Il Cielo at Hilton Singapore presents Italian Calvisius Caviar from 16 September to 13 October 2013

Pan Seared Turbot Fillet Opera Vodka Lemon Sauce with Calvisius Caviar Tradition

From 16 September to 13 October 2013, Hilton Singapore’s award-winning Italian restaurant and bar, il Cielo, is set to win the hearts of caviar fans and gourmands with a medley of exquisite Calvisius Caviar paired with Italian signatures.

Having visited il Cielo for a media event starring Chef Omar Bernardi when he first joined Hilton Singapore, I’ve always been yearning to return to this spectacular dining spot –and what better occasion to return than for this amazing caviar promotion?

The best time to arrive at il Cielo is at 7pm, just in time to witness the brief moments of the sky changing colours when the sun sets. It makes an utterly romantic backdrop.

Presenting fresh and high-quality Malossol Standard Caviars, varieties include Da Vinci, Tradition, Oscietra Classic and Venise. Malossol is a Russian word for little salt; hence Malossol caviar has very low salt content, usually below 4%.

Diners have two options: to mix and match caviars with a platter of savoury accompaniments with the Calvisius Caviar Degustation ($298++), or relish in Italian specialties with exclusively-paired caviars with the A La Carte Calvisius Caviar Menu where there’s also a 2-course and 3-course menu available, priced at $188++ and $248++ respectively.

You can also order the Calvisius Caviar selection separately: Tradition ($70, 10gm), Da Vinci ($65, 10gm), Venise ($65, 10gm) and Oscietra Classic ($65, 10gm).

The Caviar Degustation menu ($298++) serves 40g of caviar and accompaniments to share between two persons: Calvisius Da Vinci Caviar (10g), Calvisius Tradition Caviar (10g), Calvisius Oscietra Classic Caviar (10g) and Calvisius Venise Caviar (10g). Diners can enjoy the privilege of personalising their meals with a variety of caviars and a platter of accompaniments including Blinis, Kumamoto Oysters, Carabinero Prawns Carpaccio, Scallop & Truffle Opera, Seaweed Angel Hair, Stracciatella and Ratte Potato. To complete the indulgence, the Caviar Degustation with accompaniments and wines cost $498++ for two (4 glasses per person), where Nino Franco and Lis Neris wines are specially recommended by their in-house sommelier.

Three-Way Cod Fish with Calvisius Caviar Venice ($68)

In the A La Carte Calvisius Caviar Menu, Chef Omar crafts 6 Italian specialties to be paired impeccably with each type of caviar.

We commenced our meal with cod fish that’s rendered and daintily presented in three distinctive ways: cured slices, succulent slow-cooked cod fish tongue, and pan-seared cod loin served atop a tangy pesto of sun-dried tomato and olive oil.

If you’re going for the set menu, you can choose either this Three-Way od Fish with Calvisius Caviar Venice or the 62 degree Celsius Egg with Blinis, Sour Cream & Fresh Chives with Calvisius Caviar Da Vinci that sounds absolutely enticing.

Acquerello Risotto with Oysters and Cavisius Caviar Da Vinci ($78)

For the second course, you can choose between the Acquerello Risotto with Oysters and Cavisius Caviar Da Vinci and the Homemade Warm Angel Hair with Truffle Calvisius Caviar Da Vinci.

Fresh plump oyster, lightly dribbled with lemon juice for a refreshing citrusy burst, is perched on a bed of slow-cooked risotto and topped with silky pearls of Da Vinci Caviar that adds a mesmerising salty flavour of the ocean. This elegant specie of caviar of lucent shades of brown to black is obtained from the Italian Adriatic Sea sturgeons.

Homemade Warm Angel Hair with Truffle Calvisius Caviar Da Vinci ($78)

The truffled angel hair pasta, brimming with earthy goodness, is topped with Da Vinci Caviar and generous shavings of lingotto (a mass of caviar, pressed and dried to form a solid block), which doubles the enjoyment of caviar.

Fresh Lobster with Accompaniments and Calvisius Caviar Oscietra ($118)

For the next course, diners can choose between the Pan Seared Turbot Fillet Opera Vodka Lemon Sauce with Calvisius Caviar Tradition ($98) and the Fresh Lobster with Accompaniments and Calvisius Caviar Oscietra ($118).

The Calvisius Oscietra Classic Caviar is a highly prized variety cultivated from the Russian Sturgeon. The medium-sized caviar, of a translucent shade of dark grey to amber, has a nutty aftertaste.

The Calvisius Tradition Caviar distinguishes itself from the others with its elegant warm-brown to charcoal-grey shade. This medium-larged sized White Sturgeon roe is slightly smooth and firm in texture, complemented with an intense aroma, creamy and light nutty flavour.

Though both dishes are excellently executed, the pristinely fresh Maine lobster that comes with thinly sliced beetroot, diced pumpkin and saffron sauce gains an edge with its clever interplay of flavours and colours on a plate.

There’s no better way to end an Italian meal than with a Tiramisu. Il Cielo’s version is nothing complex; it comes with mascarpone foam, ice cream and sponge cake soaked in espresso.

Reservations are recommended. Call or email .

il Cielo
Level 24, Hilton Singapore
581, Orchard Road, Singapore 2388833


Opening hours:
Lunch: 12pm – 2.30pm (Mon to Fri)
Dinner: 7pm – 10.30pm (Mon to Sun)
Bar: 6pm – 12midnight (Mon to Sun)