1kg Burger Challenge at Meat Packing District Singapore

SAFRA writer Tim Wee challenged me to Burger Face Off at Meat Packing District, for a battle of the genders. Click on this link and watch the video to find out who won!

Meat Packing District at Waterloo Street launched the Burger Challenge in October 2013. The challenge was to finish a burger of massive proportions – 6 patties weighing a hefty 1kg, layered with melted cheese, sandwiched between two buns, and accompanied by fries – under 20 minutes, and the meal is on the house.

On the regular menu, a burger costs $7.90 each, and each additional patty costs $3.50, which totals up to $25.40 for the burger challenge if you don’t complete within 20 minutes.

Since I’ve done a similar challenge, I knew what to expect and had the strategy planned in my head. Here are some advices:

1) Order medium rare for juicier and tender meat.
2) Order drinks to sip between bites to prevent yourself from choking.
3) Finish majority of the fries before beginning on the patties or else you’d be too stuffed at the end to finish them.
4) Forget all dining etiquettes. Don’t bother using a knife.
5) Forget about looking poised.
6) Look at the timer occasionally to make sure you’re at the right pace.

I finished it in 14 minutes, beating my 16 minutes record at Roadhouse’s Terminator Challenge.

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