(Dragon Boat Festival 2014) Toast Box’s limited edition ‘bamboo’ package with mini dumplings

Limited Edition ‘Bamboo’ Package with 8 Mini Dumplings ($21.80/assorted flavours)

This Dragon Boat Festival (Duan Wu Jie), Toast Box’s ‘bamboo’ inspired packaging stands out from the rest, unfortunately the rice dumplings are comparatively underwhelming.

The sturdy wooden box comes with a removable felt upholstery and faux leather carrier strap –perfect for gifting.

Rice dumplings are available in three flavours: Plain Mini Kee Chang served with Toast Box Hainanese Kaya, Mini Salted Dumpling (glutinous rice with pork, fragrant shallot and spices), and Mini Nonya Dumplings (glutinous rice with pork, wintermelon, fragrant shallot and spices). They can be purchased at $2.50 each or 8 pieces for $18.80 (without packaging) or $21.80 (with packaging). They are available for both dine-in and takeaway.

I only got to try two flavours as the outlet was out of stock for the Mini Salted Dumpling. For my case, the Plain Mini Kee Change didn’t come with the Hainanese kaya as promised; the rice dumpling on its own lacks plenty in the taste department. The Mini Nonya Dumpling failed to impress; it could benefit from a little tweaking of the recipe to inject more flavour into the filling.

Visit Toast Box‘s website at http://www.toastbox.com.sg/ for the list of outlets.