(Father’s Day 2014) Peony Jade’s Steamed Bao with Roasted Duck and Glutinous Rice

Steamed Bao with Roasted Duck and Glutinous Rice ($24++ for 6 pieces; dine-in subject to 10% service charge; available both dine-in and takeaway)

A time-honoured classic dish that Chinese daddies are well acquainted with, steamed pillowy white buns that are customarily paired with braised pork belly are now given a new twist at Peony Jade. Superseding the traditional filling are two layers: roasted duck and Cantonese-style steamed glutinous rice studded with Chinese sausages. Served alongside is their houseblend of sweetened hoisin sauce.

This Father’s Day special is available for a limited time only, from 9 June through 15 June 2014, at both the Keppel Club and Clarke Quay outlet. A one-day advance order is required for takeaways.

For enquiries or reservations, check out contact details here: http://www.peonyjade.com/contactus.htm

Royal Pavilion at Park Regis Singapore

The restaurant space on the ground floor of Park Regis Singapore has been given a fresh makeover, and a new modern Cantonese restaurant, Royal Pavilion, takes over.

In the day, the main dining hall is flushed with abundant natural light through floor-to-ceiling glass panels on one side. When the sun sets, the entire scene is bathed in the glow emitting from crystal chandeliers.

This elegant and contemporary restaurant seats 142 diners within its 5,000 square-foot space, encompassing six private dining rooms and one semi-private room positioned right under the grand chandelier –a highly sought-after spot.

Executive Chef Chung Ho Shi crafts a diversity of both the new world and the timeless Cantonese dishes with finesse.

Steamed Prawn Dumpling “Ha Kau” ($5.80)

To start things off, you can’t go wrong with dim sum, especially the classic Steamed Prawn Dumpling that encases plump succulent prawn. Continue reading

Weekend Dim Sum Brunch Buffet at Yan Ting, The St. Regis Singapore

‘Dim Sum’, ‘Brunch’ and ‘Buffet’ are three exceedingly buzzed-about terms in Singapore’s food language. Put them all together at a location like The St. Regis Singapore’s famed Yan Ting Restaurant and there you have it –heaven in a real world.

Steamed Pork and Shrimp Dumpling with Black Truffles

The weekend brunch at Yan Ting includes unlimited portions of high calibre dim sum, comforting Cantonese favourites, scrumptious appetisers, soul-warming soups, a variety of seafood and meat dishes, rice and noodles, and desserts. On top of that, each diner gets one serving of Double Boiled Abalone Soup with Chicken and one portion of Lobster steamed with Egg White and Hua Diao wine. Continue reading

A La Carte Dinner Buffet at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s Jade Restaurant

Shrimp Wanton in Spicy Vinaigrette

The A La Carte Dinner Buffet at The Fullterton Hotel Singapore’s Jade Restaurant, available from 1 to 30 December 2013, is one you wouldn’t want to miss. At $58++ per person, you can order as many servings as you can stomach from the selection of more than 38 dishes, encompassing appetisers, soups, main courses, rice and noodle dishes, and desserts, each meticulously prepared by Chef Leong Chee Yeng and his outstanding culinary team.

Hot & Sour Seafood Soup

Familiar favourites include the Hot and Sour Seafood Soup, Roasted Pork Belly, Sautéed Chicken with Lemongrass and Dried Chilli Vinaigrette, Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet, Sautéed Pork Ribs in Coffee Sauce and Fragrant Wok-Fried Rice with Seafood. Continue reading

Dim Sum Delights at Summer Palace, Regent Singapore (July 2013)

Steamed Lobster Dumplings

Succulent lobster, encased in a delicate dumpling skin that has obtained a gorgeous jade green hue from the clever infusion of spinach, and luxuriously topped with caviar –this dim sum sings.

Steamed Bamboo Pith with Prawn

New dim sum creations are available at Summer PalaceRegent Singapore’s well-loved traditional Cantonese restaurant – from 1st to 31st July 2013, where Master Chef Leong Kwok Sing jolts the dim sum scene with bold and inventive taste combinations. Continue reading

Ju Chun Yuan –Dim Sum Buffet at $18+ for a limited time only! (Usual price at $24+)

Dim sum lovers, you’re in for a treat. At just $18+ (no service charge), you get to enjoy a plethora of over 50 dim sum varieties, from 11.30am till 3.30pm, any day of the week. Where can you get such a good deal? The answer is no other than Ju Chun Yuan, located at Far East Square.

Housed in a heritage site, in the former Chui Eng Free School built in 1854 (one of the first Chinese free schools to provide free education to the poor), Ju Chun Yuan’s ancient-looking façade is stunningly elegant and very well preserved. A great backdrop for touristy group photos –I totally witnessed that. Wade past prevailing tourists (if any) whom might be blocking the entrance, and walk through the elegant bamboo courtyard that leads to the restaurant.

The two-storey 140-seater restaurant is dressed in a classic Chinese décor, replete with 4 well-appointed private rooms that are perfect for intimate gatherings and parties.

