Tiger Beer-inspired Menu at Restaurant Labyrinth in celebration of National Day

“Uncaged” is a term defined by Singapore’s national icon Tiger Beer as having the courage to follow your instincts, live on your own terms and look at things afresh. The home of the 82-years-old brand, Tiger Beer looks to become the symbol of courage, inspiring young adults and the new generation to ‘uncage’ their ambitions, igniting and leaping full of passion to achieve their dreams. This campaign upholds the pride of the Singaporean identity and it is only fitting to lead the launch of Tiger’s global repositioning on home grounds.

This symbol of courage is also portrayed and runs deeply in Chef Han’s culinary roots –Chef Han of Resetaurant Labyrinth being one of Tiger’s Uncage personalities. Continue reading

(Father’s Day 2014) Peony Jade’s Steamed Bao with Roasted Duck and Glutinous Rice

Steamed Bao with Roasted Duck and Glutinous Rice ($24++ for 6 pieces; dine-in subject to 10% service charge; available both dine-in and takeaway)

A time-honoured classic dish that Chinese daddies are well acquainted with, steamed pillowy white buns that are customarily paired with braised pork belly are now given a new twist at Peony Jade. Superseding the traditional filling are two layers: roasted duck and Cantonese-style steamed glutinous rice studded with Chinese sausages. Served alongside is their houseblend of sweetened hoisin sauce.

This Father’s Day special is available for a limited time only, from 9 June through 15 June 2014, at both the Keppel Club and Clarke Quay outlet. A one-day advance order is required for takeaways.

For enquiries or reservations, check out contact details here: http://www.peonyjade.com/contactus.htm

(Father’s Day 2014) Cedele’s Caramel Sea salt Tiramisu Cake

A strong advocate of healthy eating, Cedele’s products revolve around wholesome, natural and healthy ingredients, containing no preservatives, premixes and trans fat.

This Father’s Day, treat dad to the Caramel Sea salt Tiramisu Cake, priced at $55 per 8-inch cake and $7 per slice. Continue reading

Magnum turns 25!

Here’s wishing Magnum a happy 25th birthday! You’re almost as old as I am, which means I’ve been enjoying the goodness & deliciousness for most parts of my life. Thank you for all the joy you’ve brought into my life. A stick of ice cream that does wonders –only Magnum, the iconic ice cream brand, is capable of that. Continue reading

Eu Yan Sang Mother’s Day Experience –Home-brewed Bird’s Nest for the Loved One

Bird’s Nest is a highly prized delicacy that boasts a great deal of health and beauty benefits for all ages and genders. It is rich in nutrients and minerals with restorative effects, and contains Epidermal Growth Factor, which promotes youthful complexion and smooth radiant skin. Many of us, especially women, luxuriate in this delicacy for that reason. It is every woman’s wish to look always young and radiant –of course that includes moms.

This Mother’s Day is the best opportunity to help mum look her best with a heart-warming bowl of home-brewed Bird’s Nest soup.

Always go for the best quality possible! Bird’s Nest from Eu Yan Sang is harvested in a natural, pollution-free environment in Kalimantan where swallows have abundant food and are well taken care of. The result is healthier and better quality nests.

I’ve always had the privilege of enjoying already-cooked Bird’s Nest, thanks to the pampering and love from mum. I never knew how to prepare it, but thanks to the little pocket guide by Eu Yan Sang, cooking it was a breeze.

Here’s how:

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(Mother’s Day Special) Longevity Peach buns with Egg Custard by Peony Jade (6 to 11 May 2014)

Longevity Peach buns with Egg Custard

Peaches are traditionally associated with long life and immortality since antiquity. According to legends, Queen Mother of the West had a magical peach tree that blooms every three thousand years. These peaches were known to grant immortality to those fortunate enough to taste them. As the folklore is passed down through generations, peaches and similarly shaped steamed buns remain a staple at any Chinese celebrations.

This Mother’s Day, what better gift to present your beloved than the peach-shaped longevity buns that symbolises health, eternal blessings and longevity?

Longevity buns are typically stuffed with red bean paste or lotus paste. Specially for this occasion, Peony Jade gives this traditional item a twist with its well-loved buttery sweet and flowy egg custard filling.

Made fresh daily, these Longevity Peach buns with Egg Custard are priced at $1.20 per piece for dine in (minimum order of 4 pieces) and 6 pieces in a basket for $10 for takeaways. A one-day advance order is required for takeaways. They are available at both Keppel Club and Clarke Quay for both dine-in and takeaways from 6 to 11 May 2014.

(Mother’s Day Special) Velvety Mom-ents Cake from Swensen’s

Velvety Mom-ents ($49)

This Mother’s Day, pamper mom Swensen’s new Velvety Mom-ents cake that’s fashioned in the shape of a heart – the universal symbol of love – and blanketed in a passionate red hue.

