ShareTea 歇脚亭

Native to Taiwan, Bubble Tea first made its debut in the 1980s. Since its launch in Singapore slightly more than ten years ago, a flurry of Bubble Tea joints have sprouted island wide, where you can spot a store in every nook of the heartlands and in the city.

Classic Milk Tea ($2.40 for Medium, $3.50 for Large)

Sharetea is a premium Bubble Tea brand that was first established in Taiwan in 1992. After gaining immense popularity with the Taiwanese locals, the highly favoured brand is now breaking into the international scene with over 100 outlets across China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, New York, Australia, Indonesia, and Brunei.

6 December 2012 marks the birth of Singapore’s first ever Sharetea outlet, now with over 10 outlets and counting.

I had my first cup of Sharetea several months ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I am especially partial to Sharetea over the other bubble tea joints for its good quality and consistency.

There is a wide range of beverages, including traditional classic milk teas, natural fruit teas, brewed tea, yakult infused teas and refreshing smoothies –there is something for everyone.

Toppings include pearls, mini pearls, white pearls, aloe vera, grass jelly, ice jelly, homemade pudding, red bean, Lychee De Coco and coffee jelly, my favourites being the pudding, white pearls and aloe vera.

Drinks are available in two sizes, Medium and Large; prices range between $1.90 and $6.30.

Aloha Fruit Tea ($3.80 for Medium, $4.90 for Large + $0.50 for additional Aloe Vera)

Their handcrafted teas ensure utmost quality –fresher and healthier. For the range of Fresh Fruit Tea, they use only natural fruit juice from their processing plant in Taiwan. The juice is extracted and immediately frozen to below 40 degree Celsius before being exported to Singapore. This is then defrosted prior to use in their Fruit Teas. Consumers are assured of the natural goodness of freshly squeezed fruit juice in every cup.

Fresh till the last drop.

Milk Tea with Homemade Pudding ($3.50 for Medium, $5 for Large + $0.60 for additional White Pearl)

They offer 5 different levels of sweetness: 0% for no sugar, 30% for little sugar, 50% for half sugar, 80% for less sugar and 100% for normal sugar.

Sharetea has formulated a special sugar blend consisting of five different ingredients. This sugar concoction is unique to Sharetea and gives its milk tea range a rounder and more flavoursome quality. Even if you opt for 100% sugar content in your milk teas, you will be pleasantly surprised that their beverage is not overly sweet.

Ice Cream Milk Tea with Pearls ($2.90 for Medium, $3.90 for Large)

One of the most important ingredients in practically every cup of Sharetea is its tea. Sharetea manages its own tea plantation where tealeaves are grown in highlands of Taiwan to ensure high standards and consistency in every cup of Sharetea.

Red Tea with Sweet Crème ($2.10 for Medium, $2.90 for Large + $0.50 for additional Pudding)

The Sweet/Salty range of Cream Teas are definitely something I’ve not seen at Bubble Tea joints. The French Vanilla de Crème has a foamy marshmallow-like texture with notes of vanilla, while the Sea Salt de Crème surprises with a pleasant hint of saltiness.

Homemade Taro Fresh Milk ($5.40 for Medium, $6.30 for Large)

The Handmade Taro Fresh Milk is exclusive to the brand name and is a hot favourite that made Sharetea a hit in Singapore. It is a thick, delicious blend that is akin to enjoying a traditional yam paste dessert –except that it is more slurpable. Each cup contains several bite-sized pieces of Taiwan yam for more texture.

Mango Milk Tea –Hot ($3.80 for Medium, $4.90 for Large + $0.50 for additional Aloe Vera)

You also have the option of having your drink hot or cold (for most beverages on the menu). The Hot variety comes in a sturdy cup that is able to withstand heat, and efficiently sealed to prevent spills.

When I was in Guangzhou in July for a vacation, I was delighted to find a ShareTea outlet along ShangXiaJiuLu –a famous shopping district.


Opening hours:11:00 ~ 23:00

Pudding Milk Tea (RMB 9 yuan)

I bought a cup of Pudding Milk Tea to try. The standard is consistent; it was as good as what I had in Singapore.

In August, I travelled to Taipei for a solo trip, scouring the streets for local delicacy. Sharetea claims to be Taipei’s No.1 bubble tea brand, so I couldn’t bring myself to leave the country without trying it.

I made a random decision to set aside a day out of my 6 days in Taiwan, in pursuit of tracking down at least 2 Sharetea outlets. It was a fruitful expedition, for I managed to locate 3 outlets by train and foot.


(Xinpu Station Exit-1)
Opening hours:09:30 ~ 00:00

The Xinpu outlet was the easiest to locate out of the three; its prominent shopfront is easy to spot once you step foot out of the metro train station. The other outlets require a bit of walking and asking for directions.

The Xinpu area is more like a neighbourhood than a tourist spot. There is a wet market there if you’re interested to experience the ‘local life’.

Handmade Taro Milk (60 TWD)

The Handmade Taro Milk is the most expensive item on the menu, but also one of its must-tries. Love it.

Classic Milk Tea with Pearls (35 TWD)

You can’t go wrong with the classics.

Taipei Main Station 台北车站 (Basement 1)
Taipei Main Station is bustling with commuters, and one may easily miss Sharetea’s slightly obscure shopfront if you’re walking at a fast pace.


(Zhongxiao Fuxing Station Exit-4)
營業時間:11:00 ~ 22:00

The Zhongxiao SOGO store requires a good sense of direction, and proficiency in map reading. Once you exit from the Zhongxiao Fuxing Station (Exit 4), Sharetea is not in the SOGO building itself, but a short walking distance away –you have to cross a couple of roads.

Lemon Kumquat Fruit Tea with Plum (40 TWD)

After all the walking, the Lemon Kumquat Fruit Tea with Plum was a much needed thirst quencher.

Thanks Shauna from Sixth Sense Communications for introducing Sharetea to me! I am now a huge fan.

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