Resorts World Genting with (Day 1)

5 lucky bloggers were chosen to go on a 3D2N trip to Genting!

The theme is ‘love’ and our mums were invited along for a pampering retreat.

I have been to Genting once, when I was a toddler –so young I can’t even recall.

Mum is an ambitious woman. She is my heroine; someone I admire; someone I idolise; someone I look up to. But because of her hectic schedule, we hardly spend time together. She drives me to events in between her meetings and appointments, but that’s about the amount of time we spend together: the journey in the car.

The objective of this trip is to spend more quality time together, take many photos and videos for memory keepsakes, and to also share with you our wonderful memories in Genting on my blog.

I’ve compiled snippets of videos to summarise my Genting trip, split into two separate videos: Day 1 and Day 2-3.

Day 1

1.30pm: Check in at First World Hotel
2pm: Lunch at Ming Ren (Check out my review of Ming Ren here:
3pm: Free & Easy
7.30pm: Dinner at Genting Palace (Check out my review of Genting Palace Restaurant here:

We boarded a Five Stars Travel coach that departed from Golden Mile at 6.30am, with two stopovers for refreshments and toilet breaks along the approximately-5-and-a-half-hour journey.

Watching the sunrise as the coach crosses miles.

The coach is spacious and comfortable, equipped with onboard entertainment such as movies and games with earphones and games consoles provided.

Mum watched Mr Popper’s Penguins while I read my book.

Then she fell asleep. The seats are super comfy.

Standing tall with its whimsical and multi-coloured façade, First World Hotel is the world’s largest hotel, housing 6000 rooms.

The crowd in the lobby of First World Hotel is massive.

If you have a WorldCard, make bookings online. Save the hassle of queuing and head to the self check-in kiosk which takes only 2 minutes.

We spent our 3 days and 2 nights in the World Club Room, which is newly renovated, costing about RM336 during low peak season to 605 during high peak.

My mum went to Genting for a business trip 2 weeks prior to this trip, and coincidentally, she stayed in the exact same room during that trip! She was raving about how comfortable her stay was. Now, I get to experience it myself!

The toilet is huge. There is a separate glass-encased shower area and a bathtub adjacent to the window –you get an unobstructed stunning view of the hotels and mountains!

Our stomachs were rumbling after the five long hours on the coach.

After freshening up, we headed to lunch at Ming Ren Restaurant –the highly raved restaurant that I’ve been meaning to try!

Check out my review of Ming Ren here:

Mum & I enjoyed it!

It was free & easy after lunch. Though there’s no WI-FI in our hotel rooms, Starbucks (located on the first floor of First World Hotel) offers free WI-FI!

That’s where everyone flocks to with their smartphones.

I am no exception.

Lucky me, I was a random winner of a free drink upon purchasing! I went back to claim my free drink and enjoyed free WI-FI again the next day.

Getting around Genting:

Getting around in the vast environment is facilitated with the colour-coded signage.

- Determine your destination point.
- Determine which hotel building the destination point is located in.
- Determine which colour code corresponds to the hotel.
- Look for the nearest overhead signage that displays the colour code bearing the hotel name and follow it until you enter the hotel property
- Once you’re in the vicinity of the correct hotel property, refer to the corresponding map to finally get you there!

First World Hotel is adjoined to the First World Plaza, which boasts 500,000 sq feet of indoor theme park, shopping centre and food outlets.

You’ll never go hungry at Genting. Most food outlets are open till late, and many are open 24 hours.

Genting is doing their part for the environment; they are going plastic bag-free. Most stalls pledge no to plastic bags.

Located at First Wold Plaza, the First World Cineplex houses two theatres with a seating capacity of 164 each. Watch the latest movies in 3D, at the highest Cineplex in Malaysia.

Other activities include bowling, karaoke, indoor skydiving and snooker/pool –where the young crowd gather at.

Check out the video of Day 2 and 3 here:

Thanks Resorts World Genting for sponsoring this trip, and for the partnership with RWG.