Si Chuan Dou Hua at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road serves up nostalgic Charcoal-Roasted Suckling Pig and Claypot Varieties

The aroma wafting from the claypot is simply alluring, causing tummies to rumble.

Si Chuan Dou Hua at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road presents an array of charcoal-roasted delights, which include scrumptious claypot varieties, and not forgetting the outlet’s signature Roast Suckling Pig.

The culinary team, led by Executive Chef Leung Wing Chung, has created six varieties of claypot rice – including salted fish, yam, frog legs and waxed meat – at just $18 per pot.

A rare find in Singapore these days, claypots are put over a traditional charcoal stove, with careful control of fire, and studiously watched over. Pots are steadily manoeuvred, ensuring the glowing flames reach all sides to produce a crisp and slightly burnt rice crust at the bottom, which is a benchmark for good claypot rice.

Claypot Rice with Sliced Pork and Salted Fish ($18 per pot)

Swirl in the dark soya sauce mixture, which contains fragrant sesame oil and deep-fried shallots, and give the rice a good stir to complete the dish. The sauce is served separately so diners can add as much or as little as they want, according to their own taste preferences.

Claypot Rice with Assorted Waxed Meat ($18 per pot)

Allowing their essences to seep into the gaps of the underlying rice, infusing the grains with flavour along the way, waxed meat is a popular ingredient for claypot rice.

Claypot Rice with Chicken, Live Frog and Enoki Mushroom ($18 per pot)

The claypot rice with succulent pieces of chicken, frog legs and earthy enoki mushroom is a standout. By adding more of that dark soya sauce mixture, you’re bound to finish every single grain of rice, even the crust. I would order this again during my next visit.

Double-boiled Deer Tendon Soup with Deer Antler ($18 per person)

Braised Spare Ribs in “Wuxi” Style with Pan-fried Vegetable Bun ($26)

Apart from claypot rice, there’s soup and other protein-dominated options. The deeply flavoured braised spare ribs are tender with a good balance of fat to meat.

It comes with pan-fried vegetable buns that are perfect for mopping up the gravy.

Stewed Fish with Bean Curd Skin and Roasted Pork ($22)

My favourite dish of the day goes to the Stewed Fish with Bean Curd Skin and Roasted Pork. Generous chunks of fish are seemingly lightly dusted with flour and flash fried to seal in the juices, before tossing into the claypot for a bout of flavour instilling, aka stew.

Barbecued Suckling Pig ($198)

For a truly sumptuous feast, the outlet’s signature Roast Suckling pig – another charcoal-roasted delicacy – is a must-order.

The crunch of the perfectly crackling skin makes this highly addictive. I could eat them like chips –if only they don’t come with calories.

From now till 31 December 2013, UOB cardmembers enjoy 50% off the second order of the charcoal-roasted items. Catering to smaller groups, the second order of roast suckling pig can be taken away or consumed on the next visit.

Homemade Fine Beancurd with Wolfberry ($3.50)

Where is the ‘Dou Hua’ at Si Chuan Dou Hua? We had it in a form of dessert –smooth silky beancurd with wolfberry.

Deep-fried Yam coated with Soya Bean Crisps ($18)

Delightfully crunchy, this inventive dessert left me hankering for more.

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Si Chun Dou Hua
PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road
181 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208533