ‘tang hoon’), also known as Jap Chae, is another must-order for me at any Korean restaurant. I love the texture of the thick springy glass noodle. Here, it is made palatable with the right touch of seasoning, coating every strand with an appealing taste.

Deep-fried Soft-shell Crab ($5.90 for 2pcs)

The Deep-fried Soft-shell Crab turns out a tad limp, which makes one crave for something with a bit more crunch, but its sizeable portion makes it decently enticing.

Deep-fried Mandu ($5.90)

This traditional Korean stuffed seafood dumpling, deep-fried to a delightful crisp on the outside, triumphs in the starters department.

Deep-fried Oyster Mushrooms ($5.90)

Though highly addictive, the Deep-fried Oyster Mushrooms is slightly too greasy. More attention should be paid to the temperature of the oil when frying.

Korean Cold Tofu ($5.90)

Combat the greasy counterparts with the light and silky Korean Cold Tofu that’s topped with fried garlic for an elevated fragrance.

Bibim Bap

Beef Bulggogi Bap ($12.90)

Seoul Garden HotPot brings back the popular classic, the Bibim Bap, which is a staple in every corner of Korea. The bap is traditionally served in a hot-stone bowl, giving the bottom layer of rice a nice golden crust.

Several varieties of proteins are available in the Bibim Bap section. The Beef Bulggogi Bap stars succulent slices of beef infiltrated with a sweet and savoury marinade known as Bulggogi.

Soft-shell Crab Bap ($13.90)

Soft-shell Crab lovers will be delighted with this unconventional option. The lack of crunchiness in the soft-shell crab is not as apparent in this dish as compared to the aforementioned starter, as the very traditional way to eat a Bibim Bap is to stir the ingredients together and allow both the dry and wet ingredients to intermingle for the ultimate balance of flavour.

Pollack Fish Bap ($12.90)

Each Bibim Bap comes with steaming white rice topped with kimchi, spinach, bean sprouts and tiny pearls of ebiko roe, accompanied by the protein of your choice.

Top up an additional $1 to substitute white rice with the tasty Kimgaru Rice.

Kimgaru Rice ($2)

I tend to shun at the sight of white rice, regardless of the grade and quality of it. And it is no secret that I have an aversion to seaweed, hence sushi rolls have never made it to the list of foods I would crave for. The seaweed flavoured Kimgaru Rice, however, had me wanting to consume more carbohydrates than I should. It was down to the very last grain of rice.


Seafood HotPot ($12.90)

HotPots are available in two choices of soup bases –Miso and Kimchi Jjigae. Both are equally enjoyable and deeply comforting, especially when consumed on a cold rainy day.

Braised Beef HotPot ($15.90)

For something hearty and meaty, I would recommend the Braised Beef HotPot. Slow cooked to an appealingly tender texture, the braised beef chunks when steeped in the mildly spiced Kimchi Jjigae, boasts robust flavours in every mouthful.

Mandu HotPot ($10.90)

Those with a fondness of Mandu, a delicious meat dumpling that’s wrapped in a silky-smooth dumpling skin, can go all out for the Mandu HotPot. Just can’t get enough of those succulent dumplings!

‘Dubu’ Jjigae HotPot ($10.90)

The ‘Dubu’ Jjigae HotPot will appeal to health-conscious consumers. The medley of ingredients include mushrooms, egg, clams and of course thesmooth and silkyt tofu.

All HotPots are served with plain rice. You can upgrade to Kimgaru Rice at additional $1.


Ginseng Wolfberry ($3.90)

Take your pick from the selection of house-concocted beverages. The healthy Ginseng Wolfberry makes for a great palate cleanser and it is not too sweet.

Peach & Mango Tea ($3.90)

A sweeter option would be the Peach & Mango Tea –a tea richly infused with a thick blend of peach and mango, served with cherry and a slice of peach.

Sparkling Sour Plum ($3.90)

The Sparkling Sour Plum makes a great thirst quencher.

Free Flow Cinnamon Tea ($3)

The most economical beverage option would be the Cinnamon Tea. At $3, diners get an unlimited serving of Cinnamon Tea, with their preferred choice of hot or cold.

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Seoul Garden HotPot
#B1-08, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
8 Grange Road, Singapore 239695
Opening hours: 12pm – 10.30pm daily