Feng Shui Inn at Resorts World Sentosa presents the Ming Sheng Feng Shui Imperial Feast (27 Sep to 20 Dec 2013)

Feng Shui Inn, Resorts World Sentosa’s award-winning Cantonese restaurant, offers diners a rare opportunity to dine like an emperor, with the Ming Sheng Feng Shui Imperial Feast, available from 27 September to 20 December 2013.

How I love learning about history through gastronomic experiences, especially such majestic ones like the Ming Sheng Feng Shui Imperial Feast. History was one of my weakest subjects during my high school days –all the mundane reading, memorising and unproductive scribbling. It is only through food that I found history engrossing and thought provoking –if only our classes comprise excursions to restaurants like that.

Steamed Fish Roll stuffed with Minced Mutton

History: During the Qing Dynasty in imperial China, rivalry between the conquering Manchus and ethnic Han people was rife. To unite the two factions, Emperor Kang Xi decided to host a lavish feast of massive proportions for his birthday. Over 100 rare dishes were serves, featuring the best of Manchu and Han cuisines, making clear the monarch’s desire for harmony. The imperial feast (Man Han Quan Xi) was served to the emperor over 3 days, offering exotic delicacies of the mountain, land and sea. The Man Han Quan Xi, or the Imperial Manchu and Han Feast, remains as one of the grandest meals ever documented in China’s long history.

Today, hundreds of years later, Resorts World Sentosa’s Cantonese fine dining restaurant Feng Shui Inn proudly presents its Man Han Feast of 64 dishes in an ode to this legendary banquet, inspired by the original Man Han Quan Xi. Some ingredients have been replaced out of respect for wildlife conservation, but the style is spurred on by tradition. With representative dishes from the Northern and Southern provinces of China, it is a true celebration of the creativity, diversity and excellence of Chinese culinary arts.

Prices for set menus range from $188 to $808 per person, minimum two to dine, or $1388 to $3088 for a table of four persons. Running for 12 weeks, 16 new dishes will be on showcase every 2 weeks.

Steamed Fish Roll stuffed with Minced Mutton (tasting portion)

The Steamed Fish Roll stuffed with Minced Mutton, part of the Northern Legends set menus, is a dish that dates back to the Warring States period. Bringing succulence in each bite, this dish boast clean flavours and is light on the palate.

Dragon Tiger Phoenix Platter: Braised Abalone, Eel, Crocodile Tendon, Giant Prawn with Chicken Wing ($688)

Available from 29 November to 20 December, part of the Southern Delicacies, the Dragon Tiger Phoenix Platter is a showstopper. A closely guarded recipe that used to be exclusive to China’s ruling family has now made its way into modern times.

Chef has improvised and created a tamer rendition of the original Dragon Tiger Phoenix Platter that used to contained cat meat. (Eek!)

For a taste of royalty, this lavish platter is a must-have. It consists of braised abalone, grilled eel, stir-fried crocodile tendon, giant prawn, and the unassuming-looking fried chicken wing. Why I say unassuming-looking: the chicken wing has been deboned and stuffed with copious amount of bird’s nest before it takes on a coat of batter and deep-fried to a crisp. It is remarkably inventive and out-of-this-world delicious.

Braised Saffron with Crocodile Palm ($88)

Available from 8 November to 28 November, as part of the Southern Beauties, is the Braised Saffron with Crocodile Palm.

There was a wave of excitement when the dish arrived to the table –I’ve never seen crocodile palm on a plate before, much less eat it. When it was time to eat it, hesitation and fear built up inside of me. Putting on a brave front, I took my first bite and was overwhelmed by the strong gamey taste that’s accompanied by a gelatinous unctuous texture that made swallowing a challenge for me. The meat is melt-in-the-mouth tender but sparse. The abundance of saffron made this dish even more opulent. This dish is a tad too exotic for my liking, but I would recommend this dish to those with an adventurous palate and those who love trying new delicacies.

Other items from the menu include the Braised Turtle with Catathelasma Mushrooms ($58), Braised Kurobuta Meat Balls with Alaskan Crab Claws ($48) and Steamed Dumplings stuffed with Sea Cucumber and Matsutake ($12.80 per person).

Vegetarian dish “Dinghu” style with Golden Flakes Topping ($38)

A noteworthy item from the Southern Delicacies, available from 29 November to 20 December 2013, is the Deep-fried Mixed Mushrooms topped with Gold Leaves. Taking vegetarian fare up a notch, 8 varieties of mushrooms are minced and wrapped in a thin rice paper and fried to a crisp. It comes with a smooth luscious carrot sauce.

Crispy Rice in Prawn Broth ($18 per person)

One of my favourite dishes of the day is the Crispy Rice in Prawn Broth. The broth is exceedingly tasty, infusing the rice that’s soaked in it with all that wonderful flavour. The crisped rice topping is utterly addictive; the grains are fried till utterly crispy and airy, and they didn’t turn limp and soggy even till my last mouthful. Apart from chunks of prawn, discernible ingredients include mushroom bits, salted vegetable and spring onion.

Special Dessert of the day: Chilled Sweet Pea Cake ($8.80 per a la carte portion), Glutinous Rice Roll with Peanut Filling ($8.80 per a la carte portion), Portuguese Egg Tart with Bird’s Nest ($6 each) & Steamed Lotus Root stuffed with Glutinous ($8.80 per a la carte portion)

We got to sample a dessert from each category – Northern Legends, Northern Classics, Southern Beauties and Southern Delicacies – which will be available on different weeks of the promotional period. The Portuguese Egg Tart with Bird’s Nest, available from 29 November to 20 December, is a gem that deserves all the limelight. The tart comprises multiple sheets of pastry to form that light and airy crust, while the smooth egg custard brimming with bird’s nest seals the deal.

Both the a la carte and set menus are available for lunch (11.30am – 2.45pm) and dinner (6pm – 10.45pm) daily.

For more information, visit http://www.rwsentosa.com/language/en-US/Specials/MingShengFengShuiImperialFeast

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