The gorgeous cluster of fondant flowers and marbled white chocolate emulate the spectacle of a dazzling bed of flowers. The cross section of the cake reveals thick layers of red velvet sponge cake sandwiching vanilla ice cream.

This has got to be my favourite ice cream cake creation from Swensen’s thus far.

The Velvety Mom-ents cake is vailable at all Swensen’s and Earle Swensen’s outlets from 25th April 2014 while stocks last.

Visit swensens.com.sg for the list of outlets.

(Mother’s Day Special) Fish & Co.’s Mom’s Platter

Fish & Co. has been a huge part of my teenage years, and it was where fond memories with family and friends were built. During those days, Fish & Co. was one of the few establishments that serve up satisfactory fish & chips consistently, that’s why my family choose to return on many special occasions.

Mom’s Platter ($65)

I decided to bring my mum to Fish & Co. for an early Mother’s Day celebration upon receiving the media invite, and made use of the opportunity to bond since we hardly spend time together on regular days due to our (or rather, her) hectic schedules. Continue reading

(Christmas Feature 2013) St. Regis Singapore

If you’ve been contemplating on that one special occasion to splurge on an extravagant meal, this festive season is most befitting to. Pamper yourselves at one of the world’s finest hotels, St. Regis Singapore, as they bring you a series of celebratory menus at three restaurants –Brasserie Les Saveurs for refined French cuisine, LaBrezza for hearty Italian, and Yan Ting for classic Cantonese innovations.

To enjoy the company of your loved ones, friends or colleagues, the John Jacob Ballroom is the perfect venue for a lavish year-end party. Guests can choose between two thematic settings: of exquisite silvery elegance or luscious red grandeur.

For more information, contact St. Regis Singapore’s Events Specialists at or visit www.stregissingapore.com/meetings-events.

Festive menus include extravagant buffet spreads and distinctive set menus, priced from $108++ per person.

Here’s a sneak peek of what St. Regis Singapore is offering this jolly season.

Amuse Bouche – Poached Egg with Shaved Black Truffles (LaBrezza)

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Orange Clove Corporate Night: Around The World In One Night

I had the privilege of attending Orange Clove’s corporate night – – and was bedazzled by the outstanding set-up. Live stations line the borders of the mighty event space at Scape, with a strikingly massive buffet spread smacked right in the middle. Continue reading

SingTel Hawker Heroes Challenge –the day has finally arrived!

Fans of Gordon Ramsay have been following various online platforms religiously ever since the news of him accepting the invitation (to take on Singapore’s three most popular hawkers in a culinary cook-off) went viral.

Gordon Ramsay’s acceptance video:

After a gruelling culinary showdown on 7 July 2013, the Singapore hawker heroes have defeated Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay. Continue reading

Exclusive Media Food Tasting at KUMO Japanese Kaiseki; KOUJU TOMATO ZUKUSHI MENU on Saga Tomato Festival

The Saga Tomato Festival was celebrated for the first time ever in Singapore at KUMO Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant, concurrently with 9 other restaurants around the globe including a Michelin-starred restaurant in France, on 5 April 2013.

Chef Hirohashi Nobuaki from KUMO scales new heights with his inventive interpretation of the Saga Kouji tomato, in this tomato-based Kaiseki menu, leaving us in fathomless awe. Continue reading

SHATEC celebrates its 30th Anniversary with a 4-Course Dinner Menu

SHATEC celebrates its 30th Anniversary with a 4-Course Dinner Menu at RECIPES Bistro

SHATEC, one of Singapore’s largest and most established training institutes for the hospitality and tourism industries, celebrates its 30th Anniversary on 2nd July 2013. To mark this significant occasion, an exclusive 4-Course Anniversary Dinner Menu created by four lauded alumni will be showcased at RECIPES Bistro on 7th and 14th June 2013.

The entire restaurant will take a respite from serving items in the a la carte menu, and serve only the 4-Course Anniversary Dinner Menu throughout the two celebratory evenings. Contributing their skills and names to the menu are chefs Eric Teo, Pang Kok Kheng, Tony Khoo and Randy Chow, who are no strangers to the local food scene. Continue reading

The Icing Room presents ‘Perfect Mum’ & ‘Say it with Love’ this Mother’s Day, with the launch of its delivery website

Forget the hassle of making your way down to the malls to bag home a cake this Mother’s Dayyou’re putting your precious gift at risk of colliding into the hustling crowds, and the unpredictable weather on your way home. With The Icing Room’s delivery website (theicingroomdelivery.com.sg), you can snuggle comfortably in your couch, and await the cake’s arrival with just a few clicks. Continue reading