Vanity Trove undergoes a major transformation; “Discover Beauty”

Tracking back to my very first post on Vanity Trove (, it was more than a year ago when I received my very first trove, filled with beauty products that were mysteries-turn-beautiful-surprises.

Back then, subscribers of Vanity Trove receive random surprises that may not be useful to them. I, for one, experienced the dilemma of not knowing what to do with some of the products I received in the trove that I’m not keen on trying.

Recently, Vanity Trove has undergone a major transformation. It has rebranded itself from “Beautiful Surprises”, to “Discover Beauty”. It’s main intent to pamper the ladies remains, except that for now, instead of having the beauty experts picking out the latest beauty trends for your sampling pleasures, you now get to pick your preferred products that are most suitable for your skin type.

Cleverly employing technology to discover beauty, the new Vanity Trove platform includes noteworthy features that facilitate the personalisation of beauty products for each individual. Customers will first take an online evaluation test to determine their individual needs. The range of beauty products will then be narrowed down according to the test results. Following that, customers will get to choose 6 favourite items from that extensive list of recommended items.

To further enhance social networking between consumers, the new platform allows beauty enthusiasts to rate and review the products that they’ve sampled.

Here are the 6 items that I’ve picked for my first-ever personalised trove:

– Bio-essence Bird Nest Eye Cream – Sample Tube 3ml
– BRAND’s InnerShine Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract – Full Size 50ml
– Oilum Exfoliating Scrub Bar with Derma-Bright Forumla – Sample
– 1000 hours 1000 hour Wax Strip – Sample
– Cyber Colour Ex Volume Waterproof Mascara – Sample Size 8g
– TrueLife Lingzhi Immunity – Sample Size 50ml

A foodie will always be a foodie –check out the two consumable products I’ve picked!

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