Wee Owls at Xin Wang Hong Kong Café (Plus dining vouchers GIVEAWAY!)

Hungry night owls and insomniacs prowling the neighbourhoods will not miss the lights coming from Xin Wang Hong Kong Café amidst the dark quiet streets in the wee hours.

Open till 4am at 13 outlets island wide, this Hong Kong-style café is an alternative to roti prata and fast food joints, where you can enjoy a late night meal in the comforts of air conditioning and plush seats.

The clientele is a diverse group of all ages, drawn by the wide variety of food. Check out what I had during my previous visit here: https://melicacy.com/?p=3945, and the following is what I had most recently.

French Toast ($4.50)

At Xin Wang Hong Kong Café, French Toast can be eaten at any time of the day –even in the wee hours!

Absolutely love the crisp egg-y golden crust. While the thickness of their toasts is their distinctive trait, I would love more surface area of that scrumptious crust rather than a block of plain bread in the middle.

Kaya Butter ‘N’ Condensed Milk Thick Toast ($4.50)

Soup of the Day ($6.50)

To warm your tummy in between working throughout the stillness of night, the Soup of the Day arrives in what looks like it’s been double-boiled. Rich with homeliness and comfort, the very taste of it makes me feel cosy and secure.

Wanton Soup ($5.50)

Custard Bun ($3.80)

Another great news, dim sum is not restricted to high-tea hours here!

Love the molten custard; the ratio of custard to bun is just right.

Pan Fried Dumpling ($5.80)

This dish was left neglected after all that photo taking and the consumption of other dishes. When I finally ate it, it was cold, but to my surprise it was still palatable –the flavours turn out to be spot on and they go perfectly with the accompanying ginger-soy dip. Pretty sure it’d taste much better when consumed right upon being served.

BBQ Eel Hotpot Porridge ($13.80)

My journey deeper into the comforting underworld of porridge love continues. Though the BBQ Eel Hotpot Porridge didn’t arrive in the form of my favourite Cantonese-style (thick and creamy) porridge, it turned out to be the highlight of that evening. I was blown away.

The broth is abundant with flavour and penetrates deep into each grain of rice; this dish will ease the rumbling stomachs in an instant.

Fish ‘N’ Chips ($8.80)

I love Fish ‘N’ Chips! Neither the best nor anywhere near the worst version I’ve had, I’m happy with what I have on the plate and would devour to the last crumb.

HK Famous Cheese Baked Pork Chop Spaghetti ($10.50)

The HK Famous Cheese Baked Pork Chop Spaghetti is another dish that I am now hooked on. The pork chop is fabulously tender and requires the slightest efforts in chewing. This is true comfort food. Bet it’d taste even more comforting when consumed during the loneliest of nights.

HK Steamed Chicken ‘N’ Mushroom Bamboo Rice ($7.80)

The fragrance is what drew me in at first, and then I fell in love with the texture of the rice, moist without being mushy. Serving it in a bamboo tube has its perks other than for aesthetic purposes; it keeps the flavours in and the rice warm.

Despite being extremely full by this stage (I had lunch at Goodwood Park Hotel prior to this), slowly but surely it was down to the last grain.

Watermelon ‘N’ Jelly Paradise ($5.50)

The Watermelon ‘N’ Jelly Paradise so refreshing you even can order this between courses to cleanse your palate.

Xin Wang’s Facebook Contest

To celebrate the newly revised operation timings, Xin Wang Hong Kong Café is launching a Facebook ‘Spot the Wee Owls’ contest. The contest will commence from mid-October on four days – 14th October (Sunday), 20th October (Saturday), 26th October (Friday) and 1st November (Thursday).

Visit any of the five selected Xin Wang Hong Kong Café on every contest day from 12am to 4am and spot Xin Wang Wee Owls cozying up in the restaurant. Snap a photo together with the Wee Owls and post it on Xin Wang’s Facebook Page ()

There will be a total of 12 lucky winners with three chosen per contest day. Each winner will receive an Exclusive Limited Edition Xin Wang Wee Owls Membership Card. Be sure to stay tune to Xin Wang’s Facebook Page for the five selected outlets set to be announced a day before every contest day!

Melicacy Facebook Giveaway

I have three $10 dining vouchers to give away, courtesy of Xin Wang Hong Kong Café!

All you need to do is:
1) Like Xin Wang’s Facebook page:
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3) Leave a comment on the on Melicacy’s facebook page and state what you would like to try at Xin Wang.
4) (Optional) Share it publicly to stand a higher chance in winning.

For the list of restaurants and more information, visit Xin Wang Hong Kong Café’s website at: http://www.xinwang.com.sg/restaurants.htm