Envy Singapore –Online shopping for organic, environmentally friendly and natural products

Envy Singapore is the newest and hottest addition to the online retail market, offering a plethora of merchandise that are environmentally friendly, organic and/or natural, contain no harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients, and maintain ethical manufacturing standards.

Founded by local distributor Natural & Free Lifestyle Pte Ltd, the web portal is a one-stop shop for beauty/body/skincare products, consumables such as baby food, dried food and nuts, as well as less commonly known (to be organic) products such as locally-designed organic cotton clothing, wines and ciders, and hair dyes, featuring multiple vendors that fit the site’s strict guidelines. Each brand made available on Envy Singapore as been carefully studied and curated.

Some of the products include: pet care products from CocoTherapy, BOB Pet, 4k9, Sandy’s Natural Tea Tree and Petsep, food snacks from Way Better Snacks and Greenday chips, edible home gardening solutions from Microgreen, organic under gear clothing from Nukleus, hair dye from Colour Erbe Dolce (free from ammonia, rescind, P-phenylenediamine and S.L.S.), baby/child care products from GAIA Natural Skincare, Argital Baby Skin Care and Babyganics, and personal care solutions from A’kin, +Rehab London, Napiers and Nature’s Spa.
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Eyebrow Embroidery experience at Allure Beauty

Allure Beauty’s latest outlet at City Square Mall marks its 3rd outlet to date, boasting a more luxurious and elegant feel. Its 1,345 square feet space encompasses ten luxurious bed couches in a spa-like ambience.

Allure Beauty specialises in eyebrow embroidery.

Ms Angela Tnee, founder of Allure Beauty, believes that a person’s looks can only be transformed instantly with the correct shape of the eyebrows without the need of invasive surgical procedures.

Eyebrows are very important facial features, as they provide a natural frame for the face. The state of one’s eyebrows can engender a major impact on one’s appearance.

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Vanity Trove undergoes a major transformation; “Discover Beauty”

Tracking back to my very first post on Vanity Trove (https://melicacy.com/?p=3284), it was more than a year ago when I received my very first trove, filled with beauty products that were mysteries-turn-beautiful-surprises.

Back then, subscribers of Vanity Trove receive random surprises that may not be useful to them. I, for one, experienced the dilemma of not knowing what to do with some of the products I received in the trove that I’m not keen on trying.

Recently, Vanity Trove has undergone a major transformation. It has rebranded itself from “Beautiful Surprises”, to “Discover Beauty”. It’s main intent to pamper the ladies remains, except that for now, instead of having the beauty experts picking out the latest beauty trends for your sampling pleasures, you now get to pick your preferred products that are most suitable for your skin type.

Cleverly employing technology to discover beauty, the new Vanity Trove platform includes noteworthy features that facilitate the personalisation of beauty products for each individual. Customers will first take an online evaluation test to determine their individual needs. The range of beauty products will then be narrowed down according to the test results. Following that, customers will get to choose 6 favourite items from that extensive list of recommended items.

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Vanity Trove; August Special Edition Trove & a special gift from ChicKissLove and Vanity Trove (Plus a GIVEAWAY!)

A special gift from Vanity Trove and ChicKissLove arrived! Even before I finished blogging about my August trove.

Being the foodie that I am, this has to be my favourite trove so far; it comprises something(s) that I can orally consume –Brand’s rage of beauty supplements. I know it’s not food-food, but at least my taste buds don’t feel neglected. I have always wanted to try them! Now thanks to Vanity Trove, I get to sample them without having to purchase an entire box.

Okay now, back to my overdue August trove post. I know I am two weeks late, but here’s something that I’ve been yearning to share with you (mooncake photographing, eating and writing have kept me busy).

The very special August edition trove arrived at my gate, and as always, full of surprises within.

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“Velvet and Roses” Spa Party at Mary Chia with Moonberry

The annual OMY Singapore Blog Awards is here! It is to my endless delight that Irene, widely recognised as Moonberry, is shortlisted as a finalist once again –she was a winner of last year’s Best Beauty Blog.

Each category – such as lifestyle and beauty – is sponsored by different organisations –Panasonic for the former and Mary Chia for the latter. Psst… Moonberry is shortlisted in the Best Lifestyle Blog category as well. Do shower her with your support generously by voting daily in both categories!

Being a finalist in the Mary Chia Best Beauty Blog category is no easy role. Not only do the 10 beauty bloggers need to look pretty and solicit votes with their puppy eyes and enchanting smiles, but they were also given a task to complete.

They each are to orchestrate a themed party, which will be held at randomly assigned Mary Chia outlets. They have to work within a $300 budget –but that certainly did not flag Irene’s enthusiasm!

The best parties are never templates, only ideas hungrily deliberated. After a good deal of brainstorming, Irene came up with the theme “Velvet & Roses”.

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Vanity Trove; March and April products, and a Mother’s Day special

As promised in my previous VanityTrove’s Mothers’ Day Spa-cial at Masego post (https://melicacy.com/?p=3644) I shall reveal the products in my April’s trove!

Apart from another set of complimentary Masego The Safari Spa Cappu Detox Spa Remedy session worth $280, here are the other products that I’ve personally handpicked at the event to fill my trove with:
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VanityTrove; Mothers’ Day Spa-cial at Masego

Want to attend exclusive parties, pick up beauty tips and enjoy free sampling of beauty products? Only members of VanityTrove get to enjoy these perks!

When I received the special invitation from VanityTrove for the Mother’s Day Spa-cial event, I was thrilled! I’ve always been anticipating a day of pampering with the leading lady of my life –my beloved mum! It was a pity she couldn’t make it due to work.

Veron was spontaneous and found time out of her busy schedule to join me for a relaxing session!

Stepping into a space where tranquillity pervades, amidst a safari-themed setting.
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