Emicakes presents Strawberry Oreo Cake, August Cake of the Month (Plus GIVEAWAY!)

Pretty in pink; beauty is only skin deep, but it’s a valuable asset isn’t it? I’m immediately allured by Emicakes’ Strawberry Oreo Cake’s endearing façade.

Good looks do not necessarily equate with substance, but thankfully the Strawberry Oreo Cake does not disappoint in the taste department.

Between layers of Emicakes’ exceptional vanilla chiffon+ are two layers of rich creamy strawberry filling scattered with crunchy crushed oreo biscuits. Manifesting a balanced ratio of cake, cream and crunch, this cake is a delight to revel in.

The Strawberry Oreo Cake is priced at $31.60 for 15cm 0.6kg and $55.10 for 20cm 1.2kg.

As the cake of the month, there’s a promotion of 15% discount off the Strawberry Oreo Cake from 1 to 31 August 2013 in 15-20cm sizes, while stocks last.

You may purchase at any Emicakes’ outlets or order online here: http://www.emicakes.com.sg/standard/strawberryoreo/


Emicakes is sponsoring 3 x Strawberry Oreo Cakes for this giveaway!

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