I visited Ju Chun Yuan twice for the value-for-money dim sum buffet, and both visits were exceedingly fulfilling.

On the regular menu, tasteful renditions of Min cuisine (also known as Fujian cuisine) predominate.

Oh how I love dim sum. With the desire of wanting to order every single item on the menu, my eyes would excitedly scour the extensive list of familiar dim sum items, and my hand, gripping onto a pen, would instinctually tick away, filling the order chit with numerous strokes that scream greed.

I have compiled pictures taken from both visits. I used a compact camera during my second visit, thus the quality difference. You could possibly derive vicarious pleasure from the following food porn –or at least, I hope my photos did justice to the dishes. Enjoy. Continue reading

Tim Ho Wan; Hong Kong’s renowned Michelin Star Dim Sum Restaurant opens in Singapore

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chef Mak Kwai Pui garnered vast culinary experience working at renowned hotels, before he eventually set up his first restaurant, Tim Ho Wan.

Shortly within a year of business, Tim Ho Wan was awarded one Michelin star for its remarkable array of dim sum; it wasn’t long before the business expanded from one outlet to four in Hong Kong.

This April 2013, Tim Ho Wan’s first-ever overseas outlet opens at The Atrium@Orchard, Plaza Singapura –a highly accessible and bustling mall just above the MRT station. Continue reading

MAD –Modern Asian Diner

The Grandstand, formerly known as Turf City, is now home to numerous dining establishments that are generating lots of hype and traffic to the once inaccessible and secluded area. MAD, short for Modern Asian Diner, is no stranger to food and music enthusiasts.

Named after Dick Lee’s Mad Chinaman nickname, this celebrity-fronted diner is a five-way collaboration between reputable Singaporean success stories, including Tung Lok, Bakerzin, Bar Stories and Top Wines. The presence of Dick Lee prevails in the form of quirky Mad Chinaman pop art that adorn the walls, and the groovy choice of music that are personally curated by the legend himself. Continue reading

Mouth Restaurant, China Square Central

Mouth Restaurant is not like what it used to be like years ago. It all began as a humble teahouse, catering to the Hong Kong community in Singapore who miss their hometown cuisine dearly.

After a couple decades of serving up authentic Cantonese cuisine, still going strong, they have hence evolved and progressed beyond their original concept of serving up conventional dishes –they now strive on creativity, but without deviating too far off from traditional roots.

Continue reading

Wee Owls at Xin Wang Hong Kong Café (Plus dining vouchers GIVEAWAY!)

Hungry night owls and insomniacs prowling the neighbourhoods will not miss the lights coming from Xin Wang Hong Kong Café amidst the dark quiet streets in the wee hours.

Open till 4am at 13 outlets island wide, this Hong Kong-style café is an alternative to roti prata and fast food joints, where you can enjoy a late night meal in the comforts of air conditioning and plush seats.
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Noodle Star 丰面人物 (Win $10 dining vouchers here!)

Noodlestar at Sultan Plaza

While some established brand names have already earned loyal followings, Noodlestar is one underrated noodle joint you should not overlook.

Here’s a little background on Noodlestar.

Mr Chong took the first step in noodle-making back in 1954, where he peddled the streets of Chinatown, carrying pots of noodle soup hung on a pole, slung over his shoulders. As his noodle soup got increasingly popular, he could no longer carry the weight of sustenance enough to satisfy the growing customer base, thus he was encouraged to set up a zinc and wooden kiosk under a tree next to the Majestic Theatre. The stall’s popularity continued to flourish, and the stall moved into People’s Park Food Centre.

After years of perfecting the art of noodle making, the brand, 高记 – widely popular for its 高记酿豆腐Koo Kee Yong Tau Fu – has now several chains under its belt, with Noodlestar being their latest and most happening venture.
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Weekend Dim Sum Brunch at Mandarin Court

The very mention of Dim Sum and Buffet makes my eyes glint. These are 2 of my favourite things.

Dim Sum is something that I cannot get enough of, and Buffet is something that I always look out for (to satisfy my prodigious appetite). Put the both together: perfecto.

I’ve always thought highly of the Meritus Hotels group and what they have to offer. I was soooo looking forward to the dim sum menu, and all ready to be impressed.

Mandarin Orchard takes the enjoyment of ‘yum cha’ to a higher level, literally. Perched high up on the 35th storey, the spacious restaurant is adorned in an unpretentiously oriental décor, replete with a variety of table settings that will cater to both the communal dining and small intimate groups.

The extensive choice of over 80 dim sum delights will excite many palates.

Dim Sum Buffet

Weekend Dim Sum Brunch –Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday*
1st seating: 11am-1pm
2nd seating: 1.30pm to 2.30pm
Adult $48++, Child $24++
*Additional $10 per person on Public Holidays

Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Crabmeat
Steamed Scallop Dumpling with Celery
Steamed Vegetarian Dumpling

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