(Christmas Feature 2013) Goodwood Park Hotel

Housed in a majestic-looking building with history that dates back to 1900, Goodwood Park Hotel is one of the most reputable pioneers of the tourism industry in Singapore, boasting five distinctive restaurants that each provides an exquisite dining experience, along with a deli and a bar.

This Christmas, fans of the Deli can expect new signature treats that will once again be the spotlight of the dining table.

Rock Salt Baked Turkey with Shanghai Vegetable Rice, served with Ginger and Chilli ($188 for 8 to 12 persons)

For a Christmas celebration with an Asian twist, the Rock Salt Baked Turkey with Shanghai Vegetable Rice, served with Ginger and Chilli, masterminded by Executive Sous Chef Foo Jong Kwang, is a must-try.

A whole turkey is slow-baked in rock salt for two hours, rendering tender and flavourful meat.

It is complemented with Shanghai-style ‘vegetable rice’ that’s studded with dried shrimps and greens, and served with homemade chilli and ginger sauce.

Familiar and comforting flavours will fill the air.

Turkey ‘Ngoh Hiang’ ($28 for 2 rolls)

The Turkey ‘Ngoh Hiang’ makes for the perfect party food. Another twist on a traditional favourite, this item is easy and fuss-free to serve as small bites before the meal.

The filling consists of chopped turkey breast, yam, water chestnut, carrots, prawns, and the Canadian streaky bacon that imparts a festive touch and a lovely smoky flavour.

Fillet of Pork wrapped with Bacon and Savoy Cabbage ($138 for 6 persons)

One of my favourite items from Goodwood Park Hotel’s festive menu is the Fillet of Pork wrapped with Bacon and Savoy Cabbage, served with Goose Liver Sauce.

This classic roulade comprises well-seasoned tender pork fillet, mushrooms and carrots wrapped in Savoy Cabbage leaves. It is slow-baked in the oven to render a moist and juicy interior. The limelight is all on the luxurious goose liver sauce that’s infused with the aromatics and notes of Madeira and Port.

Blonde Chocolate Florentine Log Cake ($68 for 1kg)

Fine and elegant, the Blonde Chocolate Florentine Log Cake, covered in white chocolate, comprises a crisp almond Florentine base, hazelnut sponge cake, a trinity of hazelnut mousse, a ‘blonde’ Dulcey 32% chocolate mousse with hints of cream, caramelised milk and dark cherries, and is crowned with meringues, Dulcey chocolate squares and sugar-coated nuts.

Dutch Hazelnut Cake ($32 for 8 persons)

Another must-have this Christmas is the Dutch Hazelnut Cake (right in picture). It is a traditional Dutch cake laced with icing, adorned with poached kumquat and brimming with nutty flavours from ground hazelnuts. A ‘tunnel’ of rich hazelnut cream is unveiled when the cake is cut.

Decorate-your-own Gingerbread House ($38 per set)

For a fun-filled Christmas activity that the entire family can partake in, grab the
Decorate-your-own Gingerbread House that’s also perfect as a gift. Have fun dressing up and personalising your own gingerbread house with the white icing piping bag and an assortment of decoration such as mini candy canes, soft candy and white chocolate stars.

Petite Designer Christmas Cakes ($16 each)

The Petite Designer Christmas Cakes will add a touch of glamour to any festive table. The Christmas Bauble is a resplendent vanilla raspberry pound cake ball covered in chocolate and icing stars with raspberry truffles atop an icing-covered pound cake base.

The Christmas Tree comprises mini coffee chocolate mud cake iced with buttercream, white chocolate and edible silver glitter, adorned with edible chocolate ribbon, snowflakes and white fondant cherubs. These meticulously handcrafted miniature cakes are bound dazzle receivers of this gift.

For great value, the Traditional Christmas Combo ($300/usual price $382) includes Traditional Christmas Turkey, Honey Glazed Boneless Ham, Traditional Christmas Log Cake and Decorate-Your-Own-Gingerbread House. The Local Christmas Combo ($250/usual price $316) consists of Rock Salt Baked Turkey with Vegetable Rice, Ginger and Chilli, Turkey ‘Ngoh Hiang’, D24 Durian Christmas Log Cake and Decorate-Your-Own Gingerbread House.

Takeaway gourmet treats will be available at the Deli from 1 to 26 December 2013. Advance orders of three working days are required and guests may visit the Deli from 9am to 9pm daily to place their takeaway orders. Alternatively, guests may call the Christmas Call Centre at /1868 from 19am to 6pm daily, email , or visit festivepromotions.goodwoodparkhotel.com to place online orders. Last order date is 20 December 2013, 12pm. An additional 5% discount applies for orders fully paid for by 6 December 2013.

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221