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Envy Singapore is the newest and hottest addition to the online retail market, offering a plethora of merchandise that are environmentally friendly, organic and/or natural, contain no harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients, and maintain ethical manufacturing standards.

Founded by local distributor Natural & Free Lifestyle Pte Ltd, the web portal is a one-stop shop for beauty/body/skincare products, consumables such as baby food, dried food and nuts, as well as less commonly known (to be organic) products such as locally-designed organic cotton clothing, wines and ciders, and hair dyes, featuring multiple vendors that fit the site’s strict guidelines. Each brand made available on Envy Singapore as been carefully studied and curated.

Some of the products include: pet care products from CocoTherapy, BOB Pet, 4k9, Sandy’s Natural Tea Tree and Petsep, food snacks from Way Better Snacks and Greenday chips, edible home gardening solutions from Microgreen, organic under gear clothing from Nukleus, hair dye from Colour Erbe Dolce (free from ammonia, rescind, P-phenylenediamine and S.L.S.), baby/child care products from GAIA Natural Skincare, Argital Baby Skin Care and Babyganics, and personal care solutions from A’kin, +Rehab London, Napiers and Nature’s Spa.

Hand-poured soy candles from New Zealand

The fumes that emanate from candles can be harmful to our health and environment when used excessively. For the ambience without harmful effects, consider the organic soy candles instead?

Your hair deserves tender loving care, not the harsh chemicals from constant dyeing. Consider the organic hair dye from Colour Erbe Dolce that’s free from free from ammonia, rescind, P-phenylenediamine and S.L.S. to give your tresses better treatment.

Edible home gardening solutions from Microgreen

I’m currently trying out the Sandy’s Natural Tea Tree Shampoo for my chowchow, Chubby, as she has been having skin issues for the longest of time despite seeing the vet countless of times.

Organic under gear clothing from Nukleus

A section on the site will be dedicated to weekly articles on healthier living, reviews and tips on how to best use the products listed on the site, as well as recipes for healthier eating at home.

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