What to eat and shop at One Raffles Place mall

One Raffles Place mall opens it doors to a new shopping and dining experience right in the heart of the Central Business District, bringing good news to the workaholics stuck in offices around Raffles Place, and others who enjoy the therapeutic experience walking around a locale surrounded by towering office buildings. Formerly known as OUB Centre, the One Raffles Place mall has undergone a major refurbishment exercise and it is now the destination of choice for retailers and leisure providers to offer their goods and services in the premises of Singapore’s iconic landmark. With an extensive tenant list, the mall provides the working population and local residents in CBD with a wide range of shopping, dining and leisure conveniences all seven days a week.

Here are 4 dining spots worth checking out:


Freshly grilled Salmon Fillet and Sous Vide Egg sided with Wholegrain Pasta, topped with Mozzarella Cheese flakes and Walnut

Found in Basement 1, The Daily Cut gratifies the health conscious group and office workers with easy packed-to-go, compacted and flavourful protein-oriented lunch sets. Having calculated the recommended daily protein requirements, the average male adult would need about 56grams a day, and female adult about 46grams. The diet that The Daily Cut has factored in for the CBD working population consists of protein, complex carbohydrates and three healthy sides with one dressing, which comes in three adequate-sized packs. Consumers can order by putting a tick across each box to indicate their choices on the menu slip.

Tender Chicken Thigh and Sous Vide Egg sided with Brown Rice, Edamame Beans, Sultanas and sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese

Protein options include Chicken Thigh, Salmon Fillet, Sirloin Steak, Tofu, and the well-favoured Turkey Breast. Avoiding carbohydrates to evade obesity, diabetes or metabolic syndrome is a good idea, but the energy required for the body to function properly needs to come from somewhere. The Daily Cut’s healthy option embraces complex carbohydrates like Sweet Potato, Romaine Lettuce, Brown Rice and Whole Grain Pasta. The meal also includes toppings such as Sous Vide Egg, Sweet Corn, Quinoa, Almonds, Parmesan, Button Mushrooms, Kidney Beans, Couscous, Walnuts, Mozzarella, Cherry Tomatoes, Edamame Beans, Avocado and Sultanas with dressings like Honey Mustard, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Barbecue, Ginger Ponzu, Thai and Mint.

The Regular meal consists of 1 Protein + 1 Complex Carb + 3 Toppings + 1 Dressing ($12.00), the Large consists of 2 Protein + 1 Complex Carb + 3 Toppings + 1 Dressing ($15.00), and the Beast consist of 3 Protein + 1 Complex Carb + 3 Toppings + 1 Dressing ($18.00).


Fresh Summer Roll ($4.90)

Vietnamese cuisine served at is presented aesthetically pleasingly. Prepared by the chef whose authenticity traces back to Vietnam, dishes are incorporated with staple ingredients such as fish sauce, shrimp paste, lemongrass, Vietnamese mint, long coriander, lime and basil leaves.

Pork & Chicken Chop

The number ‘five’ symbolically represents the balance of elements that many Vietnamese dishes are known for. It includes the combination of five fundamental taste senses (spicy, sour, bitter, salty, and sweet) for the benefit of our five organs (gall bladder, small intestine, large intestine, stomach and bladder), with five types of nutrients (powder, water, mineral elements, protein and fat), and having five colours (white, green, yellow, red and black) to appeal to our five senses (sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch).

Vietnamese Black Coffee Drip ($3.20)

The Vietnamese Black Coffee drip caught my attention, boasting the chocolate-malty aroma commonly found in traditional Vietnamese coffee.

Deep Fried Spring Roll ($4.90)

Lemongrass Prawns ($7.90)

“Pho Bo” Beef Noodle ($9.90)

Hanoi Seafood Noodle Soup ($10.90)


Homemade Kua Pao in Assorted Flavors ($8.00)

Outfitted with dimmed lightings and contemporary decor, Ramen Isshi stands out as a modern Ramen speciality restaurant. The lunch and dinner menus give off an eccentric vibe with a mixture of neon green text on solid black laminate.

