PISCO South American Kitchen and Bar at Resorts World Sentosa

South America ranks as the fourth largest continent, and the fifth largest in population. The culturally diverse country reflects a rich and diverse culinary landscape.

With such an inviting scenario, we warmly welcome the introduction of PISCO South American Kitchen and Bar, located at Resorts World Sentosa. Named after the port of a colonial town in Peru (which is a Quechua word that means “bird”), PISCO South American Kitchen and Bar encompasses a library of South American fare from Peru, Chile, Brazil and other countries of the continent.

Adding to the interior aesthetics are vivid design elements such as kaleidoscopic motifs, wall murals of llamas, and cascading multi-coloured yarn symbolising a weaving loom (that has been part of the Andean culture for thousands of years).

The convivial ambience, complete with a live band that plays nightly from Thursday to Saturday, makes for a great dining destination for families and friends.

Pisco Sour ($15)

Paying tribute to its namesake, the bar spotlights a range of signature Pisco cocktails, namely the Cocoloco Flip, Negroni Pisco, Chicano Classic, and the iconic Pisco Sour. Other cocktail favourites include daiquiris, margaritas and mojitos, priced from $15. Groups of six can relish in the Mjito Grande ($60, serves 6), a supersized mojito punch bowl.

Pulpo – Octopus in Olive & Capers Sauce ($13)

Quintessential to South American cuisine, ceviche is a raw seafood dish typically marinated in lemon juice. PISCO presents eclectic interpretations of ceviches, marinated in a myriad of ingredients.

Langostino – Prawns with Coconut Leche and Fried Banana ($13)

The Langostino leaves an impression with succulent prawns drenched in coconut leche (milk), accompanied by fried banana bits that add a delightful texture and sweetness to the dish.

Conchas Borrachas – Pisco-drunk Sea Scallops with Passion Fruit Sauce and Chilli ($15)

The Conchas Borrachas is a personal favourite. Sea scallops are doused in the heady pisco alongside a tangy passion fruit sauce and chilli for a kick of heat.

Bolas De Yuca ($14)

Highly addictive is the Bolas De Yuca –deep-fried crunchy cheese balls that oozes with melty cheese, served with cassava mayo. You can never stop at one!

Empanadas – Minced Beef in Corn Dough Parcels ($14)

The Empanadas is the South American equivalent of the Singaporean “curry puff” –with a price tag ten times heftier. Encased within the golden brown corn dough, the moist and flavourful minced beef filling justify for its hefty price tag.

Los Pinchos – Grilled Skewers (from $9-21)

Think of Brazilian cuisine and barbecued skewers would come to mind. Meat varieties include chicken wings ($9), chicken thigh ($10), pork belly ($12), lamb shoulder ($16), pork sausage ($14), veal sausage ($14), lamb sausage ($14), and beef ribeye ($21). Seafood options include salmon ($16), sea bass ($17) and octopus ($21). A mixed vegetarian skewer is also available at $10. These are served with 3 types of sauces: Mint Salsa, Salsa Criolla and Amarillo Chilli. Sides include grilled corn served with butter ($9), steamed olive rice ($5) and jacked potatoes ($9).

Standouts for me are the succulent chicken thigh, juicy tender pork belly and perfectly grilled salmon. A slight negligence in communication resulted in thoroughly cooked beef, which was way overdone for us at the table who prefer it medium-rare.

I would urge big eaters to go for the “All-you-can-eat Freshly Grilled Skewers” that includes meats, fish and vegetables, priced at $59++ per person/$98++ for 2 guests/$138++ for 3 guests/$178++ for 4 guests/$29++ per child under 10 years old.

Churros with Hot Chocolate Sauce ($9)

Conclude the meal with the irresistible churros (deep-fried dough sticks) that more often than not travel with hot chocolate sauce.

PISCO South American Kitchen and Bar
Resorts World Sentosa, The Forum

Website: pisco.sg
Facebook page: PiscoSG

Opening hours:
Sunday to Wednesday: 11.30am to 12pm
Thursday to Saturday: 11.30am to 1am