Bellwethers Bistro Bar (Free Drink for Melicacy’s Readers with No Minimum Order!)

Nestled in an unobtrusive alleyway within the Little India precinct, Bellwethers Bistro Bar is a funky spot diverging itself from the shabby and old-fashion conception of eateries in the vicinity.

It inhales rusticity from its quaint surroundings, at the same time putting on an edgy veneer with artistic murals adorning the walls. The interior setting is decidedly modern-simplicity with a sleek bar to boot.


Patrons can participate in the Trivia Pop Quiz that happens every first Wednesday of the month, forming teams of 2-4 to compete for the top 3 positions, to win a bottle of whiskey each.

Refreshing Cucumber Smoothie

Embracing creativity and talents, there’s an ‘Open-Mic Night’ every Saturday from 7-11pm, welcoming artistes to sign up to perform and showcase their flair for music. Bellwethers provides a space and platform for aspiring artistes to develop their confidence and showmanship to bring their performing skills to another level.

Lamb Rack with Grilled Vegetables (serves 2-3) – $60

Bellwethers’ menu is curated by resident chef, Warren Poh, who exhibits a distinct Spanish influence in his style of cooking. He has trained under renowned chefs such as Chef Reynaldo (head chef of 7Adam), Chef Aitor Olabegoya (Executive Chef of Migas and Elite concepts, Hong Kong), and Chef Quim (Chef-owner of el quim la bouqueria, Barcelona Spain).

Food is served in sharing portions as communal dining something they highly advocate.

Grilled Herb Infused Chicken (Serves 3) – $30

The Grilled Herb Infused Chicken is an instant crowd-pleaser. Oversized chicken is marinated in an herbs-laden brine for 6 hours, which helps tenderise the flesh, before it is grilled over fire. Served with chicken port sauce and romesco sauce (a blend of almonds, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil), we couldn’t stop complimenting the tender and succulent meat.

Baked Seabass Mediterranean Style (serves 2) – $32

Piscatorial items such as seabass are purchased from the wet market daily to ensure its pristine quality.

The seabass that we had comes baked with a fragrant marriage of garlic, chilli, parsley, olive oil and white wine, and topped with roasted garlic parsley oil. The light, creamy and slightly spicy sauce is essentially a light emulsion created using olive oil and white wine. All these elements together sound like an overpopulating mess, but it all worked in perfect harmony in adequate proportions; and the finishing product remains considerably light on the palate.

Iberian Presa with Roasted Pineapple (serves 3-4) – $70

The Iberian Presa with Roasted Pineapple is one of the highlights. Iberian pork collar is dipped in a marinade that consists of soya sauce, thyme, garlic, balsamic vinegar and hot oil. It is served with homemade pork sauce made with roasted pork bones and chicken boiled with mirepoix (mixture of sautéed chopped vegetables) and red wine vinegar. The accompanying roasted pineapples – sweet, caramelised and delightful on its own – go perfectly well with the tender and juicy meat that has reached the peak of savoury goodness.

Secret formula revealed: pineapple is first poached in a mixture of sugar syrup, rosemary, black peppercorn, Szechuan peppercorn, star anise and cinnamon. After infusing the pineapple with the exotic flavours, it is thrown on the grill and roasted with olive oil.

Beef Prime Rib with Chunky Mash (serves 4-5) – $130/kg

It’s a meaty affair at Bellwethers. Carnivores will be pleased with the selection of quality meats.

‘Rangers Valley dry-aged 300 days grain-fed Wagyu beef’ is used for the dish of Beef Prime Rib with Chunky Mash. To further enhance the flavour of the beef, it is dry aged for at least 10 more days in the kitchen. Cooking method is simple: it is broiled over the open grill till nicely seared on the outside, tender juicy and pink on the inside.

Catch of the day – Manilla Clams baked in White Wine ($12)

If you’re in the mood for chilling, nibbling and sipping, go for the tapas selection to accompany some cocktails or sangria.

Chicken Strips with Spicy Tomato Dip ($9)

The Chicken Strips with Spicy Tomato Dip is highly addictive. Chicken breast strips are coated with crispy crushed potato chips and fried to golden perfection. This winning finger food could bring about a mini battle of who gets the last piece.

Iberian Pork Collar Salad ($13)

Iberian pork collar is marinated in soya balsamic, grilled to a nice caramelised char with juicy centre, and served with pickled cabbage, piquillo and roasted apple. I didn’t care much for he salad but the pork collar deserves special mention.

Pan Fried Prawns and Eggs ($10)

The Pan Fried Prawns and Eggs is served with toasted garlic butter Panini bread slices. Coat the succulent herb-speckled prawn with molten yolk and eat it together with the crusty bread in one mouthful to fully enjoy this dish.

A Special Treat for readers of Melicacy

Grab a FREE glass of Lychee Martini (one glass per person), with no strings attached and no minimum order. Passers-by can feel free to make a pit stop at Bellwethers and quench your thirst with a free glass of Lychee Martini. Just mention “” or show a screenshot of this blogpost. Freebie is valid till 30 Oct.


Bellwethers Bistro Bar
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Singapore 209639

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Monday to Saturday: 5pm – 1am