(April to June) Asian Chef Series 2013; Chef’s Table at Zaffron, Oasia Hotel

Kitchen Language presents 3 months of the Asian Chef Series at Zaffron in Oasia Hotel, from April to June 2013. A Celebrity Chef of the month will host a table of 16 at the Chef’s Table, in a private, elegant yet cosy corner of the restaurant, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday of each month, at 7pm each evening.

A sumptuous Asian-themed dinner will be served to diners, course by course, in a communal dining structure, at $75++ per person, inclusive of free-flow of non-alcoholic Asian beverages. The shared dining table poses as a great opportunity to meet new people, network, and multiply friendships.

Free-flow of Asian non-alcoholic drinks include Calamansi with Sour Plum, Fresh Coconut Juice, Grass Jelly, Soya Bandung, Soya Bean, The Tarik and Teh Halia. A selection of red and white wines is available to order.

This May, Guest Chef Raymond Leong pleases the crowd with his specialty Peranakan fare.

A former Chartered Accountant who retired in 2002, his love of cooking led into his pursuance of mastering the craft of Peranakan cuisine in Lim Bian Yam’s International School of Home Cookery in Kuala Lumpur. He shares his knowledge and skills by teaching in Singapore Island Country Club, Civil Service Club and local cooking schools for 3 years from 2004, after which he decided to venture into restaurateurship with partners –thus the birth of “Nonya Tok” and “JC Kitchen”. In 2009, he started Private Chef services and has won the hearts of many with Peranakan dishes he creates with passion from scratch.

He will be showcasing a selection of traditional Penang Peranakan dishes, which are very much influenced by Singapore Peranakan dishes, Thai and Indonesian cuisines.

Penang Satay Babi

A starter of Penang Satay Babi arrived, and we were each served an individual portion of two generously skewered sticks of tender and juicy meat –so well marinated, it requires no sauce at all.

Penang Fruit Rojak

The tanginess from the Penang Fruit Rojak opens up our appetite, as we look forward to the upcoming courses with high hopes.

Bakwan Kepiting

Chef Raymond’s take on this Peranakan soup impreses. The sweetness and essence of prawn predominates the soup, while the succulent meatballs made of fresh crabmeat, minced prawn, minced pork and bamboo shoots brings raptures of delight to my palate.

Ayam Buah Keluak

After the soup, the main dishes arrived one after another, along with plain rice to accompany these robust flavours.

Itek Sioh

I couldn’t help but spoon up the remaining gravy of each dish to drench my white rice with the rich flavours.

It must have been painstaking to prepare these dishes from scratch, but Chef Raymond certainly does not cut corners.

Babi Pangang with Kuark Chye

Roasted pork arrived with a side of pickle and two dipping sauces –one decidedly sweet, while the other pungent of mustard. I thought the two sauces were a peculiar addition, redundant, and send signals of confusion; the roasted pork was good on its own.

Sambal Prawn with Petai

Those who can’t take the heat may experience an unbearable burning sensation in the mouth with the consumption of the Sambal Prawn Petai, but those who enjoy the heat will not be able to stop at one. This plate turned out to be emptied the quickest at our table –surely this means something, something delicious I reckon.

Steamed Otak

The Steamed Otak was a highlight for me. The otak is very unlike the usual grilled ones. It’s almost custard-like, so soft and delicate it screams comfort food. Also noteworthy are the generous chunks of fish providing texture. The subtle spiciness is at a comfortable level in which most can accept.

Nonya Chap Chye

The Nonya Chap Chye is another must-mention. I don’t even like veggies, but I am head over heels in love with this dish. The vegetables are cooked till soft and well infused with savoury goodness. Thank you for this.

Homemade Penang Chendol with Fresh Coconut Milk

Chef Raymond does not compromise on quality. Freshly squeezed coconut milk is used in this dessert. Even the green springy topping is homemade. Not sweet enough? Feel free to request for more gula Melaka syrup like I did.


Even till the last dessert, Chef Raymond consistently overwhelms us with his wonderful creations.

A lot of work goes into this simple-looking dessert. The crepe gets its colour from freshly extracted pure pandan juice. What sets this dessert apart from the Kueh Dadar that we are familiar with, is the filling –a melange of coconut, brown sugar, and sesame seeds. The addition of sesame seeds lends a nutty aroma to this traditionally loved snack.

Do not miss out on this opportunity to interact with Chef Raymond Leong, and enjoy this specially curated menu that will only be available for a month.

For reservations, email or call Zaffron at . The event starts from 7pm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from April to June 2013 at Zaffron.

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