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Noodlestar at Sultan Plaza

While some established brand names have already earned loyal followings, Noodlestar is one underrated noodle joint you should not overlook.

Here’s a little background on Noodlestar.

Mr Chong took the first step in noodle-making back in 1954, where he peddled the streets of Chinatown, carrying pots of noodle soup hung on a pole, slung over his shoulders. As his noodle soup got increasingly popular, he could no longer carry the weight of sustenance enough to satisfy the growing customer base, thus he was encouraged to set up a zinc and wooden kiosk under a tree next to the Majestic Theatre. The stall’s popularity continued to flourish, and the stall moved into People’s Park Food Centre.

After years of perfecting the art of noodle making, the brand, 高记 – widely popular for its 高记酿豆腐Koo Kee Yong Tau Fu – has now several chains under its belt, with Noodlestar being their latest and most happening venture.

There are 3 Noodlestar outlets till date; they are located at Marina Bay Sands, Bugis Street, and Sultan Plaza.

The Sultan Plaza outlet, for instance, has a bright and cheery atmosphere that makes a great venue for a friends and family to bond over a casual meal.

Noodlestar continues the brand’s tradition and values in fresh quality noodles, in addition to inventive dishes, apart from noodles, that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Let’s take a look at the side dishes first…


Sliced Pork with Garlic Sauce ($4.80)

We commenced the meal with the artistically presented Sliced Pork with Garlic Sauce, which kicked off our evening on a high note.

We feast with our eyes before we feast with our mouths, and as soon as it hits our taste buds, it engages with appealing taste sensations. It is a nice balance of sweet and savoury; the sweetness of the glaze, especially, is highly appetising.

Crispy-Fried Silver Fish with Salt & Pepper ($8)

The Crispy-Fried Silver Fish with Salt & Pepper is something you can never get enough of. Crispy and addictive, the batter is light and airy without being greasy.

It is a must-try.

Deep-Fried Bean Curd with Cereal Flakes ($12)

The Deep-Fried Bean Curd with Cereal Flakes is a crowd-pleaser. The familiar fragrance of Cereal Flakes – that is often associated with a popular seafood dish, Cereal Prawns – got us all excited.

Steamed Juicy Meat Dumpling ($4.80 for 4 pieces)

Xiao Long Bao is one of my favourite foods, and Noodlestar didn’t disappoint. While their skin is slightly (just very slightly) thicker than my all-time favourite Din Tai Fung’s, these intricately pleated pouches burst with tantalising juices that will put a smile on a gloomy face.

Pan-Fried Pork Dumpling ($4.80 for 4 pieces)

The Pan-Fried Pork Dumpling, also known as Guo Tie, didn’t disappoint either. Fresh ingredients are used in making each dumpling meticulously –its taste is evidence. No pre-packed frozen dumplings here.

Dumpling with Hot and Sour Sauce ($4.80 for 4 pieces)

While I enjoy the texture of their dumpling skin, and flavours of their juicy succulent fillings that exit from the Noodlestar kitchen, I didn’t quite fancy the sauce that comes with the Dumpling with Hot and Sour Sauce. I don’t mind having it nude, sans the sauce; its freshness shines there and speaks for itself.

Four Season Happiness Dumpling ($4.80 for 4 pieces)

The highlight for me has to be the Four Season Happiness Dumpling. Anything colourful naturally brightens up my mood.

The four fillings that gives this dish splashes of colours are: broccoli, that gives the dumpling a fresh lift; egg yolk, for that grainy-creamy texture that melts on the tongue; ham, for that needed saltiness; and black fungus, for crunch. The varied textures work beautifully together.

The delicate dumpling skin is thick enough to hold the ingredients without breaking, while thin enough so it you don’t get that undesirable chewy starchiness.

This is the epitome of steamed dumplings.

