Magnum turns 25!

Here’s wishing Magnum a happy 25th birthday! You’re almost as old as I am, which means I’ve been enjoying the goodness & deliciousness for most parts of my life. Thank you for all the joy you’ve brought into my life. A stick of ice cream that does wonders –only Magnum, the iconic ice cream brand, is capable of that.

Here’re some of the most significant moments in Magnum’s history:

1989: The birth of Magnum with the Magnum Classic
1992: The launch of Magnum Almond
1993: The launch of Magnum White
1999: The launch of Magnum Double Caramel
2010: The launch of Magnum Gold
2013: The launch of Magnum Black Espresso and Magnum Pink Marc de Champagne
2014: The launch of Magnum Silver

Delectable till the very last speck.

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