Rekindle your love with BreadTalk’s All-Time Favourites

I love nibbling on buns on the go, and BreadTalk never disappoints. Their pricing is affordable, and the quality is always consistent. Always present on my tray during each visit are Tuna Bun and Curry Dozo. Their Claypot Chicken bun is also one of my favourites.

Since April 2013, BreadTalk has brought back to the shelves six of their ‘all-time fan-favourite’ bread pieces – Raisin Braid, In a nut shell, Chaipology, Bacon Cheese, Wholemeal Cranberry and Wholemeal Walnut Raisin – all affordably priced at $1.60 and below.

Chaipology ($1.40), Raisin Braid ($1.50), Bacon Cheese ($1.50), Wholemeal Walnut Raisin ($1.60), Wholemeal Cranberry ($1.50)

The wholemeal buns look rock-hard and dry, but I was too quick to judge. The crisp toasty surface encases dense but still sufficiently moist dough within. Both the Wholemeal Walnut Raisin and Wholemeal Cranberry buns are equally worth trying.

Raisin Braid ($1.50)

The soft, dense and slightly chewy braided bun is topped with a generous scatter of plump raisins. This goes well with tea!

Chaipology ($1.40)

A rather interesting option is the Chaipology. The bun encases Chai Po (preserved turnip) and minced dried shrimp, saturated with a slightly spicy chilli paste.

Bacon Cheese ($1.50)

I’m always sceptic about picking buns with ham or bacon, because they tend to dry out. Here, a moist piece of bacon is topped with melted cheese that acts as a protective shield against the elements in nature that rob the meat off its moisture. The ratio of cheese and bacon to bun is ideal.

Coconut Raisin ($1.50), Apple Warm ($1.60), Tuna Bun ($1.50), Coconut Floss ($1.70)

I also spotted some unfamiliar buns, which I must have overlooked while I was too focused on picking out my regular favourites –if they are not new additions. The Apple Warm makes it to my list of favourites. The moist apple-rich filling makes this bun irresistible.

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