Customise your Chocolate Bar at Cocoa B

Cocoa B is an online chocolate boutique that allows you to customise your chocolate bars in a few clicks.

1. Choose your choice of chocolate bar (milk/dark/white)
2. Select your toppings (unconventional toppings include ikan bilis, wasabi nuts, chicken floss and more)
3. Make payment and your creations will be delivered/mailed to you.

Chocolate bars with a personal touch, unique from any other, make great gifts for any occasion. You can order them in bulk for corporate gifts, weddings and parties.

The wide array of toppings are categorised into five groups –‘Berries & Fruits’, ‘Exotic’, ‘Nutty & Seeds’, ‘Sweet & Décor’, and ‘Herbs, Spices, Powder’. Most of the toppings are rather intriguing, such as Dried Longans, Dried Tomatoes, Tapioca Chips, Bacon Bits, Sze Chuan Pepper, Garlic Flakes, and Crispy Lotus Seeds to name a few.

There are boundless possibilities in the combination of ingredients.

You can add up to 5 toppings per chocolate bar. Any more would be overwhelming and confusing.

If you can’t make a decision, you can fall back on Cocoa B’s Creations –or simply get some inspirations from them.

50g Dark Chocolate with apricots, dried tomatoes, cranberries ($4.90)

Chocolate bars are available in two sizes –50g and 100g. A plain 50g chocolate bar would cost $3.90, while a plain 100g chocolate bar would cost $7.50. The final cost would depend on your toppings.

100g Dark Chocolate with cinnamon sugar, red heart sprinkles and marshmallows ($8.80)

This chocolate bar failed to impress me, despite its pretty embellishments that scream ‘be my valentine’. I was anticipating a nice textural balance of gooey marshmallow incorporated into the chocolaty centre, rather having them studded on the surface like a pimple-faced teen dealing with harsh puberty. The cinnamon sugar is so subtle it is almost non-existent.

This combination was rather lacklustre, but like it or not, goods are non-refundable. This is the perfect example of decisions gone wrong.

Rosemary has always been an ingredient I’ve wanted to incorporate into chocolate. This seemed like the perfect opportunity, but in the end I’ve gotten the safest ingredients instead. *pouts*

100g White Chocolate with dried strawberries, tapioca chips, chilli flakes and sprinkles ($9.70)

Out of the three chocolate bars, this has got to be my most satisfied creation. I think white chocolate bases can never go wrong for me. Regardless of brand, milky creamy sweet white chocolate will ultimately satisfy my sweet tooth.

Here, the chilli flakes are not overpowering. If they had properly incorporated the dried strawberries into the chocolate, there wouldn’t be a case of toppings littering my floor. The tapioca chips surprisingly have not lost their crunch; they’re still delightfully crisp, as though it came straight out of a newly opened pack (and this was when I consumed the refrigerated chocolate bar 5 days after it was delivered to me). The chips add a touch of saltiness to the sweetness, which I absolutely adore. It’s a great balance of textures and flavour –I have to give credit to the one in their kitchen who gauged the perfect ratio.

I didn’t get to try their milk chocolate because it was out of stock, but I think it will satisfy me more than the dark chocolate.

It’s easier to tell apart cheap dark chocolate from (good quality) expensive ones, as compared to white chocolate (I’m blinded by sweetness). I’m afraid to say the quality of their dark chocolate is a far cry from Valrhona. You get what you pay for.

Don’t harbour high expectations on the quality of chocolate (it’s average at best). Enjoy the fun in creating your very own chocolate bar!

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