Roasted Chicken in Homemade Secret Sauce ($11.80 for half, $22 for whole)

For meats, their Roasted Chicken in Homemade Secret Sauce is highly raved, but it is only good when it’s consumed immediately when served. Don’t be a silly girl like me to ‘keep the best for last’, because all the juicy parts will be snagged up at lightning speed, and you’ll be left with cold, dry, bony remnants.

Sea Perch with Teriyaki Sauce (Not available on the menu yet)

We also got a sneak peak of new dishes that the chef is still working on. Here is just one picture, to arouse your curiosity. ;)


Moving on to the noodle dishes… and also the star of the restaurant.

Since the non-noodle dishes fared well so far, the pressure mounts for the upcoming noodle dishes to meet our escalating expectations.

The quality of noodles speaks for itself. It has achieved the ideal springy texture, with thin strands that don’t snap easily when you pick them up with your chopsticks.

La Mian with Crispy Fried Chicken Chop ($7.80)

If you’re fond of poultry, you will enjoy the La Mian with Crispy Fried Chicken Chop as much as I did.

This dish happens to be one of my favourites.

The chicken is presented in thin strips, boasting tender and succulent meat underneath a coveted crispy coating; it is then finished off with a drizzle of mayonnaise and a special sauce.

For $7.80, this dish gives great value for money.

La Mian with In-house Stewed Pork Ribs ($9.80)

Fall in love with every single bite. The La Mian with In-house Stewed Pork Ribs boasts tender and flavour-packed meat. It is saliva-inducingly good.

La Mian with Braised Beef ($6.80)

For something soupy, the La Mian with Braised Beef is recommended. You won’t need any command to slurp up all that essentially flavourful soup. This bowl of noodles is light on the palate with barely any trace of fat.

Wok-Fried Broad Noodle Shanghai Style ($8.80)

For a change, the Wok-Fried Broad Noodle Shanghai Style is something unique that you can hardly get anywhere else.

The appearance isn’t entirely enticing; especially the huge portion, of a monotonous tone –but one bite, just one bite, and you’ll be convinced. The texture is firm to the bite without being overly starchy, while the oh-so-flavourful sauce coats the surface of the noodles evenly and superbly.

Roast Pork and Shrimp Fried Rice

Noodlestar specialises in handmade noodles, but if you’re a rebel, go for the Roast Pork and Shrimp Fried Rice. Every single grain of rice is well coated with flavour from continuous wok-frying; it is an absolute delight. The portion is huge, so order to share. Sharing is loving.


Cordyceps Flower Herbal Soup

I love soups. The Cordyceps Flower Herbal Soup is a new creation that will warm both your heart and your tummy. This soup is immensely tasty and ‘sweet’ –and the best part is, it packs plenty of health benefits without having an unpleasant bitterness often associated with herbal soups.

Double Boiled Ginseng Chicken Soup ($8.80)

Another health-boosting soup would be the Double Boiled Ginseng Chicken Soup. The meat of the chicken leg is absolutely tender and falls off the bone with ease.


Purple Lover ($3.50)

As for thirst quenchers, imaginative beverage names such as Purple Lover, Fated Destiny, Mango Tango and Lemon Story keep things fresh and cheery.

Hot beverages are available as well.


Chilled Aloe Vera Jelly ($4)

To end a heavy meal, the refreshing and palate-cleansing Chilled Aloe Vera Jelly is most apt.

Foreground: Almond Bean Curd with Honey and Longan ($4), Background: Chilled Mango & Pomelo with Sago Cream ($4)

The Almond Bean Curd with Honey Longan is a personal favourite. Sufficiently sweet, this cold dessert is soothing and glides down the throat as you keep going back for more.

Golden Sweet Potato ($4 for 3 pieces)

With noodles that posses star qualities at competitive prices, there is no reason not to make a trip down.


Noodlestar is giving away $10 dining vouchers to 3 lucky winners.

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100 Jalan Sultan (Outlet visited)
#01-08 Sultan Plaza
Singapore 199001

233 Victoria Street
Bugis Village
Singapore 188026

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