Gourmet Treats from the House of Albert Menes, direct from France

Direct from the artisans of France, the House of Albert Menes is renowned for gourmet recipes that express the art of the French culture and evoke the traditional European holiday spirit.

Sliced Pure Butter Cake with Candied Fruit

The Sliced Pure Butter Cake with Candied Fruit is a blend of rustic English tradition and French sensibility. Quality wheat flour contributes to its crumbly texture, while whole eggs and pure butter add to its velvety richness.

The cake is studded throughout with over 40% of candied fruit, including macerated raisins that are soaked overnight in pure Caribbean rum, juicy Amerena cherries from Provence, tart citron, and aromatic candied orange peel, for a well-rounded flavour commingling sweet, sour and spice.

Each cake is laboriously baked in classic wooden moulds, which help seal in the flavours of the fruit and dough, and maintain a dulcet texture lighter than that of traditional fruitcakes.

They’re conveniently sliced before they’re packaged, making it fuss free for picnics and parties.

Provençal Gâteau de Visan with Almonds and Chocolate cake

Housed in an airtight metal casing, the Gâteau de Visan remains amazingly fresh, crusty on top and moist within. This gluten-free cake is made with almonds from Valencia and freshly churned butter from Poitou-Charente. The absence of flour highlights the smooth texture and fineness of the ingredients, with the natural sweetness of almonds striking a balance with the bitter goodness of dark cocoa.

The Sliced Pure Butter Cake with Candied Fruit and the Provençal Gâteau de Visan with Almonds and Chocolate are sold at Paragon Market Place, Jasons the Gourmet Grocer @ ION Orchard and Jasons the Gourmet Grocer @ Sentosa Quayside.

Albert Ménès products can also be found at Pacific Marketplace at the Pan Pacific Singapore, and the Providore at Mandarin Gallery and Tan Boon Liat Building.

The recommended retail price for both cakes is $22 each.