SHATEC celebrates its 30th Anniversary with a 4-Course Dinner Menu

SHATEC celebrates its 30th Anniversary with a 4-Course Dinner Menu at RECIPES Bistro

SHATEC, one of Singapore’s largest and most established training institutes for the hospitality and tourism industries, celebrates its 30th Anniversary on 2nd July 2013. To mark this significant occasion, an exclusive 4-Course Anniversary Dinner Menu created by four lauded alumni will be showcased at RECIPES Bistro on 7th and 14th June 2013.

The entire restaurant will take a respite from serving items in the a la carte menu, and serve only the 4-Course Anniversary Dinner Menu throughout the two celebratory evenings. Contributing their skills and names to the menu are chefs Eric Teo, Pang Kok Kheng, Tony Khoo and Randy Chow, who are no strangers to the local food scene.

More about SHATEC:

A pioneer in hospitality and tourism education, this Singapore-born iconic institute has seen more than 30,000 graduates walk through its doors in the last three decades –some of whom are now successful restaurateurs and highly accomplished chefs at prestigious restaurants; some of whom hold high positions at eminent hotels with the positions of General Managers, whose names are well-known in their respective industries both locally and internationally; and some are personal friends whom I believe have a bright future ahead.

I’d like to specially give a shout out here to my childhood friend who has graduated from SHATEC and is now rustling up at OTTO Locanda, a highly raved Italian restaurant that’s led by the partners behind the reputable OTTO Ristorante. He executes the dishes to perfection, and I cannot be more proud of his capabilities.

The 4-level 65,000 square feet campus at Bukit Batok has recently undergone a $3 million upgrade, bringing to fruition an even more conducive environment for SHATEC students.

A new city-centre venue has also been introduced in December 2012, conveniently located at Middle Road, catering to industry practitioners who are keen on part-time and skills-upgrading courses. It’s well equipped with three classrooms and a beverage room for hands-on practice.

We often take housekeeping for granted during our vacations/staycations, expecting the room to be spick-and-span upon returning to the room after a long day of exploring. There’s more to housekeeping than just smiles and diligence (forget about those who do not fulfil their task decently, they probably did not graduate).

In order to ensure immaculate neatness and consistency in every single room, reputable hotels are inclined to employ top-notch housekeeping staffs who have gone through proper training.

This is not an actual hotel room, but a well-furnished mock-up hotel room complete with bathroom and toilet, for students sharpen their housekeeping competency.

There are also courses that impart the vital skill set a butler needs in order to perform his duties efficiently. In the above picture, the students demonstrated the recommended way of packing a luggage, folding each outfit with care, and placing tracing paper in between each layer to prevent creases.

Students who aspire to pursue a career in the hotel industry are to learn from ground zero, which means getting all the basics right. Prospects include climbing up the management ladder for greater achievements.

There is nothing in this world we are born to, and great service does not come naturally (although we do come across people in the industry who impress with impeccable service as though they’re born with such qualities). It is a skill that is to be nurtured, fostered and polished, just like how upbringing plays an important role in the personality development during a child’s growing stages –to cultivate a positive attitude in life, to equip one with necessary skills to soar to greater heights.

Napkin folding is another essential skill in the F&B service line. Fancy and creative napkins add an elegant touch to the dining tables don’t they?

Here’s my amateurish attempt! Definitely need more practise.

Tableside service adds dynamism to the dining experience. The preparation of Crepes Suzette and Cocktails are two examples of tableside services taught in SHATEC.

I didn’t expect to see any familiar faces during our visit to SHATEC, but I am so glad to see that Ezekiel has decided to pursue his career in the F&B line. When I knew him, he was just a passionate home baker who bakes for the love of it. I tried his creations and was so impressed. Now that he’s taking things up a notch and venturing into turning his interests into a profession, I wish him great success –as I know he can achieve great things with his talents and potential.

The well-structured syllabus in SHATEC includes both theory and practical aspects. Students are also required to undergo compulsory internships, which prepare them to perform effectively in their future jobs. RECIPES Bistro, for instance, is a full-fledged restaurant managed and operated by SHATEC, where students get to familiarise themselves with the workflow through hands-on experience.


4-Course Anniversary Dinner Menu
Only available for dinner at RECIPES on 7th June & 14th June 2013
$42++ per pax

A couple of trainees who attended to us were still a little nervous, making a few insignificant blunders along the way, but they were quick to recover, and fulfilled their tasks with grace and politeness –that’s a positive learning attitude that we should all encourage. There were also a couple of observant ones who were very attentive and quick to respond.


Slow-Cooked Pork Belly with Apple Salsa
Created by Chef Randy Chow, Class of 1986

Moist, succulent thick slices of pork belly are accompanied by crisp rice cake for texture, and an enlivening side of apple salsa to balance the meatiness. I found the rice cake to be a little stale. Did I really take that long to take photos, such that the rice cake has lost its pristine quality in the midst?


Mushroom Coffee with Crispy Cinnamon Roll with Prawn Paste
Created by Chef Eric Teo, Class of 1986

This is an item that lasts moments on the palate, but forever in one’s memory. The soup is thick, rich and flavourful. Stir in the milky foam for a velvety finish. Slices of mushroom are suspended afloat the soup, which tasted to me like rehydrated Chinese dried mushrooms –an absolute clever inclusion of an Asian touch. The cigar, I mean the crisp cinnamon roll, encases succulent prawn paste within.

Main Course

Sous Vide Chicken Breast in Smoked Oil, Fig Glazed Foie Gras, Caramelised Endive, Manchego Espuma, Thyme Jus
Created by Chef Tony Khoo, Class of 1986

The main impresses with exceedingly moist chicken breast, and a slab of foie gras that I can never say no to (unless my doctor strictly prohibits). A touch of sweetness does wonders in elevating the appetite, hugely contributed by the fig glaze. There’s a good balance of sweetness and savoury on the palate.


Fondant Au Chocolat
Created by Chef Pang Kok Keong, Class of 1993

Rich molten chocolate nestles within the modest looking dessert. There’s nothing more I could ask for than to end my meal with this. It’s accompanied by homemade ice cream that tastes so much like top-quality Haagen Dazs’s, which made me contemplate in enrolling into SHATEC at that instance.

End the meal with complimentary Coffee or Tea, and don’t forget to leave your feedback! Constructive criticisms will help trainees to improve tremendously, and any positive feedback will give them lots of motivation to do better each time round.

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SHATEC campus
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