AdstraGold Microbrewery & Bistro Bar at East Coast Road

Adstragold Microbrewery & Bistro Bar at East Coast Road is a stomping ground for beer connoisseurs, offering over 10 varieties of ales and stouts that are freshly brewed in-house. The premises houses 6 tanks of microbrewery systems, hence ensuring that they never run out of fresh beer.

Established in 2010, Adstragold Microbrewery is the first to brew cider in Singapore. I’m not a fan of beer at all, but the sweet and musty ciders go down easily for me. Setting the cider-brewing trend in motion, I’m definitely looking forward to more cider flavours from them.

Here is where you can enjoy a whole range of freshly crafted beers, tapped directly from the microbrewery tanks. Varieties include Golden Ale, Summer Wheat, Red Summer Wheat, Pilsner Premium, Red Ale, Indian Pale Ale (IPA; seasonal and limited edition), Nutty Brown Ale, Dark Ale, Roasty Stout, Nutty IPA and Red Oak Ale, priced from $4.90/mug and $7.90/pint.

Crispy Pork Belly ($12.90/$18.90)

Hankering for savoury items to accompany your beers? Consider the delectably juicy and crispy pork belly.

Smoked Duck Slices ($12.90)

Those watching their fat intake can skip the pork belly go for the lean Smoked Duck Slices that comes with a sweet and spicy dip.

Beer-battered Fish & Chips ($18.90)

Bring a fellow fish lover to enjoy the current promotion; the second order of the Beer-battered Fish & Chips gets $8 off.

Knuckle-Ribs-Sausages Platter ($89.90/$109.90)

For a small party of meat lovers, order the Knuckle-Ribs-Sausages Platter that comes in two sizes.

The Roasted Honey BBQ Spare Ribs ($24.90/$35.90) failed to outshine the other ribs I’ve had elsewhere. It’s decent; not the most tender of ribs, but not painful to consume. It’s braised with herbs, spices, honey, tomato and fresh craft beer.

Sausages are definitely not made in-house, but at least they chose the right suppliers. They’re not too salty, and are great accompaniments with beers.

The Crispy Pork Knuckle ($26.90/$29.90/$35.90/$38.90), served with a homemade beer sauce, homemade sauerkraut and mashed potato, is firstly braised in a concoction infused with Asian spices, then deep-fried till delightfully crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside.

AdstraGold Microbrewery and Bistro Bar
417/419 East Coast Road
Singapore 429004
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Opening hours:
Sunday: 12pm – 11pm
Monday – Saturday: 2pm – 1am