“The Perfect Tea Party” with Corelle at Bakerzin

Leading global kitchenware company World Kitchen announces the launch of Corelle Provence Garden –an exquisite dinnerware set inspired by the beauty and cuisine of Provence in Eastern France, invoking the essence of Europe’s romantic countryside in Spring.

“The Perfect Tea Party” presented by Corelle and Bakerzin imparts wonderful tips, tricks and suggestions to hosting an elegant and memorable tea party.

Reminiscent of the idyllic scene of flowers blossoming and lush greenery blooming, the dinnerware set effortlessly brightens up a meal and adds a charming allure to the dining table.

Lightweight yet resistant to breaking, chipping and cracking, the brand’s signature Vitrelle glass construction demonstrates the hallmarks of superior dinnerware.

Bakerzin’s delectable teatime snacks were given a touch of elegance when plated on Corelle Provence Garden dinnerware. The intricate floral design on the white-dominated polished background complements the food without stealing the show.

Baked Sausages ($15.20/regular portion) and Mushroom Tartine ($12.50/regular portion)

First up, it was the duo of Baked Sausages and Mushroom Tartine that pleases our eyes with its radiant presentation, our noses with the aromatic wafts, then our taste buds with the savoury cadences.

Creamy Chicken Puff

Sporting a light coat of crispy breadcrumbs that provides an unexpected mouthfeel, the spongy and flaky pastry encases a comforting filling of creamy chicken with mushrooms, onions and potatoes.

What’s a tea party without tea? Tea selections for the day include Yunan Black Tea, Vanilla Bourbon and Earl Grey.

Chef Fabio Bardi, Head of R&D from Bakerzin gave us a crash course on tea and food pairing, and gave a few useful tips on brewing tea. Timing is crucial, and so is the temperature. The ideal temperature for brewing tea hugely depends on its type.

New York Cheesecake ($6.50/regular portion) and Chocolate Éclair ($4.50)

Chef Fabio Bardi suggests that the cheesecake will go best with Vanilla Bourbon, while the chocolate éclair will go best with Earl grey.

To be honest, I am guilty of not paying attention to the tasting notes of how the earl grey pairs with the chocolate éclair –I was totally distracted by how ethereally delicious it is, and was too busy relishing it to remember to sip on tea between bites.

Choux pastry filled with Valrhona chocolate custard cream –this I simply can’t resist.

Bakerzin Signature Pain Perdu (Original French Recipe) ($13.80/regular portion)

This dessert, deriving from an original French recipe, is essentially bread soaked in egg, cream and sugar mix, pan grilled with butter, and served with vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce and fresh summer berries.

Chef Fabio Bardi recommends pairing this dessert with the Yunan Black Tea.

Our tea party ended with a DIY Flower Arrangement session, which was fronted by Lucy Siah, creative director of Floral Magic.

Bring liveliness to your tea party and add a dash of colour to your dining table by incorporating fresh flowers –with your own personal touch.

Make use of natural materials to save the earth! The flower ‘pot’ is made from a block of water-absorbing foam, wrapped around with a huge leaf (such as banana leaf) that’s cut to fit, and simply using double sided tape to secure it into place.

Here’s my final product!

The 18-piece Corelle Provence Garden set comes with a free matching 6-piece tumbler set (worth $35), and is available at a special promotion price of $179 till 30 June 2013 at major departmental stores –including outlets at TANGS, Robinsons, John Little and more. Regular retail price will be $288 thereafter.

For more information on Corelle and World Kitchen, visit worldkitchenasia.com/sg.

For more information on Bakerzin, visit bakerzin.com.

Pictures in this post are taken mostly with the Sony NEX-3N, and a couple with the iPhone 4S.