Tonkotsu Aka Ramen ($13.00)

Ramen Isshi’s three signature broths are the Kuro (A Tonkotsu base layered with fragrant Mayu, made by frying garlic and shallot in sesame oil), Aka (A tonkotsu base layered with spicy Szechuan pepper, freshly made XO sauce and seafood stock) and Shiro (Standard Tonkotsu base with a lighter flavour made by first blanching the bones before preparing the stock).

Tonkotsu Shiro Ramen

Tuna Sashimi & Avocado Salad Asian Style ($12.00)

Ramen Isshi watches over the health aspect and promotes a balanced meal by offering colour coded beverage types such as Total Juice, Pure Soy, Total Juice Smoothie and Pure Soy Smoothie. All without any water dilution, beverages are made using fresh fruits like (Red) watermelon with strawberry, (Orange) orange with watermelon, (Yellow) passion fruit with mango, (Green) kale with carrot, (Lemon Yellow) soursoup with pineapple, (Purple) tomato with red cabbage, and (Wine) red dragon fruit with beet.

Fried Rice topped with Omelette & Special Sauce ($10.00)

Sticking to the roots and traditions, Isshi believes ‘Fusion is Confusion’, therefore only an array of traditional Chinese dishes alongside the three Japanese Ramen are served, none of that Chinese-Japanese fusion confusion.

Ramen ‘Take-away’ Bundle (comes in various designs)

Takeaways are made prettier and convenient with Ramen Isshi’s specially designed reusable ramen take-away bundle that houses the broth and noodles separately with an added feature of a sealable air vent that keeps the noodles light and springy.


Ryu-lin-ki ($17.90) – Crispy Fried Chicken with Hot Peppers and Soy Sauce

Galvanised by the emphasis on grains, vegetables and savoury meat, is a Korean style Chinese dining outlet highlighting healthy eating. Located on level three, next to JBM Coffeeworks, the trendy and spacious restaurant offers a simple and straightforward menu.

Sul Jjampong ($35.90) FeelRock’s Special Spicy Seafood and Vegetable soup

The Korean chef’s specialty dish JjamPong comes in three different flavours: Red, White and Samsun. Noodles are housemade, hence the difference in texture. The history of the noodle soup started when the Chinese moved to Japan in late 19th century; it was later introduced to Koreans and modified to their tastes, forming a unique spicy noodle soup. Handmade noodles are served in a spicy rich broth topped with fresh seafood and vegetables. It is also available without chilli for those who can’t take the heat.

Lemon Tangsuyuk ($16.90) – Crispy Deep Fried Pork with Sweet Lemon Sauce

Jajangmyun ($12.50) – FeelRock’s representative noodles in Hearty Black Bean Sauce with Sauteed Pork and Onions

Spicy Prawn ($25.90) – Crispy Prawn with Chef’s Special Dry Spicy Sauce

Garlic Dumpling ($13.90) – Deep Fried Dumpling with Garlic Sauce

‘Blizzard-lovers’ will be delighted to have sighted DQ Dairy Queen conveniently located at Basement 1, which connects to the underground Raffles Place MRT Station. To fulfil your daily caffeine fix, there is the that uses premium coffee beans sourced from the best plantations, roasted at the restaurant and prepared by experienced baristas. Alongside coffee, there is a hearty and wholesome menu of rustic French and Italian fare.

Renowned brands such as H&M, UNIQLO, Melissa, Pandora, Swatch, The Hour Glass, Tumi, Victoria’s Secret and Paris Baguette can be located across the mall’s five floors, with Food Leisure at the top floor.

For more information on the One Raffles Place mall, visit: http://www.onerafflesplace.com.sg/shopping/index.html

One Raffles Place Mall Opening Hours:
10am to 9pm daily (Basement 1 opens at 7:30am)

Car Park Charges:
Weekday: 7am – 5pm S$2.62 per half hour, 5pm – 7am S$3.53 per entry
Weekend & Public Holiday: 7am – 7am (next day) S$2.35 per entry
Special Weekend (New Year Eve, Chinese New Year & National Day): 7am – 7am (next day) S$5.89 per entry

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