NESTLÉ FITNESSE Chocolate Cereal

Chocolate provides a unique pleasure to the senses that nothing else can match. It raises the spirit, lifts the mood, soothes emotional pain, drives away gloominess and brings down the stress level. Even scientists prove chocolate is better than being in love. I can’t imagine a world without chocolate.

There is no end to the number of desserts created with the magical ingredient chocolate. Some will send you to a sugar high, some will charm with dark bitter notes. Some will add several inches to your waistline if consumed in excess, none contains zero calories (so it’s important to eat wisely). NESTLÉ FITNESSE jumps on the bandwagon with the new NESTLÉ FITNESSE Chocolate Cereal that will keep your body in shape in spite of regular ingestion.

NESTLÉ FITNESSE Chocolate Cereal is a healthier equivalent to NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH (my favourite childhood cereal!). Crispy whole grain flakes, covered in chocolate, are high in fibre and folic acid, at only 110 calories per serving. Rediscover the simple joys of chocolaty cereals without worrying about breaking your diet.

NESTLÉ FITNESSE Chocolate Cereal is available at major supermarkets at $6.70 per pack.

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