Coq & Balls – Weekend Brunch Menu

Fondness for Coq & Balls’ laid back vibe has brought me back, this time round for their weekend brunch. Waking up late does not equate to nil breakfast food. Brunch is the next best thing after “the greatest thing in the world that cannot be seen or touch but felt with the heart” (quoting Helen Keller).

Available from 10am to 3pm, 10 possible comfort food options on lazy weekend mornings give you plenty of reasons to step out of home and take in some fresh air at Coq & Balls’ al fresco setting.

Baked Granola with Natural Greek Yogurt and Wild Forest Berries ($12)

Perk up the barely awaken appetite with the Baked Granola with Natural Greek Yogurt and Wild Forest Berries. Drizzle with as much honey as your sweet tooth can take.

The Big Coq ($16)

For a hearty meal to fuel the day, the Big Coq comprises sour dough toast, mushrooms sautéed with herbs, bacon baked beans, chorizo, grilled vine tomatoes, and scrambled eggs.

Chilli Con Carne ($14)

The mildly spiced chilli and stew is chockfull of roasted ground beef and laden with tomato, topped with melty cheese that screams ‘dig into me!’

Eggs Benny ($14)

Eggs Benedict is my favourite brunch item of all time. Here, perfectly poached eggs set atop sourdough bread and prosciutto ham (a pleasant surprise that sets itself apart from others), coated in rich hollandaise sauce, served with salad and whole vine tomatoes.

Goat Cheese Tart ($16)

Not to be missed, the Goat Cheese Tart comes with feta melted over creamy chunks of goat cheese, topped with refreshing homemade salsa. Juxtaposing the rich and intense cheese, the light and fluffy pastry makes devouring a cinch.

Cold Tofu in Century Egg & Sesame Sauce ($7)

Not commonly seen on a brunch menu, the Cold Tofu in Century Egg & Sesame Sauce is worth its spot on Coq & Balls’ menu. Refreshingly appetising, I would so wish for a larger portion.

Fruit pies are also available on weekends. They’re not made in-house, but if you’re craving for pies, find comfort in the fact that Windowsill Pies supplies them.

Fruli Strawberry Beer ($13), Stiegl Grapefruit Radler ($12)

Enhance your brunch experience with specialty breakfast beers such as the Fruli Strawberry Beer that’s brewed in a 300-year-old craft brewery in Belgium, and Stiegl Grapefruit Radler that won gold medal at the Calgary International Beerfest.

Coq & Balls


Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 4pm – 12mn
Saturday to Sunday: 10am – 12mn
Brunch hours on Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